Functionality and Design – The Dichotomy for Customers

Certainly one of the major aspects of trends in products is actually not engineering developments but style and design. While you could assert that design and technology advancements go together, it is additionally simple to see exactly how design characterizes shopper behavior. Having said that, this is not anything new since industrial production allowed producers to create cheaper products with the onus on design instead of functionality. For example, the paper clothing of the Sixties were inexpensive and of a bad level but for some fashion conscience consumers they were items you needed to have in the wardrobe.

This process continues today. Phone builders continually play with the dichotomy of design vs functionality. A lot of designers choose understated designs and instead rely on feature development. Lots of others choose to utilize fewer features and instead focus on design, at times collaborating with fashion designers.

With such a attention given to design over usability, it is easy to regard technology products as simply design orientated but it is also good to not forget that these products are supposed to have helpful benefits as well. When making your choice of what product to buy there is always three different aspects that you must think about – design, cost and features. At times you might wish to spend more on features and at other times for design. Other times functionality and design are merged together. Apple’s design ethos is a good example of design meeting technology.

If you always buy products based on their design then you ought to start to consider the functional aspect too. Whilst it may be tempting to get the trendiest designed product, it might very well not be the best performing. You should always consider the functions of the product and how you will use it. There is no point in purchasing a really flash computer if all you will be doing is sending emails with it or surfing online.

So, whenever you are purchasing new products, always think about how or why you need it. One good example is e-book readers (such as the Amazon Kindle). These have practical uses in real life. E.g., lots of airlines are now limiting flyers to a single piece of hand luggage. An e-book reader is much smaller than your average book and you can take many more books with you on holiday.

Cell phones are a good example of improved technology features. You may be able to take your cell phone for all your entertainment needs. Lots of phones now have large storage capacities letting you save music, videos and pictures on there. Lots of cell phones now also have decent digital cameras too, meaning you won’t need to buy a separate, costly camera. The net is no different. Many sites have been created with functionality and usability as the focus. You can now use websites that were developed to allow you to organize Internet time more effectively. They vary from a bookmarking service, assword software and personalized homepage.

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A passwords manager will really save time and will alter the way you work. Unfortunately, lots of them have a more functional style. It will be intriguing to watch how they develop over time as more and more of us come to expect functionality that is shown in a well designed end product.

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