2022-2023 LCD TV Price Guide

Buying a new 2022-2023 LCD TV is one of the major purchases you can make. With so many different choices out there, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Fortunately, we have some tips that can help you find the best LCD TV for your budget.

Hisense U6GR

Despite its affordable price, Hisense U6GR has a host of features to match high-end TVs. It’s equipped with Quantum Dot Wide Color Gamut technology, which offers billion shades of color to life. Hisense U6GR5 4K UHD LED-LCD TVs also feature Dolby Atmos 3D spatial sound.

Hisense U6GR5 sets also work with Apple HomeKit, so you can control your TV from your Apple device. These sets also ship with a Roku Voice Remote. These sets also work with Google Assistant, Siri, and Amazon Alexa. This TV has one HDMI 2.0 port, which doubles as an eARC port.

These sets also have a Mini-LED panel, which includes 528 local dimming zones. This technology improves HDR performance by bringing the brightness of LEDs up to a much higher level. The panel also features a light sensor for Dolby Vision IQ, which allows for better color reproduction.

The 43R6E3 is an entry-level Hisense TV with a good native contrast ratio. There’s also a good gaming experience, with good response time and narrow bezels. However, it doesn’t have advanced gaming features like motion smoothing or advanced input lag.

There are also more expensive Hisense TVs that support Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and HDR. These sets are also available in a variety of sizes and prices. These sets can be found in the UK.

These Hisense UK TVs include smart functionality, a VESA mount, and HDMI eARC. They also support Dolby Audio and HDR10. The UK version of this TV also comes with Dolby Vision profiles.

The 55-inch Hisense U6GR Roku TV is available from Best Buy and part of daily deals. Its 4K Ultra HD resolution and Quantum Dot Wide Color Gamut bring billion shades of color to life. These sets also feature Auto Game Mode, which allows you to play games without having to manually switch the input.

Sony XR-65X90J

Whether you’re looking for a new TV for your living room or a home theater, Sony XR-65X90J is a great option. It offers a mix of advanced features and excellent picture performance.

One of the most impressive features of this Sony TV is its Acoustic Surface Audio technology, which replaces traditional speaker drivers to vibrate the entire screen. It’s also equipped with a powerful sound system and a lot of gaming features.

There are four screen sizes to choose from in this Sony TV, and each of them comes with features that enhance the picture quality. In addition to being OLED, this TV also features Acoustic Multi-Audio technology, which is designed to replace traditional speaker drivers.

Sony’s XR Backlight Master Drive, powered by the Cognitive Processor XR, creates a wide dynamic range and incredible detail. The system also boosts the brightness in bright areas with XR OLED Contrast Pro.

This Sony TV also supports Bluetooth A2DP, which allows you to connect your headphones and stream audio. It’s also equipped with a USB port for charging connected devices.

If you’re a gamer, you can play on the TV’s dedicated Game Mode. In addition, Sony’s X-Motion Clarity motion processing technology makes fast-moving pictures smooth.

For better connectivity, you can connect your TV to your home network using WiFi Direct. The service allows you to transfer personal content from your PC to your TV. However, streaming copy-protected content is not supported. This feature can be used with up to ten devices at the same time. If your network is not strong enough, you can connect the TV to a wired Ethernet connection.

To keep your Sony TV up to date, you’ll need to install the latest software and firmware updates. These are available from Sony’s eSupport website.

Samsung QN90B QLED

Earlier this month, Samsung released prices for two new 4K model series. They include the QN90B and QN800B Neo QLED series. The QN90B is available in 50″ or 43″ sizes.

The Samsung QN90B is a QLED 4K 144Hz Smart TV. Its unique design combines a beautiful metallic finish with Mini LED backlighting technology. It also has a built-in 60 W speaker system. It has the ability to sync two video sources, and it supports SDR and HDR. It also features a dedicated game view mode for monitoring the input and frame rate.

The QN90B is also a very popular Samsung TV because of its beautiful design. It uses Neo QLED panel technology, which is treated with an anti-reflection coating. It also produces 100 percent of the DCI-P3 color gamut. The display uses a dual LED backlight system to provide higher contrast.

It also features AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, which prevents screen tearing. It is compatible with all streaming services. It also supports eARC, and it has four HDMI inputs. It also supports the key HDMI 2.1 features.

Another notable feature is the Neo Quantum Processor, which provides 4K Upscaling. It also has Shape Adaptive Light technology, which controls light from Quantum Mini LEDs. This enhances the accuracy of objects on the screen. It also has a Real Depth Enhancer, which creates a sense of depth. It has three built-in voice assistants, and it supports Wi-Fi 5.2.

In addition, the Samsung QN90B supports local dimming zones, which helps keep blooming to a minimum. It also uses Quantum Matrix technology and Object Tracking Sound+. It also includes a solar-charged remote control.

This TV has a sleek design and it stands apart from competitors with its thin profile. It has four HDMI 2.1 ports and enhanced audio return. It also supports Auto Low Latency Mode and FreeSync.


Those looking for a 65-inch OLED TV might be pleased to learn that the LG B2 4K UHD OLED TV is now available for around $1,900. This price is a fraction of the price that these TVs used to cost.

LG’s B2 OLED TV is equipped with dual tuners, AMD FreeSync Premium, CI+ 2.0/1.4, and NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible. They also feature a 4K resolution and a flat design. They weigh about 55.1 pounds without a stand. They have two HDMI 2.1 ports, a USB port, and an optical audio output.

LG’s 2022 OLEDs will still feature Genre Optimisation, Auto Genre Selection, Object Enhancement, and Clearer Text. They will also have a Game Optimizer menu. Among other new features, they will also include the latest version of LG’s Alpha 9 processor.

LG’s B2 OLED is compatible with a number of online entertainment services. Users can access movies, TV shows, and music through its Content Store. They can also share their screen with other devices through the LG ThinQ App. This App also lets users control compatible smarthome devices and search online apps. It’s available for Apple iOS 12.0+ and Android OS 7.0+.

LG’s B2 OLED television is compatible with USB storage devices. It can support up to 32GB of mass storage. These devices can be formatted as either FAT 32 or NTFS file systems. Users can also use the TV to play background music from USB devices. It can also charge USB devices.

LG’s new a9 Gen 5 intelligent processor features LG’s new Nydnamic Tone-mapping Pro Algorithm, which processes over 5,000 areas on the screen. The algorithm subdivides the screen by order of 10. This new feature also improves the efficiency of AI upscaling.


Those looking to get a great value TV this holiday season will want to look at the TCL QLED TV 55C735. With a 4K UHD resolution, a 144 Hz refresh rate, and a 139-cm screen, this model is a great value. It also runs on a quad-core processor and boots on an Android-based Amati UI.

The TCL C735 has a relatively flat design and two HDMI 2.1 inputs. It has a contrast ratio of 6000:1 and supports Dolby Vision and HDR10+. It has good colour reproduction, with a wide range of shades, and offers decent black levels in a well-lit room.

The TCL QLED TV 55C735 also includes Quantum Dot technology, which delivers a cinematic colour. Dolby Vision IQ is an improved version of Dolby Vision that adjusts the display parameters depending on the room’s lighting conditions. Using a TV sensor, this feature helps to produce reasonable HDR content. It also works with a Game bar that lets gamers customize their gaming experience.

TCL also offers a good variety of connectivity options. It supports Dolby Atmos and HLG for broadcast, and offers HDMI 2.1 inputs. It also has an Onkyo speaker system, and Bluetooth and micro dimming features.

The TCL QLED TV 55C735 is an EISA “Best Buy LCD TV 2022-2023” award winner. Its 10-bit panel delivers a smooth picture and enhances content. It has a 4K HDR Pro feature, Dolby Atmos processing, and a 144 Hz Motion Clarity Pro.

TCL has also won the “Best Buy TV 2022-2023” and “Best Buy Soundbar 2022-2023” awards. It also has an award for “Premium Mini LED TV 2022-2023.”

The TCL QLED TV 55C735 has been designed to offer the best value in a 55-inch 4K TV. It offers a range of features, including a 10-bit panel, a 4K resolution, a 144 Hz refresh-rate, and Quantum Dot technology.

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