2023 Flat Screens

Whether you’re upgrading your television for a home theater or putting one up to watch movies in the living room, you’ll find the 2023 flat screens to be a great value. These TVs offer features such as OLED and LED displays, HDR and more.


Previously, LG’s CX OLED range was the king of the hill, offering the flagship panel and some impressive picture processing, all at a reasonable price. Despite some improvements, the LG CX still lacked some premium design and sound.

LG’s C1 OLED display is a bit of a different beast. It uses a different panel, one from LG Display, which optimises the signal to the panel differently. It also features a new version of webOS, a variable refresh rate, and an input lag boost. The display also comes with Nvidia G-Sync.

LG’s new 55″ OLED is an impressive TV. It features a bright screen, a flat design, and a stylish floor stand. The 55″ OLED also supports 4K@120Hz, and it comes with four HDMI 2.1 ports. It also supports VRR and Brightness Booster AI algorithm.

LG’s CX OLED isn’t the brightest OLED available, but it is a great all-round performer. It’s also the first TV to use Nvidia G-Sync. Its viewing angles are amazing, and its low input lag and variable refresh rate make it an excellent choice for TV watching.

The LG G6’s screen is almost bezel-less, and the stand features a silver front edge and a 1mm thick black metal frame around the panel. It also features a flat back, and an integrated flush wall mount.

LG’s new 83″ G2 model isn’t the brightest OLED in the world, but it offers some great picture quality. The screen boasts some impressive features, including Dolby Vision IQ, which lifts black detail.

LG’s new 55″ OLED TV has a good viewing angle and comes with a great WebOS, but it’s not the most affordable option available. The Sony A80K has a more enticing price, but it also offers more features.

Vizio MQ6

Among the new features included in the Vizio MQ6 2023 flat screen is a new IQ Active IQ processor. It helps optimize brightness at pixel level. This technology also draws on 32 local dimming zones to deliver a wider color gamut. This processor is also capable of handling Ultra HD upscaling.

The MQ6 series also uses Quantum dot color technology to deliver a rich color experience. It also has Dolby Audio support. It also has Wi-Fi 6E tri-band compatibility. In addition, it has Dolby Vision HDR support. The new features also allow for better gaming performance.

The MQ6 and MQX series also offer Apple AirPlay 2 support. This feature allows you to stream content directly to your TV from a device like a PC or mobile device. There is also Bluetooth capability on both of these models. You can also use the Vizio Mobile app for basic TV controls. Using this feature, you can play music, view photos, and stream movies from your device.

In addition to the new features, the 2023 MQ6 and MQX TVs will also offer a new Enhanced Motion Performance feature. This will help you adjust the directionality of your speakers automatically. This feature is also compatible with Dolby Atmos. It will automatically adjust the motion of your speakers to deliver an excellent audio experience.

The MQ6 and MQX TVs also provide Dolby Vision auto gaming. This feature automatically powers the features of your television when your console or PC is detected. They also offer HDR Gaming via HDMI. There is also a built-in Apple AirPlay 2.0 feature on all of the Vizio TVs. They are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Hey Google.

Samsung QN900A Neo QLED 8K

Among the new Neo QLED flat screens for 2023 from Samsung, the QN900A is the flagship model. Its unique design includes an ultra-thin bezel and an ultra-flat panel for an edge-to-edge look. Its new Quantum Mini LED backlighting system allows for more dimmable zones while reducing the overall size of the LEDs. It also reduces blooming.

QN900A is also one of the first Samsung TVs to receive certification for Wi-Fi 6e. This feature enables smoother and faster response times, resulting in more fluid motion. In addition, it offers an increased number of dimming zones, as well as a G-Sync compatibility mode.

Its Quantum HDR 64x technology allows for rich detail in high dynamic range (HDR). Its eight-speaker array supports Dolby Atmos audio. This model also includes a Game Bar, which allows users to adjust the gaming experience. It includes Object Tracking Sound Pro, which tracks audio based on the positions of objects on the screen. It also has a Multi-Intelligence AI upscaling system that boosts lower-resolution content to increase overall picture quality.

The Neo QLED line is available in North America, Europe, and the UK. It starts at $2,399 for a 55-inch model. It includes Neo Quantum Processor technology, which enables a more detailed image and reduces artifacts. It also includes Quantum Dot filters for increased color volume.

The Neo QLED line also incorporates Quantum Matrix Technology, which reduces blooming and flashing. It also increases the luminance scale to 4096 steps. It also provides wide-angle contrast and an anti-reflection film technology.

In addition, Samsung QN900A uses Quantum-dot enhancement, which improves color and brightness. It also uses an Infinity Screen design, which reduces the gap between visible pixels to an ultra-thin 0.8 millimeter.

TCL ‘inkjet-printed panels’

Earlier this year, Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer TCL revealed plans to produce its own OLED TV panels using an inkjet printing process. It plans to launch its first TVs using these panels in 2023.

TCL’s Chief Technology Office Yan Xiaolin said that the inkjet printing method would enable greater material utilization. It would also increase production yields and reduce waste. This process would be far cheaper and more accurate than current methods. It would also increase color purity.

TCL has long been interested in inkjet printing for OLED displays. It has been developing a new process with partners. It plans to host a global press conference on 1 September. It will unveil a number of display projects. It is also planning to re-introduce the RGB OLED concept.

The company has already demonstrated prototype inkjet-printed panels. These panels have been used in a 65-inch 8K OLED TV display panel. The panel was developed by TCL’s panel making subsidiary China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSoT) and Japan’s JOLED. It has a DCI-P3 color gamut of 99% and has 33 million pixels.

The inkjet printing process is also cheaper than traditional methods. It is more accurate and will reduce material waste. It also has a simpler structure and higher production yields. The process would not require clean room conditions. It also improves the efficiency of the organic light-emitter technology.

The inkjet printing process is a significant advance in the field of OLED technology. It is expected to increase the stability of OLED pixels. It also makes it possible to produce OLED panels on glass, which makes it possible to produce cheaper displays. The process is also expected to make OLED displays more reliable.

Vizio D-Series

Whether you’re looking for a smart TV for your home or business, Vizio D-Series flat screens offer you an affordable choice. With screen sizes ranging from 24-inches to 43-inches, you’ll find a model that fits your space perfectly.

In addition to being a budget-friendly option, Vizio D-Series flat screen TVs are packed with features that will make them a worthwhile purchase. They feature Bluetooth headphone capability, a Bluetooth Voice Remote, and full HD resolutions. These TVs also support AMD FreeSync variable refresh rates.

These TVs are also capable of Dolby Vision HDR, which offers 1,000 Nits of peak brightness. Additionally, they feature a Full Array backlight system that ensures spectral highlights shine through, providing the brightest scenes on the screen.

The D-Series is also equipped with a VIZIO Voice Remote. This feature allows users to navigate the TV’s features quickly and easily. It also offers Auto Game mode, which automatically powers gaming features when the TV detects a PC or console.

Vizio’s D-Series will be available for purchase from July 19th through Best Buy, Walmart, and other retailers. These TVs also feature HDR Gaming through HDMI. You can also use the Bluetooth Headphone feature to listen to music or watch movies without disturbing others.

Vizio’s M-Series also offers a variety of TVs. The MQ6 line features a Full Array LED backlight system with a VIZIO IQ Active IQ processor. These TVs also feature Active Pixel Tuning technology, which optimizes brightness at the pixel level to maximize contrast and picture fidelity.

The M-Series also supports Dolby Vision Auto-Gaming, which adjusts frame rate for more dynamic and realistic motion. These features are powered by Vizio’s ProGaming Engine. The MQX series also offers AMD FreeSync Premium. The MQX 50-inch model offers 1080p/240Hz gaming support.

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