Best LED TV 2023

Whether you’re buying an LED television for the first time or you’re looking for the best LED TV available, you have several choices. From the Samsung QN900B Neo QLED 8K to the Sony A90J, you can find a television that’s right for you.

Samsung QN900B Neo QLED 8K

Using Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K technology, this flagship 8K TV is the best in the market. It has an edge-to-edge Infinity Screen, a huge grid of precision Mini LEDs, and an AI-powered processor that works to bring lost details to life. These features all combine to deliver a cinematic experience that is incredibly immersive.

The Neo QLED 8K offers a near-invisible bezel and includes Quantum Matrix Technology, which delivers lifelike colours and a wide colour gamut. It also incorporates a Quantum Dots system to generate colour. It also has a 14-bit contrast mapping that brings fine details to shadows above black. This feature will help the QN900B to handle darker scenes more easily.

The QN900B is compatible with Dolby Atmos sound. It has an Object Tracking Sound Pro system, which uses upward-firing drivers. This system allows Dolby Atmos sound to be transmitted over HDMI. It also features Space Fit Sound, which is designed to correct room acoustics.

The Neo QLED 8K also includes an innovative backlight dimming technology that controls the Quantum Mini LEDs with great precision. This allows for deep blacks and rich highlights. It also features Shape Adaptive Light Control, which reduces light intensity at the edges of the dimming zones.

It is possible to use the QN900B for mixed content, such as HDR or even regular SD. The image processing is improved with an AI-enhanced algorithm that is more effective at dealing with noise. It also supports the ability to track vertical noises.

The QN900B is a Tizen-powered smart TV. It features an extensive smarts platform, including Samsung’s Neural Quantum Processor 8K, which utilizes AI-enhanced neural network processing to deliver peerless upscaling. It also has extensive next-gen gaming features, such as a 144Hz refresh rate and Dolby Vision.

The QN900B is available in both 65 and 85-inch models. It can be pre-ordered in the UK. It’s expected to ship in early May 2022. It costs PS5,799 for the 65-inch model, and PS7,799 for the 85-inch model.

It has a large number of ports, including four HDMI 2.1 inputs. It also includes a One Connect box that keeps things tidy. It has an ultra-low input lag that makes fast-moving images look sharp.


Whether you’re looking for an incredibly bright room view or the best picture quality available for your buck, the LG C2 should fit the bill. This is a premium 4K OLED TV with a host of next-generation features.

For starters, it boasts a full-screen display, and is designed to reduce the need for wide AV furniture. In addition, the C2 supports HDR format Dolby Vision. It also comes with a wide array of streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

The C2 also boasts a new and improved WRGB OLED panel, which produces higher peak brightness than the previous generation. This is in addition to a slick new cosmetic design. The ole’ fashioned pedestal stand is slightly chunkier than the CX/C1 models, but it is still very thin at the top.

The LG C2 has four HDMI 2.1 ports, which support 4K at 120Hz. The HDMI 2.1 ports also feature Variable Refresh Rates and Auto Low Latency Modes. In addition, the C2 boasts an incredibly fast response time. This should ensure a more fluid and enjoyable on-screen experience.

The LG C2 also comes with the new and improved AI Sound Pro system, which upscales sound with a virtual 7.1.2 mix. In addition, it supports up to 5.1 channels of stereo.

The LG C2’s most impressive feature may actually be the new and improved Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor. This advanced processor helps optimise picture brightness and HDR performance. It also avoids losing deep, rich black levels, a feat that the C1 and its predecessors sadly failed to accomplish.

The LG C2 is also equipped with LG’s WebOS Smart TV interface, which is the first TV platform to support both Binge and Disney+. Its smart features also include personalized movie suggestions. You can use this to set different profiles for family members. The home screen even boasts a snazzy new animation that showcases the most popular streaming services.

The LG C2 may not be the best overall television, but it is certainly a good choice for anyone looking for the best OLED TV for their money.

Sony A90J

Among the many Sony TVs, the Sony A90J led tv 2023 is a class apart. Not only is this TV the smallest ever OLED, but it also delivers the best visual experience in its class. Whether you are a gamer or someone who enjoys watching movies, you will have an enjoyable time with this TV.

The Sony A90J offers a premium picture and excellent sound quality. It is ideal for gamers or anyone who wants to experience the best in 4K television. The Sony A80J is similar to the flagship A90J, but it comes with a cheaper price tag. It is also a step down in the flagship series, meaning that it doesn’t have the power of the A90J.

The Sony A90J features a more robust sound system than the A80J, thanks to Acoustic Surface Audio. This technology vibrates the entire screen, making it a true speaker. This replaces traditional speaker drivers.

Another impressive feature of the A90J is the Acoustic Multi-Audio. The sound system turns the entire OLED panel into a speaker. This makes the experience feel like the sound is coming from all over the room.

In addition to its superior sound, the Sony A90J delivers a beautiful OLED picture. The picture is crisp and clear, allowing you to enjoy a variety of different scenes and colors.

The Sony A90J supports Google Chromecast and HomeKit, which allows you to stream content from Sony’s streaming services. It also has a folding stand, which lets you mount the TV flush against the wall. You can also use it as a PC monitor. The A90J also has a built-in microphone, which can be used to take your voice commands while watching videos.

The A90J has a 120Hz refresh rate, a higher motionflow frequency, and better black levels than the A9, the top model from last year. You can even watch Netflix in 4K. There is also Dolby Atmos support.

The Sony A90J is also compatible with Apple AirPlay, which is great for iOS users. The Sony A90J can also be raised to a height that accommodates a soundbar. It also has two HDMI ports that are capable of 4K@120Hz feeds.

TCL 65R646

Whether you are looking for a new TV for your home or you’re a gamer, the TCL 65R646 is a great option. It offers great picture quality and a variety of features to help you enjoy the latest content on the big screen. It is especially good for watching sports and movies.

The TCL 65R646 is a very well-featured television with a wide range of settings. It is also one of the most affordable models on the market. Its main strengths are its picture quality and affordability. It is available in 55″, 65″, and 75″ sizes.

The TCL R646 has a semi-gloss panel that helps reduce reflections and improves the overall brightness of the picture. The TCL R646 has a four HDMI port, which supports 4K resolution and full-fledged 4K gaming at 120Hz. It also has an AirPlay 2 feature that lets you stream content from your compatible devices. It is also HomeKit-compatible, which lets you control your smart home devices from your TV.

Its advanced Mini LED backlight system is powered by 360 Contract Control Zones, which delivers deep color saturation and a dramatic contrast. It also features a super-thin design and outstanding optics.

The TCL 6-Series has been improved with the latest software and hardware. It has a THX Game Mode that lets you play ultra-low-latency games on your connected TV. It also has Dolby Atmos sound.

Its Google TV features provide a refined content search experience. Its Google Assistant provides hands-free voice commands. You can even enable the always-listening Google Assistant.

You can also use the external mouse and connect your USB drive to the lower USB port. If you don’t need an external mouse, the TCL R646 can be set up on flexible feet that can be adjusted in different positions. Its wired port is rated 100 Mb/s. It supports Chromecast and Google Cast, but it does require a separate Chromecast device.

This TCL TV is also backed by a one-year warranty, which covers parts and labor. It is also compatible with HDR10+ and Dolby Vision formats. It has an advanced mini-LED backlight that has a variable refresh rate, which allows you to adjust the image and optimize contrast. It is also a THX Certified TV.

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