Best Plasma TV 2023

Whether you’re shopping for a new television or looking to replace one that is no longer working, it’s important to get a television that will perform as it should. If you’re looking for the best plasma tv 2023, there are several options to consider.

Samsung QN90B QLED

Compared to the Samsung QN90A, the QN90B has a few improvements, including better local dimming. This helps improve picture quality by making certain areas of the screen brighter. It is also more effective at handling blooming, which is stray illumination from adjacent bright areas.

The QN90B has a very good resolution and excellent color gamut. It’s also fast and easy to use. The interface makes it easy to find your favorite content.

The Neo QLED design delivers bright colors in dark environments. Its mini-LED backlights are much brighter than those of other TVs, and there’s no risk of burn-in. It also features a glossy coating to minimize direct reflections.

The QN90B also features an optional backlight strobing feature. This feature works at 60Hz and reduces persistence blur, which is caused by the fast response time. It also reduces banding in high-quality content.

Samsung also improved the QN90B’s color temperature. It is now closer to 6500K, and the gamma is also slightly improved. This is a good improvement, but the saturated cyan is a bit off.

The QN90B supports a wide range of common resolutions up to 4K @ 120Hz. It’s also HDMI 2.1 compatible, which means it’s compatible with a plethora of high-bandwidth devices. It also supports eARC, which means it can handle AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro.

Samsung’s new anti-reflective matte finish also reduces glare. This new coating allows art to look more like vellum or a real canvas.

Sony A95K

Using its new QD-OLED technology, the Sony A95K delivers improved color reproduction in the brightest parts of the picture. This, together with Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR, enables more realistic near-object detail and depth perception.

Sony’s A95K also features Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology, which vibrates the whole screen to provide an immersive experience. There are two 48Gbps HDMI 2.1 ports, which can be used for 4K/120Hz gaming.

The A95K’s screen also features variable refresh rate support, which enables the TV to display more accurate motion when playing video games. The A95K also has a full-width metal stand, which can be attached to the back of the TV or mounted on the front.

The remote on the Sony Bravia A95K features a backlit display and a set of buttons that are spaced out well. It also features a microphone and a white LED light that flashes when you press the remote’s buttons.

Sony’s QD-OLED panel is also enhanced with a heat diffusion sheet and a temperature distribution mapping system. The resulting combination of technologies produces brighter, more vibrant colors and better black levels.

Sony’s A95K also supports Dolby Vision and variable refresh rate, which enhances the overall picture. It also has a reversible stand, which allows the TV to be tucked behind the screen or placed on a wall.

The A95K also comes with two subwoofers that are powered by two actuators that combine to provide added bass. There is also an Ambient Light Sensor that prevents the TV from adapting to dark-room lab conditions.

Vizio JZ2000

Whether you’re looking for a TV that’s brighter, or better in dark rooms, Vizio has a TV that fits the bill. They offer great picture quality and excellent black uniformity for their price. Vizio has also made a name for themselves in the mid-range price range. However, they have a lot of bugs and don’t offer as many smart features as other brands.

Vizio’s new lineup of 2023 TVs includes a wide range of options. They offer a wide color gamut, Dolby Vision HDR, and Dolby Atmos sound. You can also find Quantum Dots, a three-sided ThinFrame design, and ultra-quick app navigation.

Vizio’s 2023 Smart TV collection includes the award-winning 50-inch M-Series Quantum X. This TV has some of the same features of the 65-inch and 75-inch models, but adds 1080p/240Hz gaming support. It also supports Dolby Vision Auto-Gaming.

In addition to the new TVs, Vizio has also updated its P Series Quantum X televisions. These models have improved reflection handling and added smart features.

The SmartCast TV platform is supported by the most popular streaming apps. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are available, as are some other popular channels. However, not all content is available for casting.

The SmartCast TV is also equipped with a traditional home screen and includes a handful of apps. However, the app selection is not as good as other brands. Vizio also has a mobile app for iOS or Android, which allows you to control your TV and access streaming apps.

Hisense U8H

Whether you are searching for a TV for your living room, bedroom or office, the Hisense U8H is the perfect choice. This 4K TV has been designed to provide you with the best viewing experience. It features HDR10 Plus support, Dolby Vision IQ and Variable Refresh Rate.

The U8H is available in 55″, 65″, and 75 inches. This TV features a Mini LED backlight that offers high brightness and an effective reflection handling. It also comes with a light sensor for Dolby Vision IQ.

The TV has a 120 Hz refresh rate. This ensures smooth and crisp image and sound output. It also has an HDMI port, which allows you to connect other electronic devices. It also comes with built-in Google Assistant. It also includes hands-free voice controls and supports Chromecast.

The Hisense U8H Mini-LED TV is a great deal at the current price. It also comes with a Mini LED panel that has 528 local dimming zones. It also has a peak brightness and good color reproduction. The panel uses Quantum Dot filter for enhanced color. It also has a wide color gamut. It also has a better native contrast.

The Hisense U8H Mini-LED is the perfect choice if you are looking for a high-end TV at a mid-range price. It also comes with a Google TV 11 interface. This means that you can get access to all the streaming apps you love. You can also connect your favorite wireless speakers to the TV via Bluetooth.


LAS VEGAS, NV – January 4, 2022 – LG Corporation (LG) introduced two new series of televisions: the LG B2 and the LG C2 TV. These two televisions are the first to feature 8K resolution, and both are equipped with a variety of high-tech features. Compared to their predecessors, the B2 and C2 are more powerful, more feature-rich, and come in a variety of screen sizes. They also have a more sleek design and support advanced smarts such as Amazon Alexa, Nvidia G-SYNC compatibility, and Dolby Atmos.

The LG C2’s main attraction is its evo panel, which features Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro, HDR output, and a high refresh rate. It also has a new processor, which has been upgraded from the previous model’s Alpha a9 Gen 4 chip. The A9 Gen 5 processor provides higher AI audio upscaling and Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro. The C2’s new processor also provides better color saturation and brightness.

LG also unveiled its new webOS 22 smart platform, which includes a more comprehensive set of user profiles. It’s also the first TV series to come with Nvidia G-SYNC compatibility. This makes it one of the first televisions to support full-on 8K gaming with Nvidia RTX 30-Series graphics cards.

The LG C2 and LG B2 are two of the newest televisions to feature a sleek new design, and both are designed to sit flush on a wall. Both televisions also feature a new heat dissipation layer. They have a sleek flat back, and come with a stylish floor stand.

Panasonic ZT60

Those in the market for a plasma HDTV may be interested in the Panasonic ZT60. This TV offers a number of unique features and is Panasonic’s flagship plasma model. The “Beyond the Reference” ZT60 is Panasonic’s latest plasma offering, and it’s the company’s best-performing plasma TV ever made.

Panasonic claims that its new Smart TV technology can deliver better colors than any previous model. Panasonic also says that the new Smart TV technology has improved picture quality, including a 10-point gamma control and a “high-speed driving technology” that “enhances colors.” This TV will also be THX certified for 2D, and Panasonic says the new panel structure has helped to eliminate double and dim images.

Panasonic has also incorporated an app for iOS devices. This allows users to access content such as internet television, video on demand movies, and educational content. Users can also use the remote to scroll and select apps. The remote also acts as an Enter/OK button and touchpad.

Panasonic’s new Studio Master Panel is also noteworthy. This panel has a new production process that eliminates an air gap layer between the glass and panel. This feature claims to deliver “unheard of” black levels and dynamic range.

Panasonic’s Smart TV app allows users to access content from their smartphone or tablet, and then share that content on their TV. The company also says its new TV has the ability to scale images and perform motion smoothing.

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