Best Plasma TV in 2023

When it comes to purchasing a new television, most people want to make sure they’re getting the best plasma tv for their money. That’s because plasma TVs are known for their high-quality images and wide viewing angles, making them a great option for many types of homes. However, choosing the right TV can be tricky, so we’ve compiled a list of the top models for you to consider.


The LG C2 OLED is an outstanding television in most respects, but it does suffer from one significant flaw. There isn’t any backlight, so the picture doesn’t look as bright as you’d expect. It also has less detailed tone mapping than you’d expect.

Unlike most LCD TVs, the LG C2 OLED has a near-perfect contrast ratio, so it can look great in dark rooms. This is particularly important when it comes to HDR, which is where this television really shines.

If you are in the market for a new television, the C2 series is a great option. They offer an enormous range of screen sizes, and they’re designed to be wall-mounted. Their webOS v6.0 platform provides a smart experience, including an Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and a variety of apps and streaming services.

LG’s new Magic Motion Remote features voice controls, and is designed for easier access to the most commonly used functions. This model also comes with a stand, so you can keep your TV flat on your wall.

When it comes to smart features, the LG C2 OLED is a step up from previous models. For starters, the company has added user profiles. These let you tweak the picture quality to your specific needs.

LG also introduced the Magic Explorer feature, which displays additional information on your current show. Another useful feature is the Game Optimizer menu, which collects all of your games’ relevant settings. You can also adjust the color saturation and sharpness.

Finally, the LG C2 OLED has incorporated new hands-free voice control. It doesn’t require a remote for basic commands, and is a lot more convenient than the older Magic Motion Remote.

Overall, the LG C2 OLED is an impressive television that’s well worth the money. If you’re shopping for an OLED TV, this is the best choice in the LG line right now. But if you’re looking for more of a bang for your buck, you may want to take a look at the Sony XR A90J. This model offers a high-refresh rate, deep blacks, and a low input lag.

Vizio P-Series Quantum X

Vizio’s P-Series Quantum X Plasma TV in 2023 is updated to include smart features and has a lower price than last year’s model. The new menu makes it easier to adjust advanced settings.

It also offers an improved upscaling engine for 4K resolution. The remote is short and simple, but lacks backlighting and a numeric pad. Although the remote does not come with a cable box, it does have short buttons for popular streaming services.

For fans of HDR and Dolby Vision, the MQX Series is a solid choice. It produces punchy contrast, accurate color and deep blacks. However, the picture quality may be less than perfect for some viewers.

This TV has a decent full array local dimming feature. However, its peak brightness is not as high as its larger counterparts. That being said, it’s still very bright for the money.

In addition to its high-end capabilities, Vizio’s TVs are also known for their great value. They’re generally priced under $500, which is competitive for a large television. A few models offer a few extras, like a detachable webcam and telehealth monitoring services.

Another bonus is the SmartCast TV platform. It’s a web-based interface that enables the user to cast content from various sources. Some TVs allow you to install apps for specific functions, such as casting from Netflix. There are only a few apps available at this time, however.

One of the best features of the Vizio M-Series is its amazing wide color gamut. Vizio’s quantum dot color technology delivers an expansive range of vibrant colors to the screen. Also, the Active Full Array backlight system ensures spectral highlights shine and the brightest scenes really pop.

Overall, the Vizio M-Series is a great value. For gamers, it’s a great way to get a high-end television without having to spend a lot of money. While the picture quality might not be as good as other high-end brands, the M-Series is certainly better than most budget-priced models.

Finally, the TV is compatible with a wide range of streaming services, including Netflix, HBO and Amazon. Unfortunately, this feature is limited to Vizio’s own service, which is not as stable as other platforms.

Samsung Q90

The Samsung Q90 is a good 4K television. While it lacks the high-end picture quality of an OLED, it does offer a number of interesting features.

This TV has an impressive array of smart features, including the Apple TV+ and Bixby voice assistants. It also offers a number of unique features, such as the QLED display, which has 300 lines of moving resolution.

Although the Q90 can’t beat an OLED for overall brightness, it does offer the best color volume and contrast. Combined with the Ultra Viewing Angle layer, this LCD TV is capable of producing some truly bright colors.

There is no denying that the Samsung Q90 QLED TV has a sleek and stylish design. However, it’s not a plasma, and it doesn’t have the same advanced connectivity options as LG’s OLED TVs.

In addition to the QLED display, the Samsung Q90 has a full-array backlight with 400+ individual dimming zones. Thankfully, the backlight has good black uniformity and good depth.

The Q90 also offers a handful of other interesting features, including the Samsung One Connect Box. This box houses all of the processing hardware and connections necessary for the TV to be connected to an audio/video console or other devices.

One cool feature is the TV’s “smart” functions, which are available by simply speaking a wake word into the remote. Those features include the ability to play games without an external console, a Netflix app, and the Amazon Alexa, a voice assistant that can be activated by saying “Alexa.”

Another interesting feature is the QN90B’s prodigious light output. This TV has the ability to produce bright colors in the middle of the night, and its wide vertical and horizontal viewing angles are impressive.

If you have a large room, the QN90B might not be the TV for you. Fortunately, there are other screen sizes to choose from. Even the smaller QN90B isn’t a budget buy, but if you don’t need to stretch your money, this TV is a worthwhile investment.

The Samsung Q90 has a number of laudable characteristics, but its most notable feature may be the LED Clear Motion function. By enabling this feature, you can adjust the flicker frequency from 60Hz to 120Hz.

Sony OLED A90J

The Sony A90J OLED TV is the best TV on the market for picture quality. It has outstanding color accuracy and a superb viewing angle. This television also offers HDR content and a variety of gaming features.

Sony’s Bravia TV has the XR onboard processor, which improves picture quality and sound. In addition, the television has a Dolby Vision, which supports all HDR standards.

In addition to its great picture quality, the Sony A90J OLED has a very fast response time. It also has a very low input lag.

Sony’s new image processing has improved the transparency of objects and the brightness of the panel. This resulted in an even greater performance from the A90J. Also, the company eliminated black crush, which was common in some TVs.

Another advantage of the Sony A90J is its variable refresh rate. This feature lets the TV respond to the motion of a movie or game without losing picture quality.

Although it does not have as many proprietary technologies as LG, it is a good choice if you want to buy an OLED TV. You should be prepared to spend a bit more for a Sony TV.

As you would expect from an OLED, the Sony A90J is a little brighter than most, although it still does not reach as high as some TVs with Mini LED technology. However, this model does have better tone mapping in HDR, which can give it an edge.

LG’s C2 OLED delivers nearly the same experience as the Sony A90J. It is also slightly brighter in certain scenes. However, it has a slightly higher refresh rate. Regardless of which OLED you choose, be sure to view it in person.

Sony and LG have been working together for years to make their televisions better. Their latest OLED TVs have better processing, which contributes to its performance.

While the Sony A90J OLED is expensive, it’s a great choice if you want to get the best possible picture from an OLED. It has plenty of HDMI 2.1 ports, which can handle the output of a number of modern consoles.