Best TV to Buy 2023

If you are looking for a television that is capable of playing your favorite video games, or watching movies, or any other media type, there is a huge variety to choose from. However, not all of them are created equal. That’s why it’s important to look at the features and specifications of each model.

Sony Bravia XR A80J

If you are in the market for an OLED TV, the Sony Bravia XR A80J is a good choice. It has a near-infinite contrast ratio and supports both Dolby Vision and HLG. These features expand the range of colors and provide a more lifelike image.

The Sony Bravia XR A80J also offers a variety of options, including Dolby Atmos Audio and Google Assistant voice commands. This means you can control your TV using just your voice, without having to type in codes. In addition, the television will automatically adjust its brightness level and audio settings for your convenience.

Another nice feature of the Sony Bravia XR A80J OLED is its Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) support. When you watch a movie, it will use the best available signal to produce a higher-quality picture. As an added bonus, the TV can also act as a PC monitor.

However, the only complaint with the Sony Bravia XR A80J may be its white balance. Some owners report a grid-like pattern when watching uniform scenes. Generally, Sony TVs have great out-of-box accuracy, but if you see a defect, it is worth replacing the television.

You can get the Sony Bravia XR A80J in 55in, 65in and 77in models. Each one of these OLEDs comes with a 30 W sound system. With its built-in sensors and sensors that automatically adjust the brightness and audio level of the display, the Bravia XR A80J is great for apartments or second TVs in bedrooms.

For those who like to watch games, the Sony Bravia XR A80J has a solid gaming performance. Its combination of Quantum Dots and OLED ensures it delivers the same low input lag of traditional OLED TVs.

Samsung QN90B QLED

If you’re looking for a premium TV for your home, you may want to check out Samsung’s QN90B QLED. It’s a great TV for most applications and it delivers a high quality experience, thanks to its fast pixel response and impressive reflection handling.

The Samsung QN90B has a good viewing angle, and its fast pixel response helps make for a great gaming experience. However, it has one major problem. Several patches of the screen’s surface are cloudy. This causes blooming around bright objects in dark scenes. Another issue is that there are lots of artifacts in busy scenes.

On the other hand, the TV has a decent color gamut. It’s closer to the 2.2 target for dark rooms, but the saturated cyan is a little off.

Samsung’s Mini LED lighting system allows for better contrast, and it’s paired with local dimming. It also helps to reduce backlight blooming in bright image areas.

In addition to its great reflection handling and high peak brightness, the TV offers a wide range of picture options. You can choose genre-specific settings or use the Object Tracking Sound+ and Dolby Atmos systems.

While the TV has great build quality, it has a small, wobbly stand. Also, it’s a bit heavier than you’d expect.

If you’re looking for a TV with a wide viewing angle, you might want to look at the Frame (2022). This panel has a matte display, which helps to reduce glare. It also features Ambient Mode, which makes the screen look like an art piece.

Alternatively, you might want to consider the Q60A, which has a quantum dot HDR display and includes Samsung’s own game bar.

LG C2 48in

The LG C2 Series is a great choice for anyone looking for a new TV. It offers excellent image quality, high contrast, and great HDR performance. This smart TV features a premium design, full-screen display, and advanced webOS 22 smart platform.

The LG C2 OLED Evo is the next generation of LG’s best-selling OLED TV. It uses the same evo panel, but it’s been re-formulated to produce brighter and more vivid images.

In addition to LG’s premium design and panel, the C2 includes a powerful Alpha9 Gen 5 processor and AI-enhanced deep learning. Those two features boost the picture’s brightness and sharpness, while also improving deinterlacing and reducing dither noise.

The LG C2 is also available in sizes from 42 inches to 83 inches. If you’re shopping for a large TV, you’ll have plenty of options, as all models feature a full suite of HDMI 2.1 inputs. These ports allow for 4K 120Hz video playback.

Another advantage of an OLED screen is the incredible range of HDR content. You can enjoy impactful and accurate HDR, including HDR10, Dolby Vision, and NVIDIA G-Sync.

The LG C2 also has a suite of features for gamers. There’s a Game Optimizer menu that collects the settings you need, and a TruMotion menu that provides Natural Motion and five user-selectable settings.

When it comes to sound, the LG C2 also features AI-enhanced sound technology. Its audio processors use AI Sound Pro to upscale 5.1 channel stereo. And it has Amazon Alexa support and a Google Assistant.

Aside from the superior picture and audio, the C2 also has an impressive set of features for gamers. As long as you have a compatible PC or Mac, you’ll be able to play all of your favorite games on the TV.


TCL’s RP620K series of budget-priced flatscreens is designed to provide users with a crisp and bright picture. Its 4K HDR panel is capable of producing rich colours and contrasts, thanks to its IPQ 2.0 Engine. This model also features micro dimming and SMART HDR.

TCL’s RP620K is one of the best TVs for the price. The model is powered by Roku’s smart platform and includes an integrated Freeview tuner. Other features include BT Sport, Netflix, AppleTV+, and Dolby Vision.

As the name implies, TCL’s RP620K series offers 4K HDR, and it’s also worth checking out the more affordable models. Regardless of which model you choose, you’ll get a TV that’s simple to use. Its remote control is comfortable to hold and has a small directional pad.

It’s also got good audio. There’s a headphone hack for playing media files and the TV comes with an optical audio out. And it’s also got a USB port, which can make transferring and playing media easier.

The Roku OS offers a slew of advanced features, including automatic updates, private listening via the free mobile app, and thousands of free streaming channels. You can also integrate it with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which will give you even more control.

Another great feature is the Ambient Mode, which can display artwork when the TV is not in use. This makes for an ideal solution for bedroom or playrooms. However, you need a warm colour temperature to enjoy the benefits of the Bright Room mode.

While the RP620K is an excellent budget TV, it does fall short in certain categories. For instance, it lacks the bright image quality of the better HDR models.

Panasonic LZ2000

Panasonic LZ2000 is a leading edge OLED TV that offers great picture quality and features for the gaming enthusiast. The LZ2000 has a thin design with frameless panels on three sides. Its HCX Pro AI processor excels at colour and shadow detail.

This OLED TV is supported by Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+, HLG, and more. It also comes with an innovative Dolby Atmos speaker system that delivers a full-fat and immersive sound experience.

The LZ2000 supports advanced picture-processing technology, including a new My Home Screen 7.0 with voice control and a 120Hz Variable Refresh Rate. It also offers a time of day sensor, allowing the set to adjust picture quality for different room lighting conditions.

LG LZ2000 comes with a hefty remote control with dedicated buttons for Netflix and YouTube. In addition, users can choose from three audio modes. Those include Cinema Surround, Dynamic Cinema Surround Pro, and directional sound.

Panasonic’s Master OLED Pro panel is built in Japan and includes a proprietary heatsink. The HCX Pro AI processor analyzes images and works with sensors in the set to optimize brightness and colour. There are also numerous brightness boosting features.

Panasonic has made improvements to its panel in the 2022 release. This includes increasing peak brightness, as well as a more robust color system that offers more nuances in highlights and lowlights.

Panasonic isn’t a company that is known for disruption, but it has shown its prowess in picture processing. The LZ2000 supports Freeview Play, which adds catch-up TV capabilities to the system. Another new feature is Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode.

The LG LZ2000 has a number of innovative features, including an easy-to-use interface and a beam steering feature that allows users to direct sound to one side of the room.

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