Best TV to Buy 2023

Buying a TV is no doubt a big decision to make, and you want to make sure that you buy the best television for you and your home. You can do this by reading some reviews and comparisons to make sure that you get a good product that will last you for years to come.

Sony A95K

Designed to provide an accurate experience for film watching, the Sony A95K features Quantum Dot OLED technology, a feature that combines more brightness with purer colors and a more realistic black level. It also features some nifty processing power, like the Cognitive Processor XR, which subtly manipulates incoming images to produce a more lifelike appearance.

The Sony Bravia A95K also supports the Google Assistant voice recognition system, which helps make the TV easier to control. It also features an Acoustic Surface Audio+ system that delivers forward firing sounds and places them in the right place to match the action on the screen. It is backed up by two bass woofers built into the TV’s rear.

It features a mosaic patterned cover that has detachable sections. The screen frame is slim and beautifully finished. The remote features a simple layout with backlighting for easy operation.

Sony’s Bravia TV features a camera that shuts off when the TV is not being used. The camera is designed to recognize the room position and adjust the picture and sound accordingly. It also allows users to access terrestrial TV channels and the Now and BT Sport apps. The TV can also be connected to a Sony soundbar for center channel audio.

The Sony A95K is also a solid performer on the HDR front. It features a proprietary Dolby Vision setup and supports regular HDR10 with a 4K 120Hz signal. It also has excellent upscaling performance.

It has the requisite number of HDMI ports, including two HDMI 2.1 (48Gbps) ports. It also has one HDMI 2.1 eARC port. However, these ports only support one other HDMI 2.1 device. Generally speaking, Sony has never suffered from HDMI limitations, but the A95K is not a perfect example.

Samsung QN900A Neo QLED 8K TV

Designed for the future, Samsung QN900A Neo QLED 8K TV to buy 2023 has advanced backlight control, a new LED unit, and quantum dot enhancement. These features combine to give the QN900A an impressive picture quality, with improved color and brightness. This model also features two built-in subwoofers, which create surprising bass for a television. Its sleek, slim chassis makes it the perfect complement to any modern living space.

Samsung’s new Neo QLED technology uses a Quantum Mini LED backlight for improved performance. These tiny LEDs are packed tightly together and can be set to finer local dimming. They produce better images than regular LEDs, reducing the chances of screen bleed. They also pack thousands more LEDs into the backlight than regular LEDs, delivering more dimmable zones.

This model also uses Neo Quantum Processor 8K to deliver pin-sharp images in motion. It also uses Object Tracking Sound Pro technology to track audio with the position of objects on the screen. Its Neo QLED backlight also helps ensure contrast for HDR content. This model is also equipped with HDR10+ ADAPTIVE technology, which uses dynamic metadata in conjunction with real-time ambient light information to ensure that creative intent remains intact even in different lighting conditions.

The Neo QLED series also includes an Anti-Reflection Film technology. Its anti-reflective layer is extremely effective. This means that it can minimize reflections from windows and lamps. It also reduces visible reflected light when you look directly at the screen.

The Neo QLED series also uses Quantum Matrix Technology to reduce blooming and flashing. It also uses quantum dot filters for increased colour volume. It uses an advanced calibration app to automatically adjust the picture to ensure optimal viewing.


During the past few years, LG’s C2 OLED TV has been one of the best TVs to buy. The screen is brighter than previous models, and there are plenty of other features that make this television a winner.

This television is an enticing purchase for gamers and those who enjoy watching movies. The C2 OLED’s screen has more detail and darker blacks than previous models. It also has near-perfect contrast ratios, especially in dark rooms.

The LG C2 has a webOS smart interface. It is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. There is a virtual assistant feature that allows you to search for content by talking to the TV. It also has an optical port, ethernet, Bluetooth 5.0, and four HDMI 2.1 ports.

The C2 also features a new heat sink element, which helps to keep the TV performing at its best. It also has an upgraded motion processing system that helps reduce banding. It is also compatible with Nvidia G-Sync and VRR.

The LG C2 OLED Evo has a near-infinite contrast ratio and a high peak brightness. It is also equipped with pixel-level dimming, which helps keep the screen brighter. The screen is also more color-accurate than last year’s models. It isn’t quite as vibrant as QD-OLED models, but it’s a good option for those who want an affordable OLED television.

While the LG C2 OLED Evo is an impressive television, its predecessor, the LG C1 OLED, is still a top choice. The LG C1 is color-accurate and has an impressive feature set. It also has a better menu system and Black Frame Insertion, which creates a smoother picture.

The LG C1 is also one of the best gaming monitors you can buy outside of a CRT monitor. The remote is also comfortable to hold and has a lot of buttons. It even has an indent to rest your fingers.

TCL 6-Series Roku TV

Whether you are looking for a high-end TV for your home or an affordable one for your family, TCL offers a wide variety of TVs with smart platforms that rival those of the big names.

With a smart platform, you can access thousands of streaming services without having to purchase a separate media player. It also offers great picture quality and sound. You can also control the media experience from your phone. The remote includes a circular pad for navigation and quick access buttons.

TCL TVs have Dolby Vision and HDR Pro Gamma technology to enhance picture quality. You can also select picture settings for different lighting environments. The remote includes a built-in mic for voice control. The remote is comfortable and responsive.

TCL has updated its 5-Series and 6-Series TVs. These models have more features than the previous models. You can also upgrade to a soundbar for better audio.

The TCL 6-Series TVs are available in 55″ and 65″ sizes. They are priced at just under $1,000 for the 55-inch model and almost $1000 for the 65-inch model. These models have a center pedestal stand for better aesthetics. You can also choose between a traditional stand or feet mounted on either side.

The TCL 5 Series and 6 Series line was first previewed at CES in January. These models offer great image quality, an impressive amount of smart features, and top-of-the-line HDR support.

These models have a built-in Roku smart platform. The Roku TV is easy to use and offers a great selection of apps. It also has voice control for certain apps. It also works well for switching inputs. However, you may find it a little slower than the smart platforms on some of the higher-end models.


Whether you’re buying your first TV or looking for a replacement for an older model, the Mi TV is a great choice. It offers many unique features for a reasonable price. It’s also easy to use and boasts a range of smart features.

If you’re looking for a TV that is capable of providing crisp, clear content in 4K, the Mi TV Stick 4K is a great choice. It comes with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support, as well as a built-in Google Assistant remote. However, you’ll have to pay more for a higher resolution display.

The LG C2 OLED is a great choice if you’re looking for a smart TV that will complement your existing console. The C2’s stereo sound system, virtual sound system, and enhanced mapping make it a great choice for a PS5, Xbox Series X, or Xbox One. Among its other notable features are the four HDMI 21 ports, dual LED backlights, and an alpha a9 Gen 5 processor system.

The Samsung QN32 is a 32-inch QLED TV that features dual LED backlights, a 100-percent color volume with Quantum Dot, and 4K video quality. It also comes with a year of warranty. However, it does have a few limitations, such as its lack of an AI Picture Pro and next-gen AI 4K Upscaling.

The LG C3 OLED evo series will be known by LG OLED65C3KNA in Korea, LG OLED65C3PUA in North America, and LG C3 OLED evo in Europe. Those are just four of the six models that are included in the 2023 LG C3 OLED line.

The LG smart tv is an affordable option that lets you stream your favorite shows online. It also includes light and temperature settings and supports Google Assistant.

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