Philips TV Announces New OLED TVs

The Philips TV is a premium flat-screen television with a high-quality VA panel. This model supports 95% of the DCI-P3 color spectrum and wide viewing angles. In addition, Philips TVs will have lower latency than rivals in 2021. It will also support 4K/120Hz and AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro, as well as a P5 AI Intelligent Picture Engine, which uses neural networks to optimize the five pillars of picture quality.

The new Philips TV lineup includes 11 models, from 48 to 55 inches. The line includes a range of cinematic and gaming marvels, as well as an affordable 4K TV. Philips has invested in a high-quality VA panel and a 2.1-channel sound system for enhanced audio performance. Philips’ new OLED+935 model also comes in a compact 48-inch screen size. It’s also equipped with the latest Android TV 10 smart features to make it compatible with your phone.

The new OLED 806 model supports 4k resolutions at 120 Hz. It also features a micro-dimming pro system and a low input lag. It can be used for gaming as well, thanks to the high refresh rate. The OLED 806 also comes with Dolby Vision Bright Mode and a light sensor to activate HDR10+ Adaptive. These TVs can support up to 100 hours of HDR content, which is more than enough for most people.

The OLED+935 from Philips will be replaced later in 2021, with the 77-inch OLED expected to enter the market later that year. Meanwhile, the 77-inch OLED in the Performance Series will be the most affordable Philips OLED in the line. The OLED706/705 will be the most affordable OLED in Philips’ range. They’ll have Micro Dimming Premium and local dimming backlight and will feature a peak brightness of 2000 nits.

The new OLED models from Philips also feature a 50-watt 2.1 audio system and a dedicated rear-facing bass driver. Some models even feature Philips Ambilight, which extends the image beyond the bezels. Most models run on Android TV 10 OS, which serves as the smart part of the device. It has an intuitive menu of streaming services. And finally, Philips has added Bluetooth to its lineup, so your new TV will have an even better wireless experience.

A new model from Philips, the OLED+935 features four-sided Ambilight, sleep and sunrise modes, a backlit remote wrapped in Scottish Muirhead leather, and Google Assistant built-in. Both of these models are priced at PS1800 for a 48-inch model and PS2000 for a 55-inch model. The OLED+935 supports HDR10 and Dolby Atmos. And while Philips may be less known than other brands, their TVs usually last just as long as leading brands.

As a brand-new television, the Philips TV comes with an intuitive interface. The remote control has dozens of keys, including a Netflix hotkey. It also accepts voice commands, but you won’t find any such feature on other TVs. TP Vision also sells branded TVs in the European, Middle East, Russian, and Middle Eastern markets. But, the only drawback is that the remote doesn’t accept voice commands, so you’ll need to connect the HDMI cable yourself.

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