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ASUS Transformer Review

Transformer might seem like the name of a movie, but it is really the name that top computer maker, Asus, gave to its handy hybrid computer. The reason that this notebook computer is called a transformer is that the keyboard is removable, and the monitor is a touch screen. That means that this device can function as both a laptop with a full keyboard and a table computer with the keyboard on the screen!

Features Of The T200TA-C1-BL

The model number of the 2-1 computer by Asus that is being reviewed is T200TA-C1-BL. This is important to note because the company produces other models. Also, Asus is known a a company that produces all sorts of affordable desktops, laptops, and tablets that provide a good value for the money.

Before considering reviews, consider the basic features of the computer. These are features of this model:

  • A generous, 12-inch monitor display
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 64 GB of storage capacity (Solid State Drive)
  • Detachable and fully-functional keyboard
  • Touch screen monitor
  • USB 2.0 port included
  • Ethernet port included

Other 2-1 Computers To Compare This Model To…

Just for comparison purposes, it is interesting to note that the Asus Transformer is often compare to the 2-in-1 300 by Dell. They both provide a good value for the price. However, some reviewers note that the Dell has a very good reputation for battery life and more storage space at a somewhat lower price.

Also, Asus makes a model, T100TA, that has a monitor that is one inch smaller than the model being reviewed in this article, and it is about $100 cheaper. It also has had good reviews of the battery life.

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Great Features Of The Asus 2-1 Computer

People like the stylish look of this very modern computer. They also say that the keyboard is as comfortable to use as most full-sized keyboards. The display is large enough to use, and the storage can get expanded easily with the “smart” hard drive bay. The only major complaint is that the battery life could be better, and one owner said that he wished they would have found room to add a second battery.

Of course, it is always possible to carry an extra battery in the computer bag or even a pocket when people know they will be far from a charging station for awhile.

Biggest Advantages Of The Asus 2-1

This is a great product for photographers to carry around on the job. The display is clear, and it is very portable. While it wouldn’t be powerful enough to make a gaming computer, it functions very well as both a tablet computer or a laptop.

As of today, there is no one machine that will appeal to everybody. People who want a gaming machine would probably be better off putting together their own desktop machine and having a separate portable. However, this model travels very well from a desk to the road, so it is suggested for folks who want that flexibility.