Buying New Televisions at CES 2020

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There are many options when it comes to buying a new television. If you’re looking for an LCD screen, you may be in luck. Samsung, for example, announced a 110-inch 4K television at the 2020 CES. This model utilizes next-generation self-emissive Micro LED technology. The company says it was inspired by the modular displays of 2018 called “The Wall.”

There are also a number of different connectivity options for your new television. Some models offer USB ports to play downloaded media, while others have built-in Wi-Fi. For over-the-air antennas, you’ll still need a coax connection. Vizio initially marketed displays without tuners, but added them after cord-cutting gained momentum. Today, nearly all televisions have internet connectivity through either Wi-Fi or hardwired ethernet.

While we’re waiting for new televisions to hit the market, we can expect plenty of TV news at CES 2021. New TV technologies and buzzwords such as 8K will dominate headlines. Manufacturers will try to woo consumers with bigger screens, better picture quality, and even add-ons of dubious utility. CES is also where the world’s top manufacturers will debut their latest wares. And if you’re looking for the best TV for your money, CES is the place to be.

OLED technology is another advancement that promises to improve the quality of picture quality. OLED displays have been a mainstay on CES show floors for several years. Because they don’t require a backlight behind the display, they can deliver much more vivid images than LCD screens. Sony combined OLED with quantum dots, tiny light emitters, to create the Master Series XR-A95K television. The results were impressive. However, we can’t recommend purchasing an OLED TV until we know more about how this technology works.

The biggest difference between OLED and QLED is the resolution. A 4K TV will have four times more pixels than a 1080p HDTV, and an 8K TV will have eight times the pixels. OLED televisions will have more pixels than LCDs, so you’ll be able to see more detail on them. They’re also more energy-efficient. As a rule, it’s better to buy a new television than to try to fix an old one.

There are a lot of new televisions on the market today. The Samsung QN65S95B is a top-rated 65-inch model, but there’s a newer version of this model coming out in 2021. Sony’s XR-65A90J and LG’s OLED65C1PUB are the leading 2021 OLED models. QD OLED televisions have great picture quality and a truly satisfying HDR experience.

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