Choosing the Best Motherboard Brand 2023

When it comes to choosing the best motherboard for your system, there are several factors that should be considered. These include compatibility, speed, memory, and reliability. While you may not be able to choose the best motherboard for every system, there are a few motherboards on the market that are worthy of your attention.


As one of the most recognized motherboard brands, ASUS has proven to be a leader in the industry. Known for its high quality and consistent performance, Asus motherboards are popular with many enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for a budget gaming board or an advanced performance solution, ASUS has something to meet your needs.

Asus offers a variety of high performance motherboards, with the ROG line featuring some of the best motherboards on the market. The Maximus VIII Hero, Signature series, and Signature Ultra motherboards all provide superior components and high end features. All of these motherboards are backed by a robust power delivery system that will help your PC perform better and respond faster.

Asus also offers a budget-friendly option in the PRIME H770-PLUS D4. While it doesn’t have a lot of features, it’s a solid choice for anyone looking to build an affordable gaming PC. It supports cheaper DDR4 memory kits and provides plenty of PCIe lanes.

For the enthusiast, the ASUS Z170 Gaming motherboard is an ideal option. It’s packed with rear I/O, including a USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 20Gbps Type-C port. In addition, it has built-in Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2.

Asus has also introduced a motherboard that supports AMD processors. This model is based on the AMD B550 chipset. Although it’s not the most powerful, it’s capable of supporting dual-GPU configurations and is a decent option for most AMD PC builds.

ASUS also has a line of motherboards that support Intel. These boards are great for entry-level Intel systems, as well as for more advanced systems with high-end components. A lot of these motherboards are designed for ease of use, making it easier to build a gaming rig.

ASUS is also known for its high-quality VRM modules. The Digi+ VRMs feature dedicated heatsinks to protect the components. They have a 16-phase power design to keep components from getting too hot and to increase the lifespan of key components.

ASUS has continued to innovate and introduce new technologies. The company was the first to introduce the P4 CPU, Windows Vista, Serial ATA, and AGP8X. Moreover, it was the first to implement Hyper-Threading technology.


Gigabyte has been an industry leader when it comes to motherboards. They are an expert in both consumer and business systems. Whether you are looking for a motherboard that supports the latest in Intel or AMD technology, or a gaming laptop with powerful components, Gigabyte has you covered.

The Aorus X99-FX is an impressive motherboard that utilizes a number of features. First off, it is built with NVM Express (NVMe) M.2 ports, which offer much improved latency and bandwidth. It also has a number of RGB headers, a few of which are addressable.

Other notable features of the motherboard include the aforementioned Optical S/PDIF, a PCIe x16 slot, four USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, and a DisplayPort. Although it may be a bit pricier than a comparable motherboard, the M4A99-UD3H makes up for it with a solid feature set.

This Gigabyte motherboard also includes an ESS Sabre Hi-Fi 9118 DAC for your headphones. It’s not as fancy as some other high-end audio solutions, but it’s certainly a decent implementation.

Another interesting feature of the motherboard is its dual-BIOS ROM, which is a feature packed BIOS setup program. It’s the kind of feature you usually only see on more expensive models.

Lastly, the aforementioned Z490 Aorus pro is another stellar product from Gigabyte. It’s a $200 motherboard that supports Intel Core i9 processors. You can get a DDR4 version, but it’s only available in Europe. In addition, Gigabyte has shopped around for Thunderbolt 4, which means it will connect your PC to the rest of your world.

Of course, Gigabyte doesn’t just make motherboards, they make a variety of other PC components. Their latest addition to the lineup is a gaming laptop. Not only will you be able to play your favorite games on it, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a better power solution, upgraded memory, and a better graphics card.

All in all, Gigabyte’s motherboards are definitely worth checking out. Especially if you are in the market for an upgrade to your existing system. Just keep in mind that if you’re looking for a good deal, you’ll have to do some digging.

ROG Strix X570-E Gaming WiFi II

The ROG Strix X570-E Gaming WiFi II motherboard offers a plethora of features to optimize performance. This ASUS branded motherboard supports AMD AM4 processors, with up to four DDR4 memory slots. It also includes 8 SATA ports, and PCI-E 4.0 and 3.0 compatibility.

The motherboard is equipped with an array of RGB lighting features, including addressable Gen 2 headers. Users can synchronize lighting with Aura Sync for a more coherent look. In addition, a dedicated fan header keeps temperatures down.

The motherboard also features a dedicated PWM/DC header for water-cooling setups. Moreover, a new passive chipset cooling design enables improved overclocking performance. Other conveniences include a USB 3.2 Gen 2 port, a Type-C connector, and alloy chokes.

Among the features, the Digi+ voltage-regulator module delivers real-time control over the switching frequency and voltage droop. Furthermore, the motherboard is equipped with OptiMem II technology, which improves trace layout, reduces vias, and gives memory kits greater frequency margins.

To help users achieve better audio and visual results, the ROG Strix X570-E comes with a full-featured Aura Sync support. ASUS’ own 5-Way Optimization is also incorporated, giving the system the best possible balance of cooling and overclocking. Plus, the TurboV Processing Unit is a smart onboard microcontroller that provides a number of system-tuning features.

Additionally, the motherboard includes an improved version of the DTS Sound Unbound application. Using Windows Sonic spatial technology, this app allows users to enjoy virtual 3D sound and audio with two speakers set up. With this software, you can also listen to sound with headphones, and split audio over multiple speaker channels.

Finally, the motherboard is accompanied by a 60-day AIDA64 Extreme subscription. This software lets you monitor your hardware, tune up your system, and perform other useful tasks. All in all, this motherboard is a great option for those looking for a complete gaming experience. You can buy it at CHL Gadget for only $299. Moreover, the product is covered by a three-year warranty.

If you are in the market for an AMD Ryzen processor, the ROG Strix X570-E is a good choice. It provides a powerful mix of aesthetics, a dazzling array of RGB illumination, and powerful overclocking capabilities.

B450M DS3H

Gigabyte has released four motherboards based on AMD’s new B450 chipset. The B450M is a mainstream model, whereas the B450 Aorus Pro has the additional attributes of PCIe 3.0 x2 M.2 and WiFi connectivity. However, the B450M does not feature RGB lighting or fancy thermal heatsinks. It does, however, boast a modest 4+3 phase hybrid digital PWM power delivery subsystem.

Unlike the B450 Aorus Pro, the B450M lacks the sexiness of its sibling, but the motherboard retains the Pro’s notable features, including its six SATA III ports and one PCIe 3.0 x16 slot. It also offers a single PCIe 3.0 x4 M.2 slot and a corresponding thermal heatsink.