Digital Camera Buying Guide – 2023

When you’re considering buying a new digital camera, you need to look for a good price. It’s also important to consider your budget. Using a digital camera calculator can help you determine your budget. This will ensure you find the best camera for your needs.

Micro Four Thirds cameras

Micro Four Thirds cameras offer photographers and videographers more options than any other type of camera. They are compact, lightweight and have advanced features that make them ideal for travel and production.

One of the most popular MFT cameras is Panasonic’s Lumix G series. It is an excellent all-round camera and is perfect for sport and wildlife photography. Moreover, it has an advanced image stabilization system that helps ensure sharp photos and videos.

The Panasonic Lumix G95 is a powerful MFT camera that offers an affordable price and incredible image quality. Its rugged weather-sealed body is also great for taking pictures in harsh conditions. In addition, the camera has a large lens selection, making it ideal for hobbyists.

A great feature of the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV is its 4K video recording. This allows users to create high-quality video for social media or for online teachers. There is also a Wi-Fi connection that lets the camera connect to an app called Lumix Sync. The app is especially useful for social media creators.

Another great feature of the Olympus OT-D E-M10 Mark IV is the high burst rate. Users can capture up to 120 frames per second. Compared to cameras that have a lower burst rate, this is a big advantage.

Pentax DA* 60-250mm F/4 SDM

The Pentax DA* 60-250mm F/4 SDM is a professional-grade telephoto zoom lens. It was first introduced in September 2008. This lens has a wide focal-range, covering 92 to 383mm, making it ideal for a variety of photography purposes.

It is equipped with a fast and silent ultrasonic autofocus motor. The lens is also equipped with an internal focus system. In addition, this lens is fully weather-proof and freeze-proof.

Unlike other telephoto lenses, the Pentax DA* 60-250mm has a very wide f/4 aperture. This allows the lens to provide excellent image quality even at its maximum aperture.

Pentax’s DA* series of lenses are designed to offer top-of-the-line optical performance. These lenses incorporate the company’s own lens coatings and advanced technologies to give exceptional results.

Pentax DA* 60-250mm f/4 is compatible with Pentax APS-C cameras. However, it can also be used on older mechanically-driven bodies. For these bodies, the lens has a separate adapter. If you are using a newer camera with a Pentax SDM system, you can use the SDM focusing system, which is available in this lens.

Aside from the lens’s superb focusing range, this lens has two ED glass elements to reduce chromatic aberration. There is also a round iris diaphragm from f/2.8 to f/6.7, which gives a bright, fast performance.

Arri Alexa

The ARRI ALEXA-35 is the newest member of the ARRI digital imaging pipeline. This cinema camera is designed to record Super 35 native 4K footage with a 17 stop dynamic range. It also features a new Super 35 ALEV 4 CMOS sensor.

The Alexa is a cinema camera that can be configured to meet any shoot requirement. It uses a 16-bit image processing algorithm and supports industry-standard REC709 HD video output.

The Alexa is available in two versions – XT and SXT. Both include an in-camera recording module. These are designed to offer a more lightweight and compact package while retaining all the functionality of the full-frame Alexa.

Both models are compatible with SXR capture drives, CFast 2.0 cards, HD-SDI and ARRIRAW outputs. They also support four interchangeable lens mounts – the EF, PL, ARRI EF and ARRI LPL.

The XT and SXT both support 4:3 “Open Gate” mode. You can choose the texture menu, which determines the amount of grain and contrast in the image.

The XT will be available with a filter module. In addition, the SXT-W model is equipped with built-in wireless technology.

The Arri Alexa-35 is expected to be released in May. The new camera will be priced at $64,880 for the body and LPL mount set.

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