Fast 17-Inch Laptops 2023

If you’re in the market for a fast 17-inch laptop, you might want to take a look at the upcoming model from Dell, Alienware and LG. All three are expected to launch this year, and you’ll find that they all feature powerful performance and plenty of storage space.

Dell XPS 17

Dell XPS 17 laptops are among the most powerful laptops on the market. They have a lot to offer, including a large UHD screen, a 12th generation Intel Core i7 processor, and a 1TB NVMe SSD. These features are enough to handle basic work tasks, such as photo editing or web browsing.

The Dell XPS 17 is a solid all-around machine that can also handle video meetings and casual gaming. It’s worth a look if you’re looking for a powerful desktop replacement, or if you’re just looking for a great notebook for school.

While the Dell XPS 17 isn’t as versatile as other models in its class, it can handle basic business tasks and even light photo editing. Plus, the battery lasts for up to nine hours. That’s quite a long time for a 17-inch laptop.

The Dell XPS 17 has a large, bright display. It supports 100 percent Adobe RGB, 98% DCI-P3, and 500 nits of brightness. A screen this big is important for productivity.

The Dell XPS 17 also has four USB-C ports. This lets it be thin and flexible. You can connect it to virtually any device. And because it uses Type-C ports, it’s future-proof.

There are some minor issues with the Dell XPS 17. For instance, the keys are stiff and the camera quality is mixed. Some professional reviewers claim the sound is good, while others report poor sound.

Lastly, the Dell XPS 17 has a large screen, making it a great choice for presentations. However, it doesn’t have a HDMI port, so you’ll have to use an adapter to connect your laptop to an external display.

With a price tag that can be as high as $2,500, the Dell XPS 17 is a relatively expensive option. But, it’s definitely not the most expensive business laptop available.

HP Envy 17t

The HP Envy 17t is an upscale, fast laptop that offers a premium design and plenty of features. It’s also available in a wide range of prices.

This model’s 17-inch display and 4K screen offer a dazzling array of options. While the screen doesn’t support Dolby Vision HDR, you can still enjoy the high-quality look of a 17-inch 4K panel.

The HP ENVY 17T comes in three different panel configurations. One with a 4K panel, one with a full-HD panel, and one with a 1080p panel.

The 17-inch model of the HP ENVY also has a touchscreen option. You can use this touch screen to take notes, or for sketching.

If you’re looking for a laptop that’s great for multimedia, the HP ENVY has plenty of ports and storage options to choose from. It’s also designed to work with the latest wireless technology. And for users who need more power, the laptop can be configured with an Intel Core i7-1260P processor.

The HP ENVY 17 is also available with a super-powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card. This card can help you play some of the most demanding PC games.

Another feature that sets the Envy 17 apart from other laptops is the diamond-shaped speaker grille. These speakers, which are housed on the front, can be used to produce an audio experience that’s both loud and deep.

The HP Envy 17 has a sleek, aluminum finish. However, this can be a bit reflective in bright sunlight. Also, the laptop is a bit heavy. It weighs 8.6 pounds.

Although it has a lot of interesting features, the HP Envy 17t doesn’t quite match the top-tier performance of the other two. There are other 17-inch models out there, such as the Spectre x360, that can deliver more.

LG Gram 17

LG Gram laptops are ultra-lightweight and feature high-performance. The line includes two-in-one hybrid tablet devices and conventional clamshell laptops. All models feature IPS or OLED displays with a range of resolutions. They also have support for Thunderbolt 4, HDMI, and Dolby Atmos audio.

LG has revamped its gram laptops this year. For instance, the gram 15 now features a more powerful Intel Core i7 processor. Also, the gram 16 has been improved with a Nvidia RTX 3050 mobile graphics card. These new features offer better gaming performance.

Another new addition to the gram lineup is the LG gram Style. This model is made for creative people. It features a sleek design, a hidden touchpad, and an LED backlight.

This 17-inch laptop is ultra-lightweight and thin. It also has a non-reflective display, a 5200 Mhz clock speed, and Windows 11 Home. Moreover, it has two Thunderbolt 4 USB-C ports.

LG Gram laptops will be available globally in February. However, global pricing has not been announced. If you are looking for a powerful laptop with a thin form factor, check out LG’s Gram 17 and its gram Ultraslim variants.

LG has also updated its gram 14 laptop. The new version has a 256GB solid-state drive, an IPS display, and an Intel Core i7 processor. In addition, it has a hidden haptic touchpad and LED backlighting.

LG has also introduced a new gram 17 Ultraslim, and a refreshed gram 15. LG’s new gram line also includes a 2-in-1 hybrid tablet device. Each model features an IPS or OLED display with a resolution of up to 3,200 x 2,000.

LG has also added Dolby Atmos audio, which is a first for the Gram line. These features allow users to enjoy immersive sound and a more natural experience.

Lenovo IdeaPad 300

Lenovo IdeaPad 300 is a good choice for users who want to enjoy a laptop that can handle their day-to-day tasks. It has a bright display and fast processing speed. However, it is not ideal for gamers.

Aside from a vibrant display, this laptop also has a long battery life. You can get about eight to ten hours of use before having to recharge it.

The design of this laptop is very modern. There are a number of ports. This includes two USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet, VGA and a dedicated disc drive.

This laptop has a screen that is full HD. You will find it easy to enjoy movies, games, and videos.

There is an HDMI port and a VGA port as well. The built-in stereo speakers will produce a high-quality sound. If you want to customize the audio, you can download Dolby software to tweak the sound.

The IdeaPad 300 is great for people who are looking for a bargain laptop. It’s fast and offers plenty of storage. Those who need a desktop replacement can consider it as well.

For the price, it has a lot to offer. Users can choose between two processors. While the Pentium version is best suited for everyday tasks, the Core i5 version is a better choice for gaming or editing media.

When shopping for a new laptop, you may have noticed that manufacturers are cutting power to save money. While this may not be a problem if you are only buying a cheap notebook PC, it will make it difficult to move large files.

Luckily, this laptop has a 512GB solid-state drive (SSD) to store your important documents. Also, it has 8GB of RAM.

Alienware M15 R7

If you’re looking for a fast 17-inch laptop, you’ve come to the right place. Dell’s Alienware M15 R7 has the latest processors and graphics cards to give you seamless performance. And it doesn’t look or feel like a traditional Alienware laptop.

You’re also getting a new design with the Alienware X range. The new models are designed to be light and thin, compared to the heavier Alienware M-series. They also feature the same RTX 3060 to RTX 3080 GPUs as the m15 series.

Aside from the new design, Alienware has updated the chassis. These new laptops are built with magnesium alloy, a material known for its premium look. This allows for better airflow. It also promises improved cooling.

Despite being one of the most expensive Alienware X-series laptops, the m15 R7 still comes with some of the best components on the market. The 12th generation Intel Core i7-12700H processor and NVIDIA RTX GPU will give you the power to run even the most demanding games.

As if that weren’t enough, the m15 R7 also features Cryo-tech cooling. It uses 31-gallium-silicone thermal interface material to collect and release cool air from the top vents.

Besides the excellent performance and sleek design, the Alienware m15 R7 also has a few other great features. For example, it has a headphone jack, and it can support up to 64GB of DDR5 4800 MHz RAM. Another perk is the fact that it has 1 TB of onboard storage.

The base price of the m15 R7 is $1499. However, you can configure the model to fit your budget.

Dell’s Alienware M15 R7 is the perfect machine for esports players. With its RTX 3080 Ti graphics card, the computer can handle the latest games at maximum settings.