Finest Rooms inside the Property For an Under Cabinet TV

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and it’s not very exciting so a lot of people opt for some form of entertaining distraction. Many people choose to have a TV installed in the kitchen but even if you get a small model you can find that it still takes up an inconvenient amount of counter space. There is a type of TV that counteracts this problem by installing underneath a cabinet or counter. They are smaller than a conventional TV and are designed to hang down on the underside of the counter. This way you get your TV and you also get to keep your precious cooking area. If you have a bedroom with little space for a conventional TV then an under cabinet TV may be an option in there as well.

Explore your options before you go out and purchase an under counter TV. Some models come with radios in them which can be handy if you just want to listen to some tunes or the news when there is nothing on the tube. You can also get a built in DVD player which is perfect for the kids rumpus room and great for learning new recipes off of cooking DVDs. Some other functions you might find useful are a count down timer for perfectly cooked meals.

As the TV is probably going into a confined space the physical dimensions of the TV are a bigger factor to consider. An easily accessible power socket is also required as you don’t want unsightly power leads trailing over your counter top. Cheaper model TVs can have really bad viewing angles so check that when deciding on a model. Having a swiveling TV can counteract the problem of the viewing angle to some degree if you’re happy purchasing a cheaper model. One cool feature of some TVs is a magnetic remote. You’ll never have to go hunting for the remote as it will always be on the fridge for safe and secure storage.

A perfect time to shop for under the cabinet TVs is when you are remodeling the kitchen. You need to be certain of your chosen location of the TV though. You can’t just relocate these TVs easily as they are usually permanently anchored to the cabinet. Relocating could mean having to install a new power and antenna socket and lay some cable. You will need an electrician to do this which can get expensive. Naturally your TV will need to be viewable from most if not all of the areas of the kitchen. Keep it viewable in an area you know you are going to be spending most of your time in.

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New LCD screens have made under the cabinet TVs more practical than ever due to their larger viewing angles. Extra features such as timers and alarms can make them useful for more than watching TV as well. With a TV and DVD combo you will be able to follow the instructions on your favorite cooking DVD while you are in the kitchen. You can find out more on the author’s website at under cabinet tv dvd combo.