How to Create a New Desktop in Windows 11

new desktop

If you’ve been looking for a way to set up your Windows PC in a different way, you may have heard about the new feature of Windows 11. It lets you choose a different wallpaper for each desktop. This is useful for distinguishing one desktop from another or setting a mood. Windows 11 also brings some new features to virtual desktops, some of which are similar to those in Windows 10. You can find out more about these features by hovering your mouse over the taskbar icon (a square with one over the other).

The Dell Latitude E6400, for example, features a generic Intel UHD graphics card, but also supports NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon graphics cards. The Latitude E6400 also includes 10 USB ports, a microSD card reader, a display port, multiple audio ports, and three PCIe slots for additional graphics cards. Its price tag may seem high, but it’s worth considering the performance and design of the machine. It’s also nice to know that you can get support from the manufacturer if you run into problems.

To create a new desktop, open Task View, which is located on the taskbar. Click on “new desktop” to create a new desktop. There is no limit to the number of virtual desktops you can create – you can use the feature as many times as you need. But be sure to check whether your operating system has a limit on the number of virtual desktops. Otherwise, it won’t display any icons for them, limiting them to a few.

When buying a new desktop, you should consider the following aspects: the graphics card. If you plan to use your PC for game playing, make sure you purchase one with a good graphics card. In addition to gaming, a high-quality graphics card is essential for smooth running of your editing software. You’ll also want a desktop that has plenty of USB ports. And don’t forget to check out the display resolution! If you’re looking to save money while purchasing a new desktop, consider the following factors.