How to Create a New Desktop on Windows

new desktop

If you’d like to create a new desktop on Windows, there are a few steps you can take. You can open the Task View pane by pressing the Windows Key and Tab. Then click the New desktop button, which is typically displayed as a gray tile with a plus symbol. If you have two or more desktops open, you can click the “Add a new desktop” button to create a new one. This process will make it possible to run programs on both desktops at once.

The best time to buy a new desktop is usually when you’re using your current computer to run your most demanding applications. Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day are the two biggest sales for desktop computers, but there are often other great discounts available any time of year. To take advantage of the best deals, be sure to bookmark a list of PC deals that are currently available online. There’s no better time than now to upgrade than when your current PC is starting to show its age, especially if you’re upgrading your desktop.

Windows 11 also lets you set a different wallpaper on each desktop. This makes it easy to distinguish which desktop is which and can also set a mood for each. It also includes some new virtual desktop features that were introduced in Windows 10. When hovering over the new desktop icon, you can find out if it has any of these features. It looks like a square that’s superimposed over another. If you click on this icon, you’ll see a new desktop with several apps on it.

When choosing a new desktop PC, consider the storage requirements. Ideally, a new computer has at least 256GB of internal storage space. However, you can opt for 500GB of storage if you are storing large amounts of data. A standard hard drive is a good option for this purpose, but modern solid-state drives are the best choice for speed. Desktops in most cases are available in a tower design, but if you are tight on space, an all-in-one design may be more suitable.

Another great new desktop PC is the HP Pavilion. It is a smaller desktop with a slimmer footprint, but offers full performance and reliability. The HP Pavilion is the best thing to happen to towers in 20 years. It comes with a stylish design, up to 1TB1 storage, and multi-display support. Graphics are also great, with an extensive array of options available. There’s something for everyone on this list. So, go ahead and take a look!

You’ve probably noticed the AMD Ryzen processors in the latest Core-based computers, but the company has also announced a new range of AMD-based desktops. Alienware has also revealed the Aurora Ryzen Edition R14 desktop, which includes an upgraded Legend design and liquid cooling. The new Aurora desktop looks similar to the previous Aurora models, but offers AMD Ryzen processors for the first time. The desktop is currently priced at $2,949.