How to Create Multiple Desktops in Windows 10

new desktop

Windows 10 makes creating multiple desktops a snap. Start by clicking the open app window on your Task View. Then hold down the mouse or touchscreen button to drag it over the “+ New desktop” button. Release your finger once the app is small enough and the button is highlighted. Then you can drag and drop the app window to the new desktop of your choice. Here are some additional tips to make your task switching experience more convenient. If you are having trouble switching between desktops, try Task View as a solution.

Windows 11 also lets you set different wallpapers for each desktop. This is useful for distinguishing desktops and setting a mood. This feature is one of several new features available in Windows 11, although some were already present in Windows 10. To access them, simply hover over the taskbar icon. The icon is a square superimposed on another square. When you hover over it, you will see a list of available desktops. After creating a new desktop, you can customize its wallpaper and select a color for the background.

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