How to Find Out the Model Number of Your LG TV


The webOS platform on LG TV lets you customize your TV experience with personalized apps. You can set up different profiles for family members to enjoy the different content offered. Other notable features include voice search, apps, and a web browser. You can even rent films directly from the LG content store. Netflix, Amazon Video, and YouTube are all available in the LG TV content store. The range of apps available on LG TVs is unparalleled. You can find almost any content you can imagine, whether it is movies, sports, or music.

If you want a high-quality TV that lasts for years, you can opt for an LG television with an extended warranty. You can also call upsie customer service if you have any questions about the warranty coverage on your television. There are workarounds that you can try if the problem persists. But these are only temporary fixes. The warranty is the best way to ensure that your LG TV is free from defects. So, you can get the most from your investment.

In order to find out the model number of your LG TV, you should access its backside. There, you’ll find a printed square with information, including the model number. The top number is the model number. You can also view a picture of your LG TV’s model number. Once you have found the model number, you’re ready to call an LG representative. And don’t forget to check the box near the power button, which indicates the TV’s battery life and other technical details.

You can also access over-the-air TV broadcasts from your antenna. If you don’t want to pay for cable or satellite TV, you can also access your favorite channels from your LG TV. By pressing the Live TV icon on your LG TV’s menu bar, you’ll be able to access your favorite channels. However, the icons may contain advertisements. However, you’ll still be able to use your TV remote to navigate through your favorite channels.

The LG QNED90 is the best 4K LED TV currently on the market. It uses the latest Mini LED backlight, which improves local dimming performance. It gets extremely bright. The backlight is flicker-free at all brightness levels, so you won’t have to worry about eye strain while gaming. You’ll also get all of the LG TV gaming features, including HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, a 120Hz panel, and low input lag.

The webOS 4.0 smart TV operating system gives you easy access to a host of apps on your LG TV. ThinQ AI, a smart assistant, can perform advanced searches similar to Siri on the Apple TV. For example, the TV can identify actors in movies, find sports scores, and find pictures in a favorite cloud service. You can even interact with Amazon Alexa using the ThinQ AI. The remote comes with motion-controlled point-and-click functionality. The remote feels comfortable to hold and is beautifully sculpted.

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