How to Rate and Write a Samsung UN43JU640DF Review

The Samsung UN43JU640DF is a new television that has received favorable reviews from experts and users. These reviews discuss the pros and cons of the television. You can also rate and write a review of the TV if you own one. This will help other people to determine whether the UN43JU640DF is a good TV for them.

Viewing angles

When selecting a TV, it’s important to pay attention to the viewing angles of its screen. These are the degrees of off-axis deviation from zero that allow for a good picture. The range of viewing angles ranges from zero to a maximum of 160 degrees horizontally. This measurement is important if the TV will be installed above ground level.

Auto Motion Plus feature

The UN43JU640DF has an Auto Motion Plus feature, which helps make player motions appear graceful. The auto motion plus feature smooths out motions during video games and sports. This feature is best for content that requires fast, smooth movement. It helps reduce ghosting during fast-moving scenes. The features also make video motions even and counter choppiness.

This feature can be turned on or off, depending on the type of content being watched. It is not necessary for watching movies that have slow motion, but it can improve graphics in video games. It also minimizes input lag. However, you may want to turn it off if you’re watching a slow-moving game.

Auto Motion Plus works by incorporating six missing frames back into the video, which gives it a smoother appearance. However, it won’t work as well for CGI-heavy or slow-moving content. For example, it won’t look right in an action movie.

The Auto Motion Plus feature of UN43JU6440DF has three settings: Low, medium, and high. The user can switch between the settings manually or select a default one. The user can also adjust the judder reduction and blur settings to suit their preference.


The Samsung UN43JU640DF is a 43-inch LED-backlit LCD television with Smart features and connectivity. It is built to stream movies and television shows from the internet. The TV also features a 4k resolution for lifelike picture quality. The common refresh rate of 120 Hz also helps make videos appear more natural.

If you’re looking to replace the original remote control for your UN43JU640DF, a compatible remote is available for you. It includes hot-keys and shortcuts to commonly used Samsung functions. It’s also lightweight and ergonomic, which makes it the perfect replacement for your old remote control.

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