HP Desktop PC Recommendations

HP desktop computers offer exceptional performance and features. Choose from a variety of models to suit your needs, from gaming and entertainment to office work. Other top manufacturers offer a wide range of options as well, from budget-friendly models to premium models. Listed below are some of our top recommendations. We hope this helps you decide which HP desktop computer is right for you. Read on to learn more about the features and benefits of HP desktops.

HP first entered the desktop computer market in 1968 with the HP 9100. The company continued to introduce one product at a time until 1971 when it introduced the HP 9810, 9820, and 9830. These products paved the way for a number of innovations in technical computing for the desktop in the 1970s. HP desktops in this segment have two or four memory slots, depending on the model. The higher-end models feature more memory, whereas lower-priced entry-level computers have just one.

For the ultimate in versatility and power, HP offers a range of customizable HP desktop PCs. The HP EliteDesk, for example, is well-known for its whisper-quiet operation. Whether you’re doing a bit of word processing on a desktop or playing games, the HP EliteOne 800 G9 All-In-One desktop PC is designed to perform as a complete workstation. With its powerful processor, it will handle your most demanding tasks and enable you to multitask easily.

HP’s workstations are built for serious commercial use. Featuring the latest Intel multi-core processors, HP Pro desktops have the power to handle the latest power-intensive applications. The latest graphics cards ensure accurate design. The HP ProLiant ML30 Gen10 workstation system has an Intel Xeon(tm) processor for long hours of use. The HP ProDesktop Z2 G4 Tower workstation is designed for growing businesses, and the HP ProDesktop and Z2 Mini workstation are a cost-effective, long-term solution. The HP Z family features a wide range of specifications and price points and features incredible processing power, professional graphics, and memory management. These computers allow you to create work that makes a statement.

HP EliteDesk 800 G4 Desktop Mini PC is the world’s smallest business-class desktop PC. Its robust memory and storage make it an asset to any business. A range of accessories, from HP EliteDesk 700 G4 Desktop Mini PC to HP ProDesk 600 G4 Desktop Mini PC, will enable your business to meet its needs. Its space-saving design and high-performance functionality make it an ideal desktop PC for small offices.

HP Omen 870-120 desktop features an Intel Core i5-740 quad-core processor with 8GB of RAM. The hard drive is 7200 rpm. The monitor is 32 inches in size. The OMEN is a high-end gaming desktop with excellent graphics. A wide range of storage bays is a good thing, but if you want additional features, you should go for the OMEN. With an HP Elite desktop, you’ll get a powerful performance and tight security measures.

The HP 9845A was introduced in 1978 and became the flagship model of the HP 9800 series. It integrated a versatile input and output structure and had a few other innovative features. Its display area is 560 by 455 pixels and features eight colors, including a special “eye-averaged” palette of 4,913 colors. The HP 9845A was HP’s top-selling product in fiscal 1978.