HP Desktop PCs

When buying a new desktop computer, consider the many benefits of an HP one. Users can be sure to get excellent performance and reliability from these models. HP offers a wide variety of models, ranging from entry-level machines ideal for web browsing and word processing to super-high-spec PCs for running complex software. These computers can be purchased from online retailers such as Ebuyer, which stock a wide variety of other brands.

A gaming desktop can be enhanced with a gaming headset. A gaming headset comes in wired and wireless varieties. A USB hub can also add functionality to a HP desktop, as can an external optical drive. This allows gamers to watch movies and play games on their PC. You can also add an external hard drive or a solid-state drive to your HP desktop, if it doesn’t have one already. Other features you can add to your HP desktop include a webcam and a USB hub.

The HP Omen 30L is a solid all-in-one desktop with a large 4K display and powerful built-in sound bar. If you’re looking for a workstation, the HP Z2 Tower G4 measures up to the competition, offering solid performance for the price and excellent expansion options. Lastly, the HP Omen Obelisk is a compact gaming PC with top-end performance and a stylish design.

For the budget-conscious, HP offers top-of-the-line processors, crystal-clear displays, ample memory, and plenty of storage. HP also offers touchscreen all-in-one computers, which combine the monitor and CPU box into a single unit. These types of computers save space and eliminate clutter caused by cables. The HP Omen 870-120 comes with a 3.0GHz Intel Core i5-740 quad-core processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 32-inch monitor.

In addition to high-end desktops, HP also offers a number of affordable entry-level systems. The HP Elite Tower 800 G8 desktop PC will be available in select markets starting in late February. Meanwhile, HP’s Elite 600 G9 Series Desktop PCs are designed for multitasking and complex visualization. The HP Z2 Mini G9 is the world’s most powerful mini workstation. You can find HP desktops at most office supply stores.

HP Presence offers collaboration tools and conferencing software. All-in-ones have a 5MP camera and HP Auto Frame to automatically optimize voice clarity and reduce background noise. Optional 16MP binning (4MP) camera captures more detail in bright areas. And for security, HP Presence includes HP’s Wolf Security for business. HP’s AiO PCs also have a sleek, slim design and clean-desk cable management.