Ideal Rooms in the House For an Under Cabinet TV

We all know that spending hours in the kitchen can be a dull experience. One great option is to have a TV in the kitchen but they can take up valuable counter space. To solve this problem you can get TVs that are designed to fit underneath a cabinet or counter. They are smaller than a conventional TV and are designed to hang down on the underside of the counter. However, you do get to keep your valuable cooking area real estate and have a TV as well. If you have a bedroom with little space for a conventional TV then an under cabinet TV may be an option in there as well.

As with other electrical appliances under counter TVs come with their own range of options so you need to explore those before purchase. Many models come with a radio included. You may not need this option of course and may be able to save some money on a barebones model. Other models come with a DVD player which can be great for kids rumpus rooms or the bedroom. As most of these TVs are designed for the kitchen many come with a clock and timer option.

Screen size is more important than stand alone TVs as you probably have a confined space to fit it in. You also want to make sure you have a mains power socket to plug it into without having to run cables all over your kitchen counter. Cheaper model TVs can have really bad viewing angles so check that when deciding on a model. You can counteract the problem of a poor viewing angle by ensuring the TV can swivel so you can see it from all areas of the kitchen One cool feature of some TVs is a magnetic remote. You’ll never have to go hunting for the remote as it will always be on the fridge for safe and secure storage.

A perfect time to shop for under the cabinet TVs is when you are remodeling the kitchen. You need to be certain of your chosen location of the TV though. Once this style of TV is installed they can be a real pain to relocate later. Depending on your installation you may have to relocate the power socket and and antenna socket as well. If you need to get an electrician in to do this then it could end up costing more than the TV itself. Install the TV in an easily viewable location where you are going to be spending most of your time such as the sink or stove.

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New LCD screens have made under the cabinet TVs more practical than ever due to their larger viewing angles. Extra features such as timers and alarms can make them useful for more than watching TV as well. With a TV in your kitchen and your favorite cooking DVD you’ll easily be able to follow the instructions for that meal you’ve always been wanting to try. You can find out more on the author’s website at under cabinet tv.