Ideal Rooms inside the Property For an Beneath Cabinet TV

We all know that spending hours in the kitchen can be a dull experience. Many people choose to have a TV installed in the kitchen but even if you get a small model you can find that it still takes up an inconvenient amount of counter space. There is a type of TV that counteracts this problem by installing underneath a cabinet or counter. As they are designed to fit into a smaller area under cabinet TVs are generally much smaller than your average standard TVs. However, you do get to keep your valuable cooking area real estate and have a TV as well. They are also a great way to keep a TV out of harms way in the rumpus room when the kids are playing.

As with other electrical appliances under counter TVs come with their own range of options so you need to explore those before purchase. Many models come with a radio included. You may not need this option of course and may be able to save some money on a barebones model. For a kids rumpus room an under the cabinet TV can also include a built in DVD player. This is also great if you plan on following along to cooking DVDs. As most of these TVs are designed for the kitchen many come with a clock and timer option.

The physical size and screen size are a bigger factor than normal as these TVs tend to need to fit into a more confined space. It also pays to make sure you have a power socket available as you don’t want power leads trailing all over your kitchen. Cheaper model TVs can have really bad viewing angles so check that when deciding on a model. If you’re happy with a cheaper unit be sure you are able to swivel it so you get get the best picture quality. Magnetic remotes are an excellent idea for these TVs. You’ll always know where the remote is as it magnetically attaches to the fridge for easy access and storage.

If you’re remodeling the kitchen and have decided on an under cabinet TV then be very sure of the location. Because of the way they need to be installed these TVs can be very difficult to move to another position. For some installations you may need to relocate a power and antenna socket and also lay some more cable through the walls. An electrician will probably need to be called to do this and they don’t work cheap. Install the TV in an easily viewable location where you are going to be spending most of your time such as the sink or stove.

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Under the cabinet TVs are very affordable due to their small size and can be useful for more than just watching TV. Now you won’t have any running to the lounge room and back while you learn that new recipe off your favorite cooking DVD when you have a TV and DVD combo. If you would like more information and where to find great deals have a look at the author’s website at under cabinet tv.