LED TV Reviews 2023

Regardless of your budget, you can find a new television for your home. You will find a wide variety of options from different brands.

Samsung QN90B

Featuring a 120Hz native refresh rate and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro core technology, the Samsung QN90B delivers a great gaming experience. It also includes a wide array of gaming features, including Dolby Atmos, Object Tracking Sound+ and a Samsung Gaming Hub. With its advanced local dimming technology, the QN90B provides high levels of contrast and brightness.

The Samsung QN90B offers an excellent viewing experience thanks to its excellent pixel response time, wide color gamut saturation, and great reflection handling. It also plays back HDR10 content with textbook image fidelity. In addition, the Samsung QN90B supports HDMI 2.1 bandwidth on all four HDMI ports.

The Samsung QN90B’s built-in 60 W speaker system delivers excellent sound for a TV. Voice controls work well to adjust certain settings. They’re also useful for launching apps and changing inputs. The remote is solar-charged, and has a clever design.

Samsung QN90B also uses Quantum Matrix technology to enhance picture quality. The panel has a wide viewing angle and no backlight bleed, which allows it to show detail in darker scenes. The panel also has a glossy coating that reduces glare. The QN90B has an optional room correction feature, which helps it better match brightness and color to the room.

While the QN90B has a small stand, it wobbles slightly because of its small size. The stand’s metal and plastic construction feels premium. The base also has a hefty weight, and it’s a little heavy to move around.

The Samsung QN90B is a great TV for most uses, especially gaming. However, it has some issues with blooming. Blooming is stray illumination from bright areas next to darker ones, and it’s not as well controlled on the OLED panel as Sony was. It looks a little blurry in fast-moving games.

While the QN90B has good color accuracy out of the box, it’s also a bit warm in color. The color temperature is close to the target of 6500K, but is a little off. The saturated cyan is a little off, too.

The Samsung QN90B has excellent contrast in dark scenes, and it’s also capable of extracting detail in extreme HDR highlights. However, it has plenty of artifacts in busy scenes, and it doesn’t stop interpolating if it can’t keep up.

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Sony X85K

Compared to Sony’s X85J, the Sony X85K features better gaming capabilities and more advanced technology. It also includes upscaling and variable refresh rate technology. These features make the Sony X85K a great choice for gamers.

The Sony X85K’s black uniformity and response time are very impressive. The screen has deep blacks and great contrast. Its gray uniformity is also great. It has a decent gamma.

The Sony X85K is an ideal choice for moderately lit rooms. Its brightness easily rises to fight glare. Its response time is quick and it has a low input lag. This makes the Sony X85K a good choice for sports.

The Sony X85K’s screen is not as bright as the Samsung Q60 or Q60B QLEDs, but it does have a strong contrast ratio. The Sony X85K also displays a good picture in dark scenes. The picture is uniform and there are no distracting areas. It is also easy to calibrate.

The Sony X85K supports both HDMI Forum VRR and G-SYNC. This allows the TV to display proper chroma 4:4:4 with 1080p signals. It also has the option to add a backlight strobing feature. It has a built-in mic that can be used for video calls.

The Sony X85K’s HDMI port supports bandwidth up to HDMI 2.1. It also has an eARC port, which allows for multiple devices to be plugged in. It also supports ATSC 3.0, which is great for streaming 4k channels. This makes the Sony X85K an ideal budget television for 2022.

The Sony X85K also supports Low Framerate Compensation, which allows the TV to work with VRR even when there is a low framerate. It also has motion interpolation, which can help minimize stuttering. It supports Dolby Vision games, up to 60 fps, on Xbox Series X. However, Sony’s X85K does not support FreeSync.

The Sony X85K’s native refresh rate is 120Hz. It supports HDR10, HLG, and the Dolby Vision standard. The Sony X85K also has good reflection handling. It does not have a local dimming feature. It does not have an S-Center speaker input. It is not an ideal TV for wide seating areas.

TCL 6-Series

Among our top picks for the best TVs for the money, the TCL 6-Series is an excellent TV series that offers great value and a great TV experience. If you are looking for a high-performance TV for your home theater, this is a great choice.

TCL TVs include a host of great features and technologies, including AiPQ Engine, which intelligently enhances color and clarity. You also get the benefit of THX Certified Game Mode, which delivers a lightning-fast response time. You can use this feature with the most popular consoles and games.

TCL also includes the Mini LED backlighting technology, which offers a sleek, ultra-thin profile. The TV also includes hundreds of “Contrast Control” dimming zones to deliver the most accurate colors possible. A brushed metal edge is also included.

The TV also includes a built-in eARC, which provides a seamless connection to the Internet. The TV also features a center-positioned stand with integrated cable management. Its HDMI ports support 4K / 120Hz, which is useful for fast competitive action. You can also enjoy advanced 4K games through the HDMI 2.1 inputs. The HDMI ports also support AMD FreeSync Premium.

The TCL 6-Series features a THX Certified Game Mode that delivers a superior gaming experience. It also offers HDR support and Dolby Vision. It also includes thousands of micro-meter class Mini-LED backlights, which deliver brighter and more vibrant colors than traditional LCD panels.

The TV also includes an Auto Brightness ambient light sensor to enhance your viewing experience. It also supports HDMI CEC, which allows it to automatically switch inputs. You can also set it up through the Google Home app. This allows you to sign in to Google using your Google account, and you can transfer content between devices.

Finally, the TV has good sound. You can expect to hear decent quality audio when playing games and listening to music. However, the TCL QN85B does have some minor flaws.

For a mid-range TV, the TCL 6-Series offers excellent picture quality and a great variety of features. It is also available in a number of different sizes. This TV is available for under a thousand dollars, which makes it a great choice for a budget TV.

LG WebOS 6.0

Getting a new LG smart TV means that you will also get the LG WebOS 6.0 platform, which is LG’s smart TV platform. LG showed off the new version of its smart TV platform at CES in early January. This new version has a unified look and improved personalization. It’s also been modified to improve efficiency.

LG’s WebOS includes an app store, web browser, and voice control processor. It also includes advertising throughout the operating system. It’s not a new platform, but it has received incremental updates over the years. LG is aiming to license the platform to other TV makers.

LG has designed a user-friendly and efficient interface that makes setting up and adjusting your TV easier. You can also easily navigate through content using the TV guide interface. LG TVs come with a Magic Remote, which has voice control. The remote has a microphone button in the center of the screen. The microphone can also be used to control the cursor on the screen.

The LG Smart TV interface only takes up a few inches of space at the bottom of the screen. It has a unique design and a list of recommended apps. You can also slide the interface up to access more settings.

LG TVs also come with a web browser, which allows users to view content online. They can also mirror content from one TV to another without having to use an additional set-top box. LG TVs also support Chromecast and Netflix. You can create a profile to easily access your favorite apps and personalised recommendations.

LG Smart TVs also feature an app store. You can find apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video. You can also use the NFC Magic Tap feature to mirror your mobile device to the LG TV screen. You can also use LG’s TV Plus app to stream content from your phone or tablet directly to your TV.

LG WebOS 6.0 also allows you to set your own custom recommendations and ordering of content shelves. You can create up to six profiles. You can also access your profiles by accessing the LG Smart TV Home page.

If you are looking for a high-end 4K LED LCD TV, you might want to consider the Samsung QN90B

Rated 5 out of 5

It has all the features you would expect from a high-end model, with incremental improvements over the previous model.
The QN90B’s Neo Quantum Processor is a deep learning technology that uses 16 neural network models to help optimize the picture to its full potential. This processor is used to upscale HD content and adjust for picture quality, making the colors look more realistic.
The QN90B also has four HDMI 2.1 ports, which can handle HDR10+ signals. In addition, it has an Automatic Brightness Limiter that lowers the peak brightness in bright scenes to prevent panel damage.
Samsung’s mini-LED powered backlight has excellent black uniformity and brightness control. The VA panel provides great viewing angles and a good contrast ratio.
The screen has an Ultra Viewing Angle layer, which helps to direct light towards the right direction. It has a pedestal mount. This is a rare design for modern screens.
While the QN90B has a slightly higher native contrast, it has a few weaknesses. Among these are blooming, which is stray illumination from bright adjacent areas. Also, the screen does not have anti-glare.
The QN90B is a very expensive TV. However, it comes with a ton of extras. Besides Dolby Atmos and Amazon, it comes with Hulu, Rakuten, Netflix, and YouTube. These services are all capable of playing back in 4K with HDR. There are also hundreds of subscription-free channels available from the Samsung TV Plus service.

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