LG 2023 TV Lineup

Whether you are just starting out looking for a new television or are simply trying to figure out what TV is best for you, there are a lot of choices available. If you’re looking for a new television that will meet all of your needs, consider this LG 2023 TV lineup.

Samsung S95B

Among the many TVs to be released in the near future, Samsung’s S95B QD-OLED TV is one of the best. Compared to the OLED TVs that are currently on the market, the S95B is thinner, has a higher resolution, and offers a much better contrast ratio. The S95B also supports 144Hz.

The S95B’s QD-OLED display delivers a level of brightness that has never been seen on an OLED TV. The S95B also offers a 144Hz refresh rate, which makes games and movies look smooth and vibrant.

The QD-OLED panel also offers a higher contrast ratio, so you’ll see deeper blacks and brighter colors. This technology also has a lower input lag and fast response time, making the S95B’s picture quality more impressive. It also has a slim profile and miniscule bezels, making it easy to install on a wall.

The S95B’s Neo QLED panel combines quantum dot LEDs with Mini LEDs to create a super-bright display that has low input lag and good motion handling. It also offers nuanced local dimming and high peak brightness.

Besides the Neo QLED panel, the S95B also features Samsung’s smart TV platform, Tizen. The Tizen operating system includes all the apps you need to enjoy streaming services and smart home gear. It also features a hub for SmartThings devices. You’ll find it’s a better UI than the Android OS found on some pricier Samsung sets.

While the Samsung S95B isn’t quite as sophisticated as the Sony Bravia XR A95K’s AI-enabled smart TV system, it’s still a good idea to look into this Samsung TV. The QD-OLED display isn’t the most advanced tech on the market, but it’s still a significant leap forward in picture technology.


Despite having announced the LG B1 OLED series last year, LG has still not revealed a complete lineup for the year. However, LG did announce a new 42-inch model, called the LG C2 Evo, which features LG’s evo OLED panel.

The LG C2 Evo has a high refresh rate, excellent contrast and low input lag. It also has full arrays of HDMI 2.1 ports. LG has confirmed the C2 will be available in 42-83-inch sizes.

LG is continuing to reduce the bezels on its TVs. The company has also introduced a new dark mode. This reduces glare when playing games in a dimly lit room.

LG has also upgraded the Dolby Vision IQ to “Precision Detailing”, which extracts more information from HDR content. This feature will improve the quality of pictures and make the most of Dolby Vision’s HDR output.

LG has also upgraded its Alpha a9 Gen 5 processor, which allows for Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro. This feature improves AI audio upscaling by up to four times. LG will also add a dark room gaming mode to the game dashboard.

LG’s webOS 22 software will feature new personalisation options and multi-user profiles. In addition, LG is adding an Always Ready mode. The mode is similar to the Ambient Mode found on Samsung’s televisions. LG will also put more information at the top layer of the game dashboard. The company will also add support for cloud gaming services.

LG’s TVs will use a 48Gbps pipeline in 2022, compared to the previous 40Gbps limit. In addition, LG says it will continue to support AMD FreeSync Premium and Nvidia G-Sync. These features allow users to adjust picture quality and sharpness. LG also says its 2022 TVs will feature improved tone mapping and a better sense of depth through foreground object enhancement.

LG C2 Evo

Earlier this year, LG unveiled its entire TV lineup for 2022. The new TVs are all powered by LG’s OLED Evo technology, which offers an evolutionary leap in image brightness. The technology also includes a new reformulated panel, a redesigned processor, and new software.

In terms of design, LG has used new materials for the C2 series, which should make it easier to build. The C2 also has a streamlined interface, which is not only simpler to use, but feels more fluid.

The C2 has an innovative Game Optimiser menu, which gives gamers access to gaming-centric features. The menu has a Low Latency mode, which improves shadow detail and brightens the image.

The C2 has a redesigned interface, which feels more fluid than the previous model. It features a thin profile and small bezels. The C2 also retains useful image settings and functions, including the dark room setting.

The C2 also features an eARC port, which allows the output of Dolby Atmos sound to a soundbar. The C2 also includes WebOS, which is the latest version of the popular smart-TV operating system.

The LG C2 also features a new acoustic surface audio+ feature, which produces sounds coming from the screen. It also supports GeFore Now, which lets you stream games from the Google Stadia online service.

The LG C2 also includes VRR, which helps to eliminate screen tear artifacts. The TV also supports ultra-smooth 120fps motion. There are also official Google Stadia controllers to use with the TV.

LG’s OLED Evo panel delivers extra brightness, which is useful when you’re watching TV with the lights on. The new technology also produces better color vibrancy and contrast.


Compared with other OLED TVs on the market, the Sony BRAVIA XR A90J is one of the best. It offers a high refresh rate, accurate colours and deep blacks. In addition, it has Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology, which turns the screen into an additional speaker. It also has a high maximum brightness level, which is better than most OLED TVs.

Although the Sony A90J does not support HDR10+, it is still a great option for HDR content. The onboard processor dynamically adjusts color levels and contrast for a more realistic picture. It has an IMAX Enhanced mode to deliver cinema-like images.

It has an impressive refresh rate of 120Hz, which produces smooth motion. In addition, it has a good contrast ratio, which allows small parts of the screen to glare brightly. The maximum brightness of the TV is close to 2,000 nits, which is impressive.

It also has a good response time, which helps it to deliver fast motion. It also has a wide range of input options, including HDMI 2.1 ports. In addition, the onboard processor can upscale lower resolution content. This makes it a good choice for those who are looking for a TV that will work well with new consoles.

LG’s Smart TV has a lot of great features, including an app store, AirPlay, Hey Google and voice controls. It also supports Dolby Atmos, which allows you to hear the sound coming from all directions. In addition, it has a hub for Samsung SmartThings smart home gear.

LG’s webOS is a solid operating system, but it faces stiff competition on features. Compared to Android, it is less powerful and offers fewer apps. However, it does offer GeForce Now and Nvidia GeForce Cloud support. It also supports Google Stadia, which means you can enjoy games from the Google Stadia cloud. It also has a game optimizer menu.


Until recently, LG’s 2023 TV lineup has been mysterious. The company has rolled out a variety of new TVs that have the potential to shake up the industry. Aside from the more common 4K and UHD models, the company has also introduced an entirely new TV series.

LG’s 2023 TV lineup includes a new line of lifestyle TVs. These TVs will have a fresh look and new features. These include Dolby Vision(tm) IQ, which intelligently adjusts brightness and contrast. In addition, LG has added new sports features to its arsenal.

The LG G3 is also a member of LG’s 2023 TV lineup. This model boasts an octa-core chip, which is a combination of two quad-core processors. It’s also the company’s first television to feature NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility. This technology allows users to play games without input lag.

LG’s 2023 TV lineup will also include a new AI 4K upscaling technology. In addition, the company will also improve its webOS and connectivity capabilities through the LG ThingQ AI platform. These upgrades will be available in the third quarter of 2022.

LG’s new transparent OLED technology is also a promising development. Unlike LG’s previous transparent OLED technology, the company has refined the technology to be more efficient and power-efficient. This technology uses thousands of tiny lenses to optimize light paths and lower power consumption. The company has even developed a special micro lens that may prove to be the holy grail of OLED screens.

The LG OLED TV will also feature a Game Optimiser, which can detect when you’re playing a game. This technology allows users to watch multiple matches simultaneously. Another cool feature is LG’s ALLM, which uses the company’s patented ALLM signal to automatically synchronize audio.

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