LG TVs – What’s New?


LG is a great brand to look for when you are shopping for a new television. Whether you want an OLED model with the latest features, or a budget-friendly model with high-quality features like AI-assisted sound processing and screen mirroring, LG has it all. Whether you’re shopping for a TV to complement your home decor, or to use as a gaming console, LG makes sure to offer a variety of options that are affordable yet have great features.

The latest LG TVs will feature the latest version of webOS, which is a customizable platform that provides new features and personalisation options. LG has also introduced a new feature called Always Ready mode, which is similar to an ambient power-saving mode, and will be available on its C, G, and Z series OLEDs and the three most expensive QNEDs. The new software is packed with new features and construction, including metal plating and composite fibre.

To access your LG TV’s menu, select the Settings icon from the main menu bar or webOS Menu Bar. A full-page menu will appear, displaying a list of channels and their descriptions. A short description of each channel is displayed, as well as the assigned channel number. From here, you can select the channel you wish to watch based on the genre, rating, or content. If you are not sure which channel to watch, you can use LG’s extended warranty to resolve any issues.

LG’s latest OLED televisions have a high-quality panel. The C1 offers better picture quality than the LG G1, but the C1 hits the sweet spot of price/performance. It has better gaming connectivity and picture/sound processing, and some of the best HDR in the market. It may not be the best TV for everyone, but it’s definitely worth a look. It is a great budget option. So what’s next?

To use the Sling app with your LG smart TV, you must have an account with Sling. The app will search for the LG TV on your local network, and you can use the TV Remote Control to grant it. To get started, you must have a WebOS-compatible LG TV, as well as a compatible device. If your TV has an internet connection, you’ll need to sign in with Sling. When you’re signed in, the Sling app will appear in your WebOS launcher bar.

Besides the features of the TV, the LG Channels service gives you the opportunity to watch live TV without being tethered to your cable provider. You can watch over 190 free IP channels from around the world, including movies, sports, comedy, and breaking news. If you’re planning to buy an LG smart TV, you should take advantage of the WebOS channel service. It’s also free and will allow you to watch live television with the same ease as you would on a regular TV.

The latest WebOS 4.0 software update adds a voice control processor known as ThinQ AI. It helps you make advanced searches similar to Siri on Apple TV, like identifying actors in movies and a game. You can also use it to find pictures in your favorite cloud service using keywords. The ThinQ AI also enables you to interact with other smart home devices such as lights and Amazon Alexa. The LG TV remote also features motion-controlled point-and-click functionality, and is comfortable to hold.

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