How Multi-functional Technology Will Dominate the Future

Multi-functionality is unquestionably just one of the main areas of scientific advancement recently. Many of us have seen gadgets take on increasingly more features as designers vie to compete in the lucrative electronics market. TVs can now gain access to the Internet; even cars can connect with a remote server for GPS navigation support. Laptop computers now arrive built in with mics and web cameras. Mobile or portable game systems now feature wi-fi online connectivity for you to download more content and also play with users around the globe. Devices with several functions are definitely the way the marketplace is progressing.

A primary example of this is the poor mobile phone. It was once massive, demanding users to carry it with a handle over their shoulders. Gradually as technology progressed and technology costs lowered, the size of phones came down and manufacturers were finally able to incorporate new functions. In the beginning they were elements which are taken granted for now. Colored displays, cameras, mp3 players. In the past users would only be able to send one SMS at any given time and were only allowed to use a maximum of 160 characters. Nevertheless, you are able to now easily post extended messages in the form of a string of more than one message (however it is not counted as one message by service providers – when you go beyond 160 characters you will subsequently be charged for 2 messages for example).

Now, cellular phones are lean, mean, multi-functional machines. You can send e-mails, record music and video, enjoy games on them, write blog content on them and a lot more. It is challenging to envision a function that a mobile phone actually cannot do! They can even feature significant memory capacity and some can have a memory card. Plenty of users like the efficiency and simplicity of using one device in contrast to lots. And because cell phones are small and compact, they are usually the ideal size for the multiple purposes they have begun to cover.

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It is without a doubt simple to take a look at how technology convergence is going to go on to be the driver of technology improvements. Numerous products inside and out of the home are today really clever and additionally feature highly developed technology, frequently empowering them to interact with various other products in homes or online. People can now tweet with the kettle and listen to your favourite music with your fridge. It is only a matter of time before far more systems are converged into one.

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This brings up the challenge of where then is technology able to go to? Firstly, the escalating level of popularity of touch screens definitely will play an important role in the improvement of technology. Taking out the need for control keys, mice and keyboards suggests that more and more products will be capable of facilitating brand new technologies. Therefore, if a product features a flat area then you will in time end up being able to interact with it. The futuristic product creations found in many 1980s science fiction shows are currently coming to fruition. Luckily the fashion prophecies were not correct.

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Having said that, it is completely likely that Internet systems will also continue converging. All of us have observed a rise in multi-functional computer software and sites. Consumers no longer necessarily have to get separate software programs for various tasks, many programs now intelligently operate effectively with each other. Similarly, online websites also offer a myriad of functions. You can become a member of websites which will definitely manage your online life for you: allowing you to import your bookmarks online, saving them to allow you to access them from anyplace. Manage all your passwords online with a single secure, safe password store and then immediately log into websites no matter where you are.

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Electronics companies will no doubt converge numerous offline and online systems so no matter what gadget you use and where you are, you can to gain access to virtually all your data at any time. Social bookmarks, security passwords, favorite songs, films, emails, work documents and so forth. Together with the net and Internet sites.