New Hisense TVs

New Hisense TV

The latest Hisense televisions are equipped with proprietary ULED panels with 132 local dimming zones. They offer Dolby Vision HDR support and 4K UHD resolution, a brightness of 1,000 nits, and are powered by Hi-View chipsets that use AI-assisted scene recognition to deliver a stunning picture. To further enhance the picture quality, Hisense also offers a variety of other features.

Hisense U6GR ULED TV

If you are looking for a new 4K ULED TV, consider the Hisense QLED U6GR Roku TV. This QLED Roku TV comes with a number of great 4K ULED features that you will love. Here are some of the best features of the U6GR Roku TV. You may want to consider this television if you are on a budget. You’ll be glad you did.

The Hisense R8F is another good option. This TV has the same great attributes as the U6GR, including Dolby Atmos audio and HDR. It also has Android TV, which is getting increasingly responsive as TVs become more powerful. In short, you should be able to get a decent ULED TV for less than half of the cost of a new TV. You can also expect to get a good deal if you buy the R8F during Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Hisense 55R8F

Hisense’s ULED technologies amplify color, contrast, brightness, and smooth motion. The Hisense 55R8F TV comes with Roku, which makes it easy to watch the channels you love. Not only do you get to watch live TV, but you can also access thousands of streaming channels and choose which one is best for you. The Hisense 55R8F TV is sure to please any television fan!

This television has a bezel-free, high-definition screen, allowing it to deliver a truly immersive viewing experience. The screen has 56 dimming zones and 700 nits of peak brightness, providing enhanced contrast and optimal viewing in almost any light environment. The Hisense 55R8F TV comes with Roku streaming capabilities and Bluetooth connectivity. It also supports HDR10, making it perfect for watching movies and other shows on a larger screen.

Hisense U9H

The new flagship ULED television from Hisense is based on a 4K 75-inch Mini-LED-backlit LCD panel. With a larger contrast range and better control of panel uniformity, this television promises to give you brighter, more vivid images. As a gaming device, you can also expect a boost in HDR brightness from this model. This TV is expected to arrive later this year for about $3,200.

The Hisense U9H TV is one of the most affordable ULED televisions in its price range. This unit has a VA panel with a high native contrast ratio and a decent local dimming feature. It also supports HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, which are important features for a TV with this type of screen. However, the Hisense U9H TV is not perfect and there are some cons to be aware of.

Hisense L5G

If you are looking for a 4K ultra-short-throw home cinema projector that works on your existing network, the Hisense L5G TV is a good option. This new model comes with a built-in Ultra Short-Throw Projector (USTR), which is a cutting-edge technology that makes movies and TV shows look stunning. The Hisense L5G is also capable of supporting Android TV. The display unit also comes with a 100-inch screen and HDR10 support.

Hisense’s L5G TV has some notable features, including a Google TV operating system, which allows it to run on Android. It also has a new feature called ATSC 3.0, which lets it transmit 4K over the air. These are the main differences between the L5G and the U8G. The Hisense L5G is priced at $3999, so it’s an excellent value for the money.

Hisense U7H

The Hisense U7H TV has a dazzling picture and is a top choice for consumers who appreciate lifelike color and a realistic sense of brightness. Its Quantum Dot technology elevates the bar on picture quality and helps create realistic brightness. Hisense U7H offers an unmatched viewing experience in its price range. For a truly immersive experience, this television is worth its price. You will surely enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies on this brilliant television.

The Hisense U7H supports 4K resolution at 120Hz and features a game pro mode to optimize the display settings for gaming. It also supports Dolby Atmos, eARC, and WiSA. In addition to these features, the Hisense U7H is available in four screen sizes: a 55-inch model, a 65-inch model, a 75-inch model, and an 85-inch model.

Hisense U8G

If you’re in the market for a new TV, consider the Hisense U8G. Its 4K resolution and proprietary ULED technology provide better color options, and its PQ enhancing algorithms improve picture quality. Hisense also uses quantum dots, which it markets under the “ULED” label. If you’re not familiar with quantum dots, the term “QLED” refers to a type of light-emitting diode.

The Hisense U8G supports HDMI 2.1, which adds additional features without requiring a physical input. This is important because it’s not all TVs have this feature yet. The Hisense U8G supports 4K/120Hz and 8K/60Hz. Nonetheless, it’s still not a complete replacement for an HDR-enabled television. The TV also supports eARC, which allows you to connect your favorite speakers to it.

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