New Hisense TVs and Laser Projectors

New Hisense TV

The Hisense 55-inch H9G TV is powered by a proprietary ULED panel that supports 132 local dimming zones and delivers 1,000 nits of brightness. The TV is powered by the Hi-View chipset, which uses artificial intelligence to detect scenes and adjust brightness levels. This TV also features Dolby Vision HDR and is compatible with the latest digital signal processors. It also comes with HDMI 2.0 and 3D.

Hisense U8H series

The Hisense U7H and U8H series of televisions will launch this summer in Europe and the US. Both TVs will feature HDR10+ and include features like Game Mode Pro and Sports Mode. They are powered by Quantum Dot Technology and will have a screen size ranging from 55 to 65 inches. These TVs will also feature embedded speakers and support for a variety of inputs, including HDMI, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

In 2009, Hisense was the number one TV company in China. Eight years earlier, Hisense had set up its US operation, working as an OEM for other brands and studying the market before launching its own product. The brand has been selling large volumes of its TVs to retailers in the US, including Costco and Sam’s Club. It has also received accolades for its U8H series TV, which recently won the Best Buy award for a number of categories.

The Hisense U8H series uses Mini-LED technology, the next generation of display technology that competes with OLED. The mini-LED technology can deliver higher brightness and HDR performance than other LCD or plasma TVs. The flagship U9H TV from Hisense will start at $3,199, but the lower priced U8H models will cost just $1,500. And remember that Hisense U8H series televisions will be available in mid-summer 2022.

Hisense L5G series

Hisense recently announced its latest home cinema laser television lineup. The Hisense L5G comes out of the box as an excellent and complete package. The company has expanded its product range since introducing the first laser TV in 2014. The new Ultra Short Throw (UST) model is a compelling addition to the Hisense L5G line of ultra short throw laser projectors. It is equipped with an X-Fusion laser and is priced at $4,499 MSRP for the 120-inch model and $3,999 for the 100-inch model.

Hisense’s latest projection system includes 4K resolution, HDR10 support, and 2700 Lumens of brightness. 4K movies are becoming more accessible via video streaming services, though not at 60fps. The standard frame rate is 24fps. For the Hisense L5G, Hisense pairs its Laser TV unit with an ambient light rejecting screen in 100 or 120-inch sizes. While most models don’t support HDR10, there’s no reason to buy a less-than-ideal 4K projector.

The Hisense L5F Laser TV projects a vivid and colorful 4K image 13.8 inches from the wall. With high dynamic range, the L5G delivers a more lifelike picture, a 25,000-hour-laser screen, and a 10W dbx-tv audio system. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube are made possible with Android TV. The LG L5G series also supports Android TV and Android apps.

Hisense L9G 100-inch 4K laser TV

The Hisense L9G 100-inch 4k laser television is equipped with a 3000 Lumen ultra-short throw laser engine. With its TriChroma laser engine, it is capable of reaching a color space of 107% BT.2020. The premium features include Dolby Atmos High-Speed HDMI, Filmmaker Mode, and a perfectly paired ALR screen.

Hisense’s latest projectors come with a dedicated Game mode, which has lower latency than most USTs. The tri-laser light engine eliminates the sequential color wheel and reduces the chance of rainbow artifacts. The light source itself has a lifespan of 5,000 hours, which is more than enough to enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows. The Hisense L9G 100-inch 4K laser TV is available in a variety of sizes and colours.

The Hisense L9G 100-inch 4k laser TV is also capable of casting a massive 100-inch projection. Its screen is designed to be ambient-light-rejecting, making it ideal for bright rooms. It is also designed to be as simple to install as a flat-panel TV. The Hisense L9G laser TV can also be used in dark, shadowy areas.

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