New Hisense TVs

New Hisense TV

Hisense recently introduced a line of OLED televisions that includes the Mini-LED U9GQ. The brand experimented with OLED technology a few years ago, but has now adopted it for the OLED A9G model. Hisense’s OLED lineup also includes the full-array local dimming U8GQ model, the E76GQ and A7GQ models, as well as the entry-level A6G, which is available in small to large sizes.

Hisense Game TV 2023

Hisense Game TV 2023 is a 65-inch gaming television that is sold exclusively in China. The manufacturer hasn’t yet announced its availability in Europe, but it’s certainly an interesting product for gamers. The Hisense Game TV ace is equipped with a Dolby panoramic sound system, as well as a self-developed hi sound Teana engine for superior surround sound. The company also touts that it is equipped with an AI sound field technology.

The Game TV Ace 2023 has dual 12-watt speakers and an AI sound engine, including surround sound field conversion and AI scene fit content awareness. Other features include an HDR display, AI Upscaling, and a virtual surround sound field. The gaming TV’s price is reportedly 4,999 yuan (roughly $789). Hisense did not confirm its availability outside of China, but it is expected to be priced around the same as Sony BRAVIA TVs.


The Hisense U6G does not support eARC passthrough. It does, however, support VRR, and does come with the Roku TV. The U6G’s peak brightness is okay, but still good enough to give you an HDR viewing experience. This TV is not available from many retailers. The new Hisense TV is capable of streaming HDR content. This means that you don’t need a dedicated HDR player to enjoy HDR content.

If you’re looking for a new HDR television that does not cost a lot of money, you should look at the Hisense U6G. This model delivers good picture quality in a budget-friendly package, and features a VA panel with deep blacks. It also offers a full array local dimming feature. Although the HDR brightness of the new Hisense TV is decent, the highlights don’t pop.

Dolby Vision

Hisense TVs come with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. The former is the latest home cinema technology, while the latter enhances TV viewing experience with moving audio. Users can search for Dolby compatible content on Netflix or Stan. The newcomer to Australia’s streaming scene, Amazon Prime, supports Dolby Atmos. You can even stream Dolby compatible movies and TV series like Jack Ryan, Susperia, and others.

Hisense is also bringing back OLED technology for its newest TVs. The company is introducing five new product lines, the 2021 line of TVs. These televisions will have the latest technology including Dual-Cell technology, Quantum Dot, 8K resolution, Dolby Vision IQ, and eARC. The new U9DG TVs will also have Quantum Dot technology. The new TVs will also come with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision IQ.

Dolby Atmos compatibility

The Dolby Atmos compatibility of a new Hisense TV is a great addition for anyone looking to enjoy immersive sound. The new Hisense TV comes with Dolby Vision Atmos, which produces highlights that are up to 40 times brighter and blacks that are up to 10 times darker. The Hisense TV features a wide range of inputs, including HDMI and USB. It also includes a built-in Dolby Atmos receiver for enhanced sound quality.

This new Hisense TV supports the latest generation of gaming consoles, including PlayStation 4. The U8G supports 4k @ 120 Hz, HDR, and local dimming. This is great news for gamers, as it means you can watch your favorite game in a high quality mode with little to no black crush. The U8G does a good job with local dimming, although there’s some blooming around the test cross.

Smart platforms

If you’re in the market for a new Hisense TV, you’ve probably noticed the growing popularity of smart platforms. Although Roku and Android TV are the most popular options, Hisense TV has a unique area code, making it difficult to compare their features side by side. You’ll want to choose a smart platform based on your needs, but if you’re not sure which one to choose, here are a few considerations to consider:

The Roku TV operating system provides an intuitive user interface and superior streaming coverage. There are more than 914 apps available for Hisense Roku TV, and the home page features a grid of colourful app tiles. There are also free-to-watch channels on Roku, including the popular Roku Channel. You can find anything from classic movies to current hits, from the latest blockbusters to the latest Netflix releases. Regardless of what you’re looking for, you’ll find a streaming service on Roku that suits you.

Picture quality

The Hisense U6H series expands on the picture and audio upgrades of the previous models, incorporating HDR10+ Adaptive and Dolby Vision IQ. HDR interprets colors more accurately based on the environment’s lighting, while Dolby Vision IQ improves color accuracy. Game Mode is upgraded to Game Mode Plus and incorporates variable refresh rates at 60Hz. Overall, this series is a solid option for the budget-conscious consumer.

The new Hisense TVs also offer some great features that many consumers may not find in other televisions. The latest models support HDMI 2.1 and variable refresh rate, which means they are capable of supporting multiple formats simultaneously. The Hisense models are bright enough to fight glare, and they boast VA panels to improve the image quality in well-lit rooms. However, there are some issues with quality control and motion artifacts that you may have to deal with.

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