New Televisions 2023

Regardless of whether you are in the market for new televisions or just want to learn more about the technology, you can find the information you need right here. From Apple TV and Samsung QN900B to LG C1 OLED and Vizio M-Series Quantum X, there are a variety of options to choose from.


During CES in January, LG and Star Wars announced a tie-in. The tie-in included a special 65-inch LG C2 OLED television. This model has the same image quality as the LG C1 series, and also includes a Dolby Atmos soundbar.

The LG C1 is a great OLED TV, and it’s also available in smaller screen sizes. In fact, LG’s 27EQ850 is a 27-inch UltraFine 4K OLED pro monitor, and it features a resolution of 4K, a 1 ms GTG response time, and 99% of Adobe RGB color space.

The LG C1 series of OLED TVs also feature a 120Hz native refresh rate and HDR10 support. In addition, the TVs feature NVIDIA G-Sync and HLG video standards.

LG’s AI Picture Pro picture system also has a significant improvement in dynamic tone mapping. In addition, LG’s TVs also support Dolby Vision IQ, allowing the TV to adjust HDR brightness to the ambient lighting.

LG has also improved its webOS platform. The platform includes a variety of apps, including popular streaming services. It’s also easy to use.

The LG C1 OLED television also features a built-in Magic Remote. It also has an attractive price point. Compared to other OLED televisions, LG’s C1 is the best all-rounder. You can buy it from LG’s online store or from other stores. It’s also available in Nepal.

LG has made its mark on the OLED television scene, earning several awards for its technological innovation. At CES in 2023, the company earned more than two dozen Innovation Awards. It also introduced two “world’s first” LG OLED televisions. These televisions will be on display at the LG CEDIA booth.

LG’s C2 OLED television also has a lot going for it. It features a premium design, LG’s evo OLED panel, and a powerful smart TV platform. But, its older processing means it’s not as bright as LG’s newer models.

The LG C1 OLED television is an excellent option for gamers looking for a high-end OLED television. Its features are as impressive as those of its more expensive counterparts, and it’s a great value.

Vizio M-Series Quantum X

Featuring a three-sided ThinFrame design and a modern style, the Vizio M-Series Quantum X televisions 2023 are a great choice for AV enthusiasts. These TVs are available in a variety of sizes, and they feature full-array local dimming, a 120Hz native refresh rate, and AMD FreeSync Premium VRR. They’re also equipped with Dolby Vision auto gaming technology and Wi-Fi 6E. Those are all features that’ll be included on Vizio’s new line of televisions, and they’re all expected to be released on July 19th.

The Vizio M-Series Quantum-X 2022 TVs will be available in 50, 65, and 75-inch sizes. They’ll all support 4k @ 120Hz, and they’ll also feature a modern three-sided ThinFrame design that makes the TV almost entirely screen. The TVs also feature a solid metal strip along the bottom.

The Vizio M-Series 2023 TVs will offer Wi-Fi 6E support, which will allow for more bandwidth than the current 2.4GHz wireless technology. They’ll also be compatible with Dolby Vision Auto Gaming, and they’ll have Dolby Audio.

The Vizio M-Series also features Bluetooth headphone support and the ability to pair with Bluetooth devices. Vizio’s new ThinFrame design allows for a thin profile and a smaller bezel. The 65-inch and 75-inch models feature a dual height stand.

The Vizio M-Series line also offers a variety of HDR features. The 50-inch model is certified for HDR10+, and it includes a 120Hz refresh rate at 4K. It also supports Dolby Vision auto gaming, which automatically powers on features whenever a PC or console is detected. The 65-inch and 75-inch versions also have 32 and 30 local dimming zones, respectively. This allows the TV to optimize the brightness at the pixel level, improving peak brightness.

Overall, the Vizio M-Series is a solid TV for the money. They’re a great choice for AV enthusiasts, and they’re especially good for those who prefer higher-dynamic-range video. However, there are some hiccups, and some of the features aren’t quite as polished as they should be. There’s also a bit of overshoot in transitions and the motion interpolation feature can be a bit annoying.

Samsung QN900B

Among the newest televisions from Samsung, the QN900B is a 98-inch LCD TV with a resolution of 8K. It’s the centerpiece of the company’s Neo QLED line, which features mini-LED backlighting technology. It’s also one of the company’s more affordable models.

The QN900B features an eight-speaker array. Each of the speakers has a 90-watt rating, which provides virtual 3D surround sound. It also comes with Samsung’s Object Tracking Sound Pro, which allows the TV to adjust the sounds it plays based on the position of objects on the screen.

Samsung also touts its Infinity Screen technology, which uses an ultra-thin bezel to trim off the edges of the screen. It’s barely noticeable at recommended viewing distances. The screen has a 14-bit HDR mapping, which improves picture detail in bright scenes. It also uses quantum dot color filters to produce more accurate colors.

The QN900B also comes with Samsung’s Object Tracking Sound Pro, which allows the TV to tweak the sounds it plays based on where the objects on the screen are located. It also uses a depth-of-field filter to create a slightly 3D feel to scenes.

The QN900B also comes with a OneConnect box for a seamless setup. It also has an integrated webcam, which allows users to connect a compatible device. It also has a 144Hz refresh rate, which reduces motion blur. It’s also certified for Wi-Fi 6e, which is Samsung’s newest wireless standard.

Samsung’s QN900B also comes with a new processor, which analyzes shows and movies scene-by-scene to give them a more upscale 4K resolution. It also comes with a depth-of-field filter, which is a small feature that makes the TV appear to have more pixels than it actually does. It also uses 20 neural networks to analyze the content onscreen to give the image the most accurate possible quality.

Samsung’s new 98-inch Neo QLED 4K TV also comes with mini-LED backlighting technology. It’s the company’s highest-performing 4K TV to date. It will be on display at the 2022 CEDIA Expo. Among its other features, it supports Google Stadia.

The Samsung QN900B is not only one of the most impressive televisions available, it also comes at a great price. Compared to its predecessors, it’s a lot cheaper.

Apple TV+

Several weeks ago, Apple introduced a lower-priced version of its Apple TV. The new Apple TV is set to cost $130, $50 less than the previous version. It will include 64 GB of storage. It will also support Dolby Atmos sound.

While Apple’s share of the streaming device market shrank 3% year-over-year in the third quarter, Apple TV+ was up 12%, according to Kantar research. This was driven by specific content, which accounted for 43% of new sign-ups.

Apple TV+ has been steadily growing. It will be available on any Apple device, including an iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Apple TV set-top box. It can also be accessed through Apple’s website or iOS app. It is also part of the Apple One subscription bundle.

Apple TV+ offers a variety of content, including films, television shows, and classics. It also features original content produced by Apple. In addition, Apple has partnered with Major League Soccer, a sport that it will become the exclusive streaming home for in 2023.

Major League Soccer games previously had to be watched on the ESPN family of channels. But Apple TV has signed a 10-year deal with the league to broadcast its games, beginning in the 2023 season. Apple TV+ will also feature highlights and look-ins from every game. It will also offer a variety of classic games from the league’s history.

Apple TV+ will also include a season pass for Major League Soccer. This includes all regular season games and playoff games. If you are not a season ticket holder, you will need to pay an extra subscription fee for access to all MLS games.

The Apple TV+ app will also recommend shows from iTunes. It will also feature Channels, which allow users to watch subscription services. The app will also recommend channels that are not owned by Apple. There is also a Family Sharing feature that allows you to watch up to six different people with the same credit card.

The Apple TV+ app will be available on some smart TVs, such as Samsung’s Smart TV. It will also be available on some video game consoles, including the Xbox.

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