New Televisions Boost Picture Quality

new televisions

The newest generation of televisions is bursting at the seams with new technology and features. While the previous generations were excellent, this year’s models offer more than their predecessors. The latest innovations are designed to boost picture quality and improve overall picture quality. Samsung has even updated its ‘Neo QLED’ tech, which makes use of mini LEDs and smart tech to deliver the best results possible. This new technology enables advanced contrast mapping, which prevents bright areas from bleeding into shadow areas. This processor also gives TVs the ability to tweak brightness levels in 16,384 different steps.

LG has made headlines by introducing a 97-inch model as part of its G2 line of OLED televisions. The previous biggest TV was only 88 inches, with a stunning 8K display. LG’s 97-inch model will do only 4K, but it still commands a price of around $30,000.

As more consumers become accustomed to the high-definition picture quality offered by new televisions, manufacturers are beginning to focus on improving their picture quality. The more appealing the picture quality is, the more likely people will be to buy a television set and pay a higher price for it. In the past decade, electronics manufacturers have supersized televisions, hooked them up to the internet, bumped up resolution multiple times, and even dabbled with 3-D images. Now, they’re focusing on improving basic features like colors, brightness, and contrast.

The Consumer Electronics Show is an annual event where manufacturers unveil the latest innovations in television technology. There, manufacturers line up booths with acres of displays, showcasing their latest offerings. They show off the latest televisions, but you can also appreciate the new screens without having to attend the show. Sony, LG, and Panasonic have all introduced new televisions at this year’s CES. Almost all models on display at CES 2019 are equipped with HDR 10+ and 4K resolution.

The Super Bowl has not yet gotten going, so the electronics stampede has not caught up. A couple of exceptions to the quiet scene include Walmart, Sodaro’s, and Big Sandy Superstore. Although Walmart had an impressive selection of Samsung TVs on display at CES, the salespeople there said they were unable to order any for the last two years. They attributed this to microchip issues. And in some cases, Samsung had issues with supplies of the new televisions.

LG has recently announced a new lineup of OLED TVs. The G1 series is in the middle of the line and comes in 55, 65, and 77-inch models. The next-gen OLED Evo technology in this television line improves brightness, which is great news for fans of HDR content. The G1 series also boasts four HDMI 2.1 ports. The G1 OLED Evo is also available in a 77-inch version.

LG has not revealed prices of the new televisions. But they are expected to hit the market by the end of July. It’s worth noting that the company is not going to release Quantum Dot OLED models this year. But it will bring the brightness-enhanced OLED panel to its C and G series of televisions. So if you’re looking for a new television, don’t miss out on this one.

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