New Televisions For 2023

In the next few years, new televisions will be made of more advanced technologies, such as 4K. The BRAVIA XR from Sony, the Samsung Q90, and the LG C9 from LG are some examples. The Vizio MQ6 is also a new model that will be available in 2023.


Sony’s new BRAVIA XR televisions use an advanced technology known as Cognitive Processor XR to reproduce content in the most accurate way possible. This technology understands how the human eye perceives content, and it analyzes images to produce vivid colors and depth.

The XR technology is the next step in Sony’s commitment to creating truly immersive experiences for its consumers. This new technology combines quantum dots and self-emissive organic light-emitting diodes to create a screen with 200% more color saturation and higher peak brightness. It’s also paired with the company’s new Cognitive XR processor to provide users with a better viewing experience.

Samsung Q90

At CES 2021, Samsung introduced its first Mini LED TVs. They were their most advanced sets to date. The company also released the pricey “The Wall” television. For 2023, Samsung is taking smaller steps in the hardware department. It will focus more on software refinement and new features.

The Samsung Q90 is one of the best models in the QLED line. It offers unfathomable HDR pictures, a pinnacle splendor of 1,600 nits, and a bezel-less structure. It has an edgeless bezel design and a OneConnect box for connecting the TV to the internet.


The LG C9 is a new television model based on OLED technology, which offers 4K resolution and flat design. It is currently available in 55, 65, and 77-inch sizes. Its peak brightness ranges from 303 to 139 cd/m2. Peak Brightness settings can be changed to Low, Medium, or High. You can also disable ABL and adjust the contrast. The TV’s peak brightness range was measured using pre-calibration settings.

Although the LG C9 will be great at discount prices, it may not be enough to compete with the best TVs from Sony and Samsung. While the 2022 TVs will likely be great, LG has been buying time with lower prices in anticipation of CES 2023.

Vizio MQ6

The Vizio MQ6 series includes five different models that offer a wide range of features, from active pixel tuning technology to ultra-fast app navigation. Each of these televisions also supports HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and a full array of LED backlights. The new televisions are also compatible with Apple HomeKit and Bluetooth, which make it easy to connect your mobile devices to the TV.

With this lineup of new televisions, the Vizio brand continues to push the limits of value and advanced TV technology. The MQX and MQ6 models are available in three, five, and seven-inch sizes, with the largest of the five measuring 75 inches. They also boast the new Vizio IQ Ultra+ processor, which is able to handle Ultra HD upscaling, Dolby Vision HDR, and HDR10+ content.

Sony X900F

The new Sony X900F has impressive picture quality, even in a dim room. Its native contrast ratio is very high and it also supports full array local dimming. It also excels at HDR, producing bright and vivid highlights. The television also has a fast response time and flickers its backlight to create clear motion. But one downside of this television is its narrow viewing angle. You’ll get the best picture quality when sitting directly in front of the television.

The new lineup of Sony televisions will be powered by the company’s latest and greatest processors. The A90K OLED series will be available only in 42 and 48-inch sizes, targeting gamers. They will be available from next year in various stores. Pricing will be competitive with the LG C2 in the same price range.

LG’s transparent OLED TV

LG’s transparent OLED television panels are used in museums, subways, and malls. They are designed to blend in with the decor of the living room and offer high-resolution images. The new technology can also be used for other applications, such as displaying gallery paintings. The company is also set to unveil an innovative new OLED shelf that is ideal for luxurious department stores. It can display enticing visual content that harmonizes with the products displayed in the store.

Although the technology is still at an early stage, LG Display is already producing a transparent OLED television. The 55-inch transparent OLED display will be released under the Home Entertainment Company brand, a division of LG’s television business unit.

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