New Televisions in 2023

If you are looking for new televisions in the next few years, you will be happy to hear that Vizio is launching a new line of smart televisions this summer. This line includes a 34-inch QD-OLED monitor and OLED and QD-OLED TVs. The line is expected to start shipping in July, and prices will start at $289.


OLED is a new technology that combines LCD and LED technology. The current generation of OLED TVs have problems with motion blur, but the next generation is expected to be much better. Samsung Display claims that its QD-OLED technology will have less motion blur than LCD. It didn’t say how much better it would be than LG’s OLED technology, but if QD-OLED is as good as OLED today, then it will be a huge step forward.

In the coming years, color volume will be a hot topic. This term refers to the amount of color that appears in the brightest areas of an image. Unlike traditional LCD TVs, OLED TVs will be able to show more vibrant colors, especially those from high-definition content such as movies and TV shows.

The first OLED TVs will probably be 55 inches in size. However, there will be many other sizes available in the next few years. The biggest manufacturers are preparing for the inevitable and are working on the next generation of OLED panels. Samsung has already introduced a 55-inch QD-OLED TV, and Sony has introduced a 65-inch QD-OLED television.


If you’re looking for the best new TV, you can expect to see QD-OLED models hitting the market in the next few years. QD-OLED technology has a number of advantages over conventional LCD screens. It can deliver better color purity, deeper blacks, and wider viewing angles. It is also possible to use quantum dot technologies to improve the TV’s brightness and contrast.

According to the DSCC, Samsung Display is committed to increasing production of QD-OLED display panels, and they’re planning to release 49-inch and 77-inch models in 2023. Samsung will also start using a production technique known as multi-model glass, which will allow the company to add multiple models of glass to make a single panel with a wider viewing angle.

QD-OLED TVs are expected to be priced higher than current generation W-OLED TVs. However, some manufacturers are making them available at a more affordable price. Samsung, for example, has introduced the S95B QD-OLED television, which is a 55-inch QD-OLED model. This means that consumers can get an impressive picture quality for less money than the current generation of W-OLED TVs.

Pentonic processors

Pentonic processors are set to be a major component of new televisions in 2023. This new technology will enable televisions to support Dolby Vision IQ with Precision Detail, which is a high-definition format that combines dynamic metadata and high contrast. These new TVs will also offer enhanced picture-in-picture capabilities.

In addition to HDR10 and Dolby Vision, Pentonic processors will also support Dolby Vision IQ. Dolby Vision IQ is an enhanced version of Dolby Vision. These advanced TVs will also support 120 Hz and 4K resolutions.

Pentonic processors will also be used in high-end 4K televisions. The Pentonic 700 chipset is designed for these devices. It has AI features such as Dolby Vision IQ and Object Recognition. It also supports multiple windows and is designed to help the user navigate through multiple windows at once. Other features of Pentonic processors include Auto Low Latency Mode and Dolby Atmos support.

34-inch QD-OLED monitor

Samsung and Sony have announced plans to release new televisions that use QD-OLED panels. These TVs will feature a higher-resolution display, improved color, and a 144-Hz refresh rate. They will also feature a solar remote. The prices for these new televisions are unclear, but they could be quite expensive.

Samsung has also been working on QD-OLED panels, and its Odyssey G8 monitor has received great reviews. The mid-size QD-OLED segment will be a hot topic soon. In the meantime, you can expect to see a large number of televisions with QD-OLED panels.

Other upcoming QD-OLED monitors with ultrawide screens include the Dell MEG 342C, which is a 34-inch QD-OLED monitor with a 175Hz refresh rate. Other companies such as MSI recently unveiled their own QD-OLED monitor.

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