Panasonic Announces New Smart TVs For CES 2023

Whether you’re looking to get a new TV for your home or office, you’re likely to find yourself attracted to the latest and greatest Smart TVs. These TVs are designed with the latest technology, and can provide you with high-definition viewing experiences. You’ll find plenty of options to choose from, including LG’s C3 OLED evo TV 2023 and Panasonic’s LZ1500 4K OLED TV.

LG C3 OLED evo TV 2023

Among the many things LG is working on for CES 2023 is a new TV line-up. In addition to the new G3 OLED television series, the company will also launch the C3 series. These televisions will have the best picture quality of any OLED televisions to date, as well as the OLED Evo technology. These technologies produce bright highlights and deeper blacks. The G3 and C3 series have already been certified by the Korean RRA.

LG has also announced plans to include Quantum Dot and NanoCell technologies in its TVs. These technologies allow the display to be edge-lit and backlit with Mini LED dimming zones. They also support the full 48Gbps bandwidth. This bandwidth is enough to handle 4K and 8K upscaling.

LG has also made some improvements to the LG C2 OLED television. It features a new pedestal stand that is more compact than the previous C-series models. Also, the C2 OLED television has more brightness than the last year’s model. The C2 has a lower input lag, as well as a wider color range. The C2 also has more detail in dialogue, as well as overall control.

LG also unveiled the C2 OLED TV at the CES event in January. The C2 OLED television series includes four new 42-inch models. It also features 4K 120Hz specifications. It also features 8GB flash memory, 2.5GB RAM, and an advanced processor. It also includes LG’s own webOS. It also has a gallery design and an all-new Brightness Booster.

LG’s C2 OLED televisions also include the OLED Evo technology. LG’s new panel has an enhanced brightness and 20% more pixels. The C2 also has a new, more attractive pedestal stand that is smaller than the previous model.

LG Electronics is also preparing to use OLED Evo technology in its new G3 OLED television series. LG has not yet announced when the new G3 and C3 models will be available, but they are expected to be released by CES early next year.

The new LG C3 OLED televisions are also expected to be available in Europe in 2023. Although LG has registered the C3 series of OLED televisions on its Korean website, the company has not confirmed that it will sell them in Europe.

LZ1500 4K OLED TVs

Until now, Panasonic had only released its flagship LZ2000 OLED model at CES. Now, the company has revealed a range of other OLED and LCD TVs for 2022. These include the LZ1500, the LZ980, the LZ800 and the LZ1000.

While Panasonic has unveiled a number of new LCD models, its core and premium TV line-up includes four new OLED models. These models are based on Panasonic’s advanced OLED technology. They feature Technics-tuned speakers, HDR Cinema Display Pro panel and HCX Pro AI processor. These are designed to suit the needs of cinema lovers and gaming enthusiasts.

The Panasonic LZ1500 is a new 4K Ultra HD OLED TV from Panasonic. It is available in 42, 48, 55 and 65 inch screen sizes. It uses a Master OLED Pro panel with the same picture processing technology as Panasonic’s flagship models. It also features Dynamic Cinema Surround Pro, which supports Dolby Atmos decoding. It is also capable of upscaling lower resolution sources.

Panasonic also introduced a new Game Control Board, which is a panel that displays key gaming settings and provides real-time gaming information. The Game Control Board functions similarly to Samsung’s Game Bar. It displays game information, including signal data, metadata, chroma subsampling data and dark visibility enhancement.

Panasonic’s new LZ1500 range features an Accurate IFC setting that ensures the correct 5:5 pulldown is applied. In addition, the Master OLED Pro panel provides excellent blacks, greyscale and colour performance. It also supports Variable Refresh Rate and Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode.

Panasonic has unveiled the rest of its 2022 TV series, including two core LCD sets and four new OLED models. These include the LZ980, the LZ800, the LZ1000 and the LZ2000. All these models feature HDMI 2.1 ports. They also feature a range of other features, including High Frame Rate and a Game Control Board. They are also powered by AMD FreeSync Premium.

Panasonic is keen to market all of its 2022 OLED models as ideal picks for cinephiles. They will feature more peak brightness in Cinema mode and higher peak brightness in True Cinema mode. All models will have a Game Control Board, which provides real-time gaming information. It also features chroma subsampling data, Dark Visibility Enhancer and HDR metadata.


Despite the name, the Panasonic LX940 is not a LED TV. It’s based on LCD display technology, and is available in 43″, 49″, 55″, 65″, and 75″ sizes. It’s also the company’s flagship LCD TV for 2020, with an improved brightness control system and a new Local Dimming Pro system. It’s also equipped with HDMI 2.1 and Game Control Board.

Panasonic TVs use advanced colour temperature sensors and ambient light sensors to optimize colour tones and brightness. They also incorporate an Auto AI mode to automatically optimise picture quality. They also use a HCX Processor AI Pro chip, which is associated with Intelligent Clear Motion motion compensation. These features ensure a smooth gaming experience.

The Panasonic LX940 TVs also support HDR Dolby Vision and eARC. They also feature a My Home Screen 7.0 smart TV function. They also have an adjustable base. They deliver a total power of 30 W. They also have an HDR Cinema Display Pro panel.

In addition, Panasonic LX940 TVs have an HDMI 2.1 connection. They’re also able to identify compatible games, and switch automatically to a fast Game preset. This helps to reduce input lag, especially for 60Hz games. They also include Game Mode Extreme. This mode supports full 4K resolution, and a variable refresh rate (VRR) for better gaming performance.

The Panasonic LX940 also has a fast 120Hz panel, which helps to deliver smooth gaming performance. It’s also equipped with a Game Control Board, which gathers game information, and can access dark visibility enhancer and dark mode.

Panasonic LX940 TVs are designed to deliver a comfortable viewing experience. They have a logical button layout and light weight remote. They also have a My Home Screen OS, which provides a convenient way to access apps. They also support key video streaming apps such as Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video. They have a new Auto AI mode, which uses artificial intelligence to identify content.

The Panasonic LX940 LCD TVs also feature a 120Hz panel and an HDR Cinema Display Pro panel. They support eARC and ALLM. They also have a 10-bit LCD panel.

Smart TVs with a QD-OLED screen

Currently, Samsung offers a 55-inch model, priced at $2,200. That’s not much more than comparable OLED TVs from LG or Vizio. But Samsung is planning to increase production in the coming years, and the company expects to sell 500,000 units by 2022.

Aside from its lower price tag, the Samsung S95B has a number of other impressive features. For example, it uses Quantum Dot technology, which gives each pixel a self-illumination process that allows for better and more precise colors. Also, it has a Micro LED backlight that provides brighter images.

The S95B also features a number of cutting-edge technologies, including Samsung’s 4K Neural Quantum Processor and Samsung Tizen operating system. This means that the television can deliver a stunning SDR picture with excellent shadow delineation and deep blacks. Moreover, it can render colours with a DeltaE measurement of 1.5, a level that is far below the visible threshold.

The S95B also has a Filmmaker mode, which allows for more accurate color settings. When set to this mode, the TV produces a gamma of 2.4, resulting in a standardized picture with a DeltaE of 1.5. However, the Standard picture mode suffers from oversaturated colours. The contrast ratio of the panel is also excellent, and it can handle reflections from bright areas well.

The LG A2 series is outfitted with a 7 Gen 5 AI Processor, which provides dynamic tone mapping and 5.1.2-channel sound upmixing. The company also supports HGiG (HDR Gaming Interest Group), which lets gamers take advantage of Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG formats.

The Sony A90J features Acoustic Surface Audio+, which uses the screen as a speaker. The TV also supports NVIDIA G-SYNC, which reduces input lag and provides a smooth gaming experience. This means that the TV can synchronize the refresh rate of the television with the computer graphics card. The TV also has a dedicated Game Optimizer menu, which allows gamers to quickly and easily adjust the picture’s brightness, contrast, and color.

Finally, the Sony Bravia TV supports optical audio output, ARC, 3.5mm analog audio output, and Google Assistant. It also supports DLNA, which allows for streaming video content over the internet.

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