Panasonic OLED TV 2022

The Panasonic OLED TV 2022 is available in a variety of sizes and features. This article will discuss the features and pricing of this OLED TV. This article will also talk about its Dolby Atmos compatibility. The OLED TV 2022 is designed for those who want the best possible picture quality.

Panasonic’s OLED TV 2022

The JZ1500 Series 4K OLED TV is built for capturing the best picture possible. Its custom OLED screen gives movies and premium television the star treatment. The TV also boasts a custom sound system with an integrated subwoofer to capture every emotion. This high-tech television delivers a sensational viewing experience for every family member.

The new 2022 lineup of Panasonic TVs features five new models, up from just two previously announced. The 2022 line-up includes four OLED models, as well as two core LCD sets. All of the new TVs use the company’s new Master OLED Pro panel, which is designed for maximum performance and brightness. The company is also adding new features to its speakers to create the immersive spatial soundstage it’s renowned for.

The 2022 line-up will feature a range of new features, including a Game Control Board. This new screen displays key gaming settings and information directly on the picture. This includes information on the game signal, HDR metadata, chroma subsampling data, Dark Visibility Enhancer, and different viewing modes.

The OLED TV 2022 range offers support for AMD Freesync Premium VRR, which reduces input lag to a significant extent. Additionally, the 2022 range includes Panasonic’s My Home Screen 7.0 smart system, which provides a simple user interface and new accessibility features.

Comparative pricing

The Panasonic TV 2023 range was unveiled at CES in January, and are essentially updated versions of the 2021 series. Only one of the new LED LCD models will be available in the UK, but there are a lot of upgrades over last year’s crop.

Panasonic is currently not selling TVs in the U.S., but it maintains a strong presence in other key product categories. It still sells Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc players, compact audio systems, and headphones, and has revived its high-end Technics brand. The company also competes in digital imaging, small kitchen appliances, and personal care products. It also offers some of its products through Amazon and other brick-and-mortar stores.

Among the LCD TVs announced for the UK market, Panasonic’s LX800 replaces My Home Screen OS with Android TV. It is geared toward smart operation and includes features like Google Assistant and Chromecast. It also features a number of improvements to its speakers. The speakers are more powerful than those on last year’s model and should take advantage of Dolby Atmos. However, the 43in and 50in models miss out on the HDR Cinema Display panel.

While the TV lineup is full of impressive features, Panasonic is also keen to emphasize the gaming credentials of its new lineup. In addition to HDR and HDMI 2.1 ports, the lineup also boasts features such as 60Hz Refresh Mode and AMD FreeSync Premium. It also has a Game Control Board, which gives gamers real-time information about the game they’re playing.

Dolby Atmos compatibility

The new Panasonic televisions feature Dolby Atmos compatibility, a new type of surround-sound audio technology that first made its debut in cinemas nearly a decade ago. These TVs are equipped with multiple built-in speaker units including a front-firing speaker, upward-firing speaker, and side-firing speaker. These speakers are specially designed to produce a more realistic and immersive soundscape.

The Dolby Atmos technology is available in two formats: compressed and uncompressed. The compressed version is used by most streaming sites. To enable uncompressed Dolby Atmos, you’ll need a 4K Blu-ray player with eARC or regular ARC.

The new OLED televisions from Panasonic will also be certified for UHD Premium. These televisions will also support Object Tracking Sound, a new audio format that makes the sound more natural and lifelike. The OLED TVs are also designed to be more energy-efficient.

The Panasonic LZ1500, the cheapest OLED model of the 2023, will come in four screen sizes. The 65-inch model will also include a Dynamic Cinema Surround Pro audio system that supports Dolby Atmos. Other features will include a built-in woofer. The LZ1500 range will be available in four sizes: 65, 55, 48, and 42-inch. The 77-inch model will be available later.

The latest Panasonic televisions also support Dolby Vision and HDR10+. These formats allow for less brightness and avoid unnecessary tone-mapping. Dolby Atmos compatibility is also built into these TVs right out of the box. Panasonic also plans to include upward-firing speakers in the 2020 lineup.

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