Panasonic TV 2023 – Exciting New Features

When it comes to TVs, Panasonic is one of the top brands in the home entertainment world. As a Japanese manufacturer, they’re on the cutting edge of new televisual technology. Their TVs boast exciting features and image-enhancing technologies, all housed in sleek and contemporary designs.

50-inch OLED

The new Panasonic TV 2023 is a 50-inch OLED television with a full lineup of new features. These features include expanded gaming support, two 40Gbps HDMI 2.1 ports, and a new Game Control Board interface. This interface allows users to access game-specific settings and signal information. It also gives instant access to latency-reducing options.

Panasonic introduced its new line of OLED TVs with the 2021 and 2023 models. The 2022 series combines advanced OLED technology and latest-generation panels, new gaming features, and Stefan Sonnenfeld’s colour-tuning expertise. The 2022 range includes the LZ2000 (77″), LZ1500 (65″, 48″), and LZ800 (UK model).

Unlike LED TVs, OLED TVs have no backlight, which makes them thinner than most smartphones. They can also be wall-mounted. In addition to the 50-inch model, Panasonic also offers a 65-inch and 77-inch version, offering four-k Ultra HD displays. It also supports multiple HDR formats. This means you can watch movies in HDR.

60-inch OLED

Panasonic has unveiled its 2022 core and premium TV line-up, including the advanced OLED and Core LED ranges. This new line will feature the latest generation of panels and features, and will also feature new gaming capabilities. In addition to the OLEDs, the new line will also include four models with LCD panels.

While the new QD-OLED technology still has some drawbacks, this technology is expected to improve overall TV life compared to existing OLED TVs. Samsung Display, for example, uses three layers of blue OLED material in each pixel, which could extend the life of the pixels.

The 2022 OLED TVs also feature a Game Control Board, which shows important game settings and information overlayed on the picture. This is similar to Samsung’s Game Bar, and provides information such as the game signal and frame pacing. The 60Hz Refresh Mode can help you play games at higher frame rates while reducing input lag, which is a major concern for gamers.

65-inch OLED

If you’re looking for a big, bright OLED TV, Panasonic’s new TV 2023 65-inch OLED model may be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s powered by the HCX Pro AI processor and features four HDMI inputs that are 2.1 certified. The audio system is tuned by Technics, and the panel uses Panasonic’s Master OLED Pro.

The 2023 series has a few differences from previous years, including the LZ1500s (the company’s flagship OLEDs). These models have more advanced features, like Dolby Vision IQ, HLG, and HDR10+. Other differences include the stand, which isn’t swivel-friendly, and a new feature called Cinema Surround. The new model still has HDMI 2.1 ports, Dolby Atmos, and Auto AI picture processing.

75-inch OLED

In addition to its excellent picture quality, the Panasonic TV 2023 75-inch OLED comes with a wide range of new features that will delight fans of the latest games. Its Game Mode Extreme feature offers high frame rates and variable refresh rates up to 120Hz, as well as AMD FreeSync Premium and 60Hz Refresh Mode, which will help you minimize input lag.

For those who prefer a basic OLED with a smaller screen, there are three different models in 2023. The LZ800 and the LZ980 are the least expensive OLEDs, and use a basic OLED panel configuration. Both models have two HDMI 2.1 ports but lack a swivel stand. While the Cinema Surround Pro feature has been replaced by Cinema Surround, the LZ800 supports Dolby Atmos, HDMI 2.1, and Auto AI picture processing.

85-inch OLED

Panasonic has introduced its latest flagship OLED TV, the LZ2000, at CES. It’s the successor to the popular JZ2000, and comes with an improved processor and the latest version of Panasonic’s proprietary smart interface. While it’s not available in North America yet, the new TV’s new features include a “Hollywood tuning” feature, superior color accuracy, and a Game Control Board that automatically detects NVIDIA GPUs. It also has HDMI 2.1 support, which allows for a more fluid experience no matter what you’re watching.

The 2023 will come with a Game Control Board, which displays important gaming settings and information overlaid on the picture. This includes information about game signal, HDR metadata, chroma subsampling data, Dark Visibility Enhancer, and various viewing modes.

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