Panasonic TV 2023 Review

Panasonic TVs are known for their exceptional picture quality. The 2023 is no exception. It supports Netflix’s Adaptive Calibrated Mode, which reproduces the original Master Monitor picture quality to match what filmmakers intend. This is the result of the company’s renowned colour tuning skills and technical accuracy.


The Panasonic TV 2023 features a number of advanced technologies to improve your viewing experience. It features Auto AI mode, which uses Artificial Intelligence to identify content and automatically optimise sound and picture quality. It also features advanced colour temperature and ambient brightness sensors. These features adjust colour tone individually based on the ambient light, delivering a more comfortable viewing experience. This is useful because humans perceive white differently depending on the lighting environment.

It also boasts an extensive gaming feature set, including a Game Control Board which displays game-related settings over the picture. This is similar to Samsung’s Game Bar and lets you see real-time game information and settings. It also has 60Hz Refresh Mode, which reduces input lag.


The Panasonic TV 2023 is one of the company’s latest models, and it boasts a number of new features. Among them is the ability to detect genres and colour temperature more accurately, which allows it to deliver an enhanced viewing experience in a variety of lighting conditions. Additionally, the TV is supported by Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode, which allows it to reproduce the original intention of filmmakers.

Among the other features, the new TV uses a panel with HDR functionality and a HCX Pro AI processor. It also comes with a wide variety of connection options, including USB and Ethernet. As for the design, the LCD version is slimmer and lighter than its predecessor.

Colour accuracy

The 2023 range of Panasonic TVs incorporates advanced gaming features and the latest generation panel technology. It has been tuned by the company’s own colour expert Stefan Sonnenfeld. It also supports Netflix’s Adaptive Calibrated Mode, which replicates the intentions of filmmakers during post-production.

The 2022 range includes a selection of new models from the company’s premium and core TV ranges. The new models combine advanced OLED and Core LED technology with the latest generation panels. They also include the LZ800 series (UK only). The new models are priced between EUR2499 and EUR5000. US prices are yet to be announced.

Panasonic has also enhanced its image quality by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This technology uses artificial intelligence to recognise content and automatically optimise the picture and sound. It also features advanced colour temperature and ambient brightness sensors. These sensors allow the TV to individually adjust each colour tone depending on the ambient light. This enables a more comfortable viewing experience.

Penta tuner

Penta Tuner is an advanced TV reception system included with Panasonic TVs in continental Europe. This TV tuner allows you to receive five different broadcast formats, including cable and satellite. It also supports TV-over-IP, allowing you to stream content via the internet. This tuner has an easy to use user interface, and Panasonic guides you through the installation process step-by-step.

Penta tuner provides you with excellent picture quality. It also allows you to watch Netflix, which includes movies, documentaries, and series. Its color calibration abilities and technical accuracy enable it to deliver cinematic quality to viewers.

Speaker system

Panasonic has announced that the SC-NA30 and SC-NA10 Wireless Speaker System will now support the aptX audio codec. This new technology allows you to listen to music wirelessly while the television plays it. Panasonic is one of the first manufacturers to integrate aptX into their digital TVs. The technology helps to deliver CD-quality sound over Bluetooth connections. It also replicates the full frequency of audio, ensuring that you get pure sound.

This TV comes with a speaker system that is perfect for home entertainment. The speakers are powerful enough to fill a room and give you a rich, resonant audio experience. It also boasts a dedicated USB port for easy charging. You can also use the TV’s built-in Wi-Fi to stream your favorite music.

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