Panasonic TV Announces New 2021 Series TVs

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The new Panasonic TVs come with many impressive features. The slim bezel and frameless design allow for a wide viewing angle. The televisions also feature convenient backs for cables and have a 15 degree fore/aft swivel for viewing from different angles. The Panasonic TVs also feature a full range of streaming services. You can even use them to transform ordinary TV broadcasts into 3D experiences.

The new 2021 series also features HDMI Signal Power Link which enables automatic power on from standby. This feature also allows for input switching even if the device is not CEC-compatible. In addition, Panasonic announced that the JX850 will feature built-in support for Google Assistant and Alexa. The company also redesigned its remote control to make it easier to use. The new 2021 series of Panasonic TVs will go on sale in the summer of 2021.

The new JX850 series is a smaller television with all the latest gaming technologies. It’s best paired with top-end PCs and Xbox Series X consoles with AMD graphics cards. Its edge-lit panels should provide good black levels. The panel also has 120Hz refresh rate, which is great for watching sports. It’s equipped with Intelligent Clear Motion, which smooths out the picture to provide flicker-free viewing.

The JZ2000 is equipped with HCX Pro AI processor, which optimises video quality. While all processors claim to improve the picture quality, the JZ2000 has game mode that enhances the viewing experience. Both HDR and VRR are able to deliver a more fluid picture quality at higher frame rates. Panasonic has made an effort to make their TVs as affordable as possible, with prices dropping over the years.

The new JX800 series is another example of a well-designed TV with the same features and benefits as its predecessors. Moreover, the JX900 series also offers 4K resolution. The JX950 series also has a new line-up of 48-inch OLEDs. Panasonic also plans to compete with Samsung and LG in gaming. It has an AI processor to automatically enhance picture and sound quality, and will allow users to calibrate the TV for their viewing environment.

Another new Panasonic feature is Swipe & Share 2.0. You can transfer content from any of your mobile devices to the Panasonic TV. This allows you to share the content with your friends and family. Another great feature is built-in Wi-Fi. The Panasonic TVs automatically detect available Wi-Fi networks. Setup is simple and hassle-free. So, if you’re a fan of watching videos, you can easily use the WIERA Remote 2 app for easy access to online content.

As far as features go, Panasonic’s JZ1500 LCD LED TV has adjustable feet, a matching 30-watt audio system, and is part of the company’s Premium line. Other features include AI processor, HDR support, Dolby Vision IQ, and Auto AI picture mode. A Panasonic TV will also meet the minimum requirements for Dolby Vision and support HDR10.

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