Panasonic TV Features – A Closer Look

panasonic tv

When it comes to buying a new television, you may have questions about the quality and features of a Panasonic model. You might want to consider buying a LED TV rather than a plasma one. LED televisions use less energy than conventional televisions. They also don’t require the use of additional accessories like cable boxes and other devices. These features can help you get the best out of your TV. Let’s take a closer look at what these features mean for you.

First, HDR10+ Adaptive is a new feature that performs the same function as Dolby Vision IQ, but for televisions. It optimises contrast and image detail to make your viewing experience as smooth as possible. The technology is supported on models as low as the JX940. Panasonic’s Filmmaker Mode has also made its return. This feature automatically changes brightness and contrast depending on the light level. The JX800 model supports this feature.

Although Panasonic no longer sells televisions in the U.S. market, the company is still a top player in a few key product categories. It still offers Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc players and headphones, as well as refurbished models of older models. The company also resurrected its high-end Technics audio brand. In addition to televisions, Panasonic has also been an active player in other areas, such as digital imaging, small kitchen appliances, and personal care products. While sales are falling, the company will still offer service for its TVs and honor warranties.

Until 2016, Panasonic produced its own TV panels and screens. Its LCD display manufacturing plant was known as the Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display Co., Ltd., but it ceased manufacturing television panels in 2016 because of rising competition from Taiwanese and Chinese companies. Since then, the LCD screen manufacturing company has been renamed BOE, and its LCD screens are manufactured by AU Optronics. The company has been shutting down its LCD display manufacturing plant in Russia, but the brand still has a presence in Canada.

Apart from televisions, Panasonic also produces audio equipment, such as DVD players and home theater systems. The company was founded in 1927 and is based in Japan. Originally, the company was known as Matsushita Electric. It produced duplex lamp sockets and sold them in Japan. During World War II, Panasonic also manufactured motorcycle lamps, electric irons, and vacuum tubes. In 1988, Panasonic bought Pioneer’s patents for the production of Kuro plasma HDTV displays.

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