Panasonic UN46B7100WF Review

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new TV, you may be wondering which models offer the best features. We’ll talk about the Auto Motion Plus feature, Active 3D, Micro dimming, and Internet capabilities. In addition, we’ll discuss which brands have the best price tags.

Auto Motion Plus

Auto Motion Plus is a television technology that increases picture sharpness and overall picture quality by adding extra frames to broadcasts and movies. In addition to this, it also slows down the speed at which home televisions translate images. This technology is developed by Samsung and is installed on many Samsung televisions. Its primary benefit is enhanced picture quality, although it is not essential for everyday use.

Auto Motion Plus models are not susceptible to motion artifacting, which is when a particular object appears on a video screen when it should not. Samsung’s software estimates an object’s location on the screen by comparing related frames. It then regenerates objects so that they appear smoothly and in the right places. While adding objects to a scene is simple, adding people to a scene is more complex.


The Internet-capable UN46B7100 is a television with a few ports. It offers four HDMIs, a set of component video inputs, VGA, and 3.5mm audio in. It also has two outputs and a LAN port. A quick setup guide walks you through the connections.

Another nice feature of the Internet-capable UN46B7100 is its Internet@TV feature. This allows you to get snippets of information from other websites, such as stocks and the weather. This is great if you want to keep up with the latest news and information, or want to surf the web.

Active 3D

The Active 3D UN46B7100W is the newest addition to the Panasonic 3D TV line. Panasonic has partnered with 3D glasses manufacturer Xpand 3D in order to create universal eyewear. The goal is to create glasses that can be used with all active 3D TVs within the next year. In order to do this, the companies are working on new standards for the technology. These standards are expected to be released this month. This fall, companies can begin developing interoperable glasses. The new glasses will be backward-compatible with 2011-model active 3D TVs.

This Active 3D UN46B7100WV allows users to enjoy full HD 3D videos with a 178-degree vertical viewing angle. This technology is perfect for immersive 3D viewing experiences, as you’ll feel as if you’re immersed in a three-dimensional world. Moreover, the pictures are remarkably sharp and merge two perspectives in one seamless image.

Active 3D utilizes more pixels per pixel than passive 3D. In contrast, passive 3D uses an odd-even system, dividing the resolution of each frame in half. This method is much more cost-effective because it reduces the amount of pixels per eye to 540. Moreover, passive 3D glasses are lightweight and comfortable.

Micro dimming

Micro dimming is a powerful technology that enhances the picture quality of your television. It does this by analyzing the video signal and LED backlight and adjusting brightness and darkness in discrete zones. This process creates a more detailed image with sharper contrast, deeper blacks, and purer whites.

Micro dimming is a popular feature, especially for flat panel displays. It can help achieve optimum black levels and excellent shadow details. It is also helpful in reducing light bleed. Many TV viewers use this feature to maximize the quality of their images and movies.

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