Philips TV 2023

The Philips TV 2023 will use Google TV instead of Android TV, which is an outdated operating system. The brand has been waiting to update its software before releasing new TVs, but it will offer upgrades for older models. It will also have Google TV in its new models. The price of this TV will be about $1,400, and you will have a choice of three different models.


The Philips TV 2023 65OLED+937 features a Bowers & Wilkins speaker system, which is the perfect match for the 65OLED+937’s high-brightness OLED panel. The system includes a 5.1.2-channel speaker bar, side-firing drivers and a new Ambilight feature for more immersive viewing. A titanium dome tweeter adds positioning and detail to dialogue, while a 100x65mm bass driver packs a deep and fast punch.

The Philips 65OLED+937 has an integrated Bowers & Wilkins speaker system that delivers rich, detailed sound. This system offers five-channel audio and features new after-market speakers developed by Bowers & Wilkins. The system also has a Titan-Hochtoner that delivers precise dialog detailtreue and positioning. Furthermore, its 100 x 65 mm Tieftoner provides powerful, satten pressure.

Philips TV 2023 65OLED+937 has been awarded the title of “Best Home Theatre TV” by the EISA. It features a Bowers & Wilkins audio system, as well as high-brightness ‘EX Royal’ OLED panel. It also incorporates a P5 AI Twin Image engine and Superior HDR tone mapping.


The Philips TV 2023 55OLED8077 offers the latest technology in entertainment. This model offers advanced features like Ambilight, which enables you to view your favorite programs in the best possible color. It also supports all HDR formats, including Dolby Vision. The screen also offers a number of calibration options.

OLED EX Technology: The Philips TV 2023 55OLED808 has a proprietary algorithm-based EX Technology to boost brightness and predict usage of individual diodes based on your viewing habits. This technology makes the screen more sensitive to colours and details. Furthermore, it requires less cooling and lasts longer.

Ambilight: This TV features a 70W 2.1 speaker system. It also features Android TV 11, full support for HDR, VRR and auto low latency. Moreover, it has a swivel stand mount and a leather-wrapped remote. It is expected to be available in the first half of 2022.


Known for its high-resolution picture quality, Philips TVs offer the latest technology. The latest OLED panels support VRR and 4K and feature full HDMI 2.1 support. Other features include G-SYNC compatibility, FreeSync Premium, Low-Latency, Filmmaker Mode, Dolby Vision and HDR10. The televisions are available in a range of sizes, including a 65-inch version.

The OLED937 features a 4K resolution and a flat design. The new model has been introduced in 2022 and comes in a variety of sizes. It also features a special feature called OLED EX. The pictures and information published by iF Design show a number of features of the OLED937 and OLED907, including LED-backlight technology, LED-emitting diodes, and Bowers & Wilkins speakers.

The Philips TV 2023 55OLED+937 offers exceptional sound quality. The speaker system features Dolby Atmos and directional speakers. The speakers also incorporate Bowers & Wilkins’ aluminium speaker mesh and a central tweeter for enhanced sound quality. In addition, the TV’s elegant design complements the contemporary ambiance.


The Philips TV 2023 40PFL9704.H/12 is a high-end television. It has been awarded as the “Best LCD TV” by the EISA committee thanks to new image technologies. This TV uses an LED Pro system to improve picture quality. Despite this, its out-of-box picture is a little disappointing. The picture is bluish and has a noticeable artificial sharpness to it. This is far from its potential.

The new Philips TV line-up includes a number of models, including a 55-inch model. The new series also features a new OLED EX panel, which promises a 30% increase in light output over standard OLED. It also has an in-built 70-watt 2.1-channel sound system and a leather-wrapped remote. It is expected to be available in the first half of 2022.

Philips TVs have a four-sided Ambilight system, which promises to provide improved colour accuracy and detail. The new system also promises a more immersive viewing experience. These TVs also support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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