Philips TV – A Closer Look

Philips TV

When it comes to televisions, the lineup of new Philips TVs has more to offer than just the latest movies. This line-up includes a wide variety of cinematic marvels, gaming aces, and affordable 4K TVs. The OLED856, for example, is 55 inches and comes with a 50W 2.1 channel audio system. These TVs are also compatible with Google’s Android TV 10.

Some Philips TVs are compatible with the Philips Hue smart lighting system. This means that if you have a Philips Hue-compatible light system, you can control it with a remote. You can also enable Philips Hue integration from your television’s control panel, which will expose a “Hue+Ambilight” switch entity. This feature is only available on certain TVs, though. If you’re after a home cinema system, then the Philips Mini LED 9636 might be the better choice. Its peak brightness is also higher, at 2000 nits.

The flagship flatscreen TVs from Philips are some of the most advanced in televisual technology. The company’s lineup features some of the best-looking televisions on the market, with ultra-slim designs and near bezel-free screens. They deliver amazing visuals, top-notch audio enhancements, and smart features. So, if you’re considering a new television, you should take a closer look at the latest Philips TV models.

Professional Philips TVs come equipped with advanced connectivity, a suite of smart features, and ultra-high-resolution picture quality. With this advanced technology, you can create the ultimate experience for your customers and employees, no matter what business you’re in. With Philips professional TVs, you can increase engagement and efficiency with ease. They come in two varieties: Studio and Professional Bedside TV. All of these televisions are compatible with Android and CMND, giving you full control of the device.

In addition to its acclaimed Ambilight projection system, Philips TVs are equipped with new audio technology to enhance the experience. Ambilight, which uses LEDs to project color onto a wall behind the television, will be available in four-sided versions by 2021. The new audio technology can even be calibrated to meet the hearing needs of individuals with certain hearing requirements. A Philips TV can be found in just about any home. Just make sure you check the reviews before buying!

Aside from its TVs, Philips also sponsors numerous sports teams and events outside of the Netherlands. In November 2008, the company renewed its F1 partnership with AT&T Williams. In Australia, Philips also owns the naming rights to the National Basketball League and the Philips Championship. In Asia, Philips was also the primary sponsor of the Balmain Tigers rugby league side from 1988 to 1993. In Indonesia, Philips was the official television partner of Persiba Balikpapan football club in Jakarta. In the United States, the company sponsored Michael Waltrip in the 2000 Winston Cup.

The North American headquarters of the company is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with production facilities in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania, and Danville, Kentucky. The company’s health-tech hub in Nashville, Tennessee, and its North American sales organization in Bothell, Washington completed an IPO in 2010.

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