Philips TV Review – A Look at the New OLED935

If you want a high-quality TV that delivers outstanding picture quality, consider a Philips TV. With an HDR panel that supports every major standard, such as eARC, the new OLED935 offers superior picture quality. Its new Ambilight feature extends the onscreen action onto the wall, increasing contrast and drawing the viewer’s eye into the action. It also supports AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro and the P5 AI Intelligent Picture Engine, which uses machine learning and neural networks to balance the five pillars of PQ.

This new range of TVs from Philips will be available in 65-inch and 55-inch models. It is scheduled to launch in May, so prices are likely to remain competitive. It will also remain a partner of Bowers & Wilkins through 2020, which should ensure a great experience for fans of audiophile TVs. And if that wasn’t enough, Philips also announced that its partnerships with Bowers & Wilkins would continue to grow. Integrated B&W sound systems will be included in both 55-inch and 65-inch models.

After a great year in 2020, Philips is looking to build on its momentum with a series of new TV models. The OLED805 and the collaboration with B&W won two What Hi-Fi? TV Awards. Philips is eager to continue this momentum in 2021, which is why the company recently announced a new line of flagship OLED+ televisions. There are also new models coming from LG, TCL, and Samsung.

There’s a lot to love about Philips’ latest TVs. With 11 new models in the lineup, the OLED816 (48-inch) and OLED856 (55-inch) are cinematic and gaming marvels. And if that isn’t enough, the OLED816 (48-inch) and OLED806 (55-inch) models are affordable 4K TVs. All feature a 50W audio system, and the Android TV 10 operating system handles the smart parts.

Despite being an underdog in the TV market, Philips has a reputation for durability and quality. While OLED models are renowned for their low input lag, Philips’ non-OLED models are just fine for gaming. Just be sure to clean and maintain your Philips TV regularly to avoid any problems. It’s possible that you will have to do a factory reset, but this is rarely necessary as most Philips TVs have been known to last for more than a decade.

If you want a TV that is as good looking as it is innovative, Philips is the brand for you. Its flagship flatscreen TVs are cutting-edge pieces of televisual technology, featuring super-slim designs and massive near-bezel-free screens. Whether you want to watch sports, movies, or a variety of other media, Philips has the perfect model for your needs. It is also compatible with many other smart devices and offers access to streaming content.