Practical Uses of New Technology

One of the characterizing elements of innovations in devices hasn’t been tech advances but design and style. Whilst people could argue that design and technology advancements move hand in hand, it is additionally simple to see exactly how design characterizes consumer habits. Still, this is not something new since mass-production allowed manufacturers to offer cheaper products with the onus on design instead of functionality. E.g., the paper clothing of the Sixties were inexpensive and arguably of a poor level yet for many fashionable people they were items you needed to have in your wardrobe.

This carries on to this present day. Phone builders continually play with the dichotomy of design vs functionality. Some designers choose classic designs and rely instead on features. Many others choose to offer fewer features but instead focus on design, at times even collaborating with singers.

With such a attention given to design instead of usability, it is easy to think of technology devices solely as aesthetic but it is good to remember that these products are supposed to have helpful benefits as well. When choosing a product there is often three elements that you must think about – cost, design and features. At times you might wish to spend more for features and at other times for design. At other times functionality and design are merged together. Apple’s product ethos is a good example of design meeting technology.

If you always buy products based on their design then you should start to think about the functional element as well. Although it may be tempting to purchase the coolest designed product, it might not be the best performing. You should always look at the functions of the device and how you will use it. There is little point getting a really flash computer if all you will be doing is writing emails with it or browsing the net.

So, when buying a new product, always think about how or why you need it. A good example is e-book readers (such as the Amazon Kindle). They have practical uses as well. For instance, plenty of airlines are now limiting flyers to a single piece of hand luggage. An e-book reader is much smaller than an average book and you can take many more books with you on holiday.

Cell phones have also greatly improved their technology features. You can take your phone for all your media needs. Lots of phones now come with large amounts of memory allowing you to save videos, pictures and music. Lots of phones now also have digital cameras too, meaning you will not have to buy a separate, expensive camera. The net is not any different. Many sites have been designed with functionality and usability as the focus. You can now use sites which have been made to allow you to plan Internet time much better.

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A bookmarks manager can save you time and will transform your work process. Sadly, lots of them have a more basic design and layout. It will be interesting to watch how they will develop as more and more of us expect functionality that is displayed in a well designed and aesthetic product.