Samsung 2023 LED TV

The Samsung 2023 LED TV is a great example of the kind of high-quality technology that is being brought to the consumer market these days. Not only do they have the MicroLED and Neo QLED technologies, but they also have an Ambient screen saver, Integrated speakers, and a Quantum Processor. This makes the device one of the most technologically advanced televisions available today.


Neo QLED TVs are an upcoming premium TV from Samsung. These televisions use new AI deep learning technology to upscale content and apply real-time HDR effects to it. They are available in 4K and 8K models.

At CES 2023, Samsung unveiled a broader lineup of TVs. This includes its popular The Frame designer TVs, which can be mounted on a rotating wall mount. Additionally, the company is pushing for ultra-low input latency across its high-end television line.

Among the new features on the Samsung The Frame are new bezel colors. It will also have a metal bezel option, adding a contemporary touch to the look of the television. In addition, the TV will have a new wall mount.

Neo QLED TVs are powered by Quantum Mini LEDs, which offer more control when creating images. They feature peak brightness of 4000 nits and a 14-bit backlight. While they can cut through sunlight, they also produce a bright color picture in all lighting conditions.

With the help of Auto HDR Remastering, SDR content can be enhanced to HDR quality. These effects are applied to the content by a proprietary algorithm. The algorithm improves the dynamic, color, and brightness of the SDR content.

Another new feature on the Samsung The Frame is Art Mode, which allows the viewer to enjoy framed art. The Frame can display a large number of artworks.

Quantum Processor

Samsung’s ‘ifestyle’ product line had a major upgrade in 2022, and we can expect some of these innovations to make it into 2023. This year, the brand has introduced new light sensors, improved upscaling, and new sound sensors.

The Samsung QLED TV has an AI-enhanced processor. It offers HDR10+ support and a 120Hz refresh rate. There is also a depth-of-field filter for better lifelike images.

Samsung’s flagship 4K television is the S95C, which features a second-gen QD-OLED panel and a Neural Quantum Processor. It also has a proprietary algorithm and supports Auto HDR Remastering.

The S95C will come in the same 55- and 65-inch screen sizes as the S95B. But it also has two downfiring drivers and a slightly larger One Connect box.

In addition, the 2023 S95C is set to have a higher-than-average 144Hz refresh rate. It will also have support for Dolby Atmos audio.

As well as introducing the flagship 8K Neo QLED TV, Samsung has also updated its top tier models. Known as the Neo QLED, these televisions are designed to produce a premium super-slim design and produce excellent native 4K resolution. They also feature a new “Neural Quantum” processor and support Quantum HDR 24X and Auto HDR Remastering.

The company hasn’t released pricing and availability details yet. However, we expect to hear more about these models in the coming months. Among other things, they will integrate the SmartThings Zigbee & Matter Thread One-Chip Module into selected Samsung TVs. These will double as fuss-free smart home hubs.

Integrated speakers

The Samsung 2023 TV lineup features a variety of high-end models, ranging from 65-inch S95 models to 77-inch QD-OLED sets. All feature a wide viewing angle, deep blacks, and rich colors. Some of the sets come with smart features and customizable accessories.

In addition to the new models, the company also updated its app. New versions of its “GameBar 3.0” feature include a Virtual Aim Point that promises more noticeable crosshairs in first-person shooters. It also offers enhanced MiniMap Sharing that allows users to quickly access game maps.

The Samsung Electronics lineup also includes an expanded line of Neo QLED TVs. These feature Mini LED backlighting and Multi-Channel Speakers. Object Tracking Sound and Dolby Atmos virtual surround sound are also available.

Another highlight is Samsung’s Auto HDR Remastering feature. This technology uses AI deep learning to apply HDR effects to standard dynamic range content. By remastering the audio, it ensures that voices are clear and the ambient sounds are rich.

Finally, the company’s top-tier Neo QLEDs will get a “Neural Quantum” processor. This quadruples the amount of lighting control the TV can have. And, it introduces new contrast mapping capabilities.

To keep the power cords and HDMI cords from becoming cluttered, Samsung also included integrated cable management channels. Several models will even have the option to upgrade to a metal bezel.

Samsung’s flagship 8K model, the QN900C, features a 14-bit Mini LED backlight and peak brightness of up to 4000 nits. Its AI Energy Saving Mode will automatically switch the device to energy-saving mode when not in use.

Ambient screen saver

Samsung TVs have an Ambient mode, which allows users to set almost anything as a slideshow. The feature is an attractive option because of the ability to customize your content.

The SmartThings app also enables you to change your screensaver. You can change the name of the screen saver or add a new picture to your TV’s wallpaper.

The Samsung screensaver boasts a few tricks, including an ambient mode and a low-power mode. Combined, these features improve efficiency and extend battery life. Depending on the model, the Smart View option can be found in your TV’s Apps section.

The screensaver’s most impressive feat is probably the fact that it can display a picture of your favorite travel photo. It’s a smart thing to do because a fixed image that remains on your screen for too long can cause burn-in. However, it’s not the only way to make your television look pretty.

The best part about the Samsung television screen saver is that it’s incredibly easy to set up and maintain. You can choose from a gallery of photos, animated graphics and videos. Once you’ve selected what you want, you can either set the feature to run automatically after a timer or set it to stay on in the background.

If you’re looking to see if your Samsung television’s screensaver is the best there is, there are many more options to consider. From Ambient Mode to Miracast, there are plenty of options to explore.


Samsung QD-OLED TVs will be a great choice for gaming enthusiasts. These TVs have a 144Hz refresh rate and a 0.1ms response time. They are also Pantone-certified. And they have an upgraded version of Samsung’s signature One Connect box.

The new 2023 generation QD-OLED panel is brighter and more efficient. It also has a new anti-glare filter design. This could lead to improved black levels in high-intensity lighting conditions.

Also, the new Auto HDR Remastering feature will allow users to apply HDR effects to standard dynamic range content. This is made possible by a proprietary algorithm utilizing AI deep learning technology.

In addition to the enhanced features, the 2023 model will also boast a new, more efficient form factor. While it will be thinner and less bulky than its predecessor, it will still feature a rear electronics bump.

Another new feature for these TVs will be an updated gaming experience. Users will be able to access the game map through a quick, interactive menu. They will also be able to enjoy cloud gaming through Nvideo GeForce Now and Amazon Luna.

Last year, Samsung Display introduced QD-OLED panels in both 55 and 65 inch sizes. Now, the company has expanded the product line to 77-inch models.

The 77-inch QD-OLED model will be the largest model in the series. Samsung says the new 77-inch models are 15% brighter than the models from last year.


In the coming year, Samsung will be bringing more Micro LED TVs to the market. Unlike the previous generation, these new Micro LED sets will be self-installable, so you can enjoy the advantages of this exciting display technology without the hassle of hiring an installer.

At CES 2023, Samsung showed off its Micro LED technology with several stand-alone models. These TVs will be available in a variety of sizes and configurations. They are also less expensive than the larger MicroLED TVs that have been around for a while.

Compared to the OLED, Micro LED TVs are a bit cheaper and smaller, and they’re also more efficient. This means they can last longer, too. Their picture quality is top-notch, too, with perfect black levels and brilliant colors.

Samsung is launching these new Micro LED TVs in seven different models, and all of them will be available by the end of 2023. The company hasn’t released pricing for these new MicroLED models yet, though. However, it is expected to be considerably less expensive than its predecessors.

Aside from the size of the screen, another notable feature of the Micro LED CX is its two-nanosecond response time. It also features a “no-bezel” design, with virtually no frame surrounding the image. Another benefit of this MicroLED display is its “intense” contrast.

Lastly, the CX will feature six HDMI ports, so you can enjoy a variety of visual quality.