Samsung 2023 TV Lineup

Whether you are looking for a new television to replace your current model, or just to upgrade, you may want to know about the new Samsung 2023 TV lineup. The new line offers a variety of features that make it one of the most advanced televisions available today.


Earlier this year, LG announced its entire 2022 TV lineup. The lineup features an updated panel and a new, more powerful processor. The best LG TVs are OLEDs, which offer best-in-class contrast, sharpness, and color. They can be found in a variety of price points and sizes.

The LG B2 OLED is priced at $1,499 for a 55-inch model. This is the most affordable LG OLED. It is also less powerful than the LG C2 OLED. This is because LG uses a new layer of heat dissipation material on the back of its TVs. The material helps to reduce shipping costs and make wall mounting easier.

LG’s webOS is an innovative Smart TV platform that gives users the ability to personalize their experience. It includes personal profiles, an Always Ready mode, NFC Magic Tap, and real-time alerts. The software also supports Nvidia GeForce Now and Google Stadia cloud gaming services. The system can also provide content recommendations based on your viewing history.

LG’s top TVs feature AI technology, which can analyze scene-by-scene information and upgrade lower resolution content to higher resolution. The company also offers Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro, which allows for 5,000 zones of tone mapping compared to 500 zones on standard LG TVs. This allows for better upscaling and AI audio.

LG’s webOS 22 smart TV system includes Always Ready mode, which can adjust the brightness of the screen depending on where it is installed. The system also features a Game Optimizer menu. This menu includes settings for variable refresh rate, FreeSync Premium, and G-SYNC compatible. It also includes access to a Dark Room mode, which lowers the screen’s brightness without sacrificing contrast. The TV can also display a clock and other information.

LG’s entry-level 4K UHD TVs will include AI brightness, dynamic tone mapping, and AI sound. They will also feature Ambient Mode, which displays various information, including animation, weather, and personnel photos. They will also include a thinner cabinet.

LG is planning on offering new sizes for its OLED and LCD lines. The company will also continue its QNED TVs, which are backlit by Mini LEDs or edge-lit by NanoCell.


Featuring a 75 or 85 inch screen, Samsung’s new QN900B 8K Neo QLED TV is the company’s flagship 8K model. It has Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound Pro technologies for immersive audio. It’s also the first Samsung TV to feature Wi-Fi 6e.

Samsung’s new QN900B 8K TV offers 8K resolution, upscaled 4K resolution, and a depth-of-field filter to create a slight 3D effect to scenes. It also features an 8-speaker array for 360-degree surround sound. Object Tracking Sound Pro lets the TV adjust sounds based on the position of objects on the screen.

The 65-inch Samsung model features an RGB self-emitting Quantum Dot OLED display. This model also features a 45 percent thinner bezel and an anti-glare screen. Its colour and brightness levels are said to be improved thanks to the Quantum Dots. It’s also said to have the best motion handling of any Samsung TV.

Samsung’s new QN900B also features an updated Neural Quantum processor. This processor uses artificial intelligence to analyze content and optimize image quality. It also drives AI audio optimization and SpaceFit Sound. It can also drive Quantum HDR 64x tone-mapping technology. It also has a dedicated game view mode, which lets you monitor the refresh rate and input lag. It’s also voice-enabled. You can use it to control Hey Google and use Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant.

The 65-inch Samsung model is expected to be available in April. It’s also expected to come in 55-inch and 65-inch sizes. It’s also expected to include Samsung’s Object Depth Enhancer software to help improve depth perception. It also has a flush mount and an anti-glare screen. It has a 90W 6.2.4 channel speaker setup.

The QN90B also comes with a companion app that lets you calibrate the screen in 10 minutes. It features an ultra wide angle and is also the first Samsung TV to receive Wi-Fi 6e certification. It also supports NVIDIA GeForce Now and Google Stadia.

Samsung’s new TV lineup features a wide variety of premium features, from Dolby Atmos to Quantum Dot technology. These televisions can provide you with a great streaming experience and are also perfect for displaying personal photos. They also have anti-reflective screens and support HDR.


Using a combination of Quantum Dot LED (QLED) and Mini LED technologies, Samsung’s QN800B Neo QLED TV offers a brighter picture with a richer color gamut than traditional LEDs. The TV also has Dolby Atmos audio built into the set. Its unique Ultra Wide Angle feature lets viewers enjoy wide viewing angles, while the design allows it to sit flush on a wall.

The Neo QLED TV range uses tens of thousands of mini-LEDs to light the panel. They are 1/40th the height of traditional LEDs, which means they are much slimmer. They have built-in Dolby Atmos Super surround sound and Quantum Matrix Technology Pro that enhances the contrast and screen display. They also support Multi-View that allows users to view split-screen content.

The Neural Quantum Processor is an upgraded version of Samsung’s Neo Quantum Processor. This new processor increases the efficiency of audio enhancement technologies. Object Tracking Sound Pro allows the TV to track on-screen objects. This technology also uses multiple built-in speakers.

The Neural Quantum Processor also provides pin-sharp images in motion. Using 20 AI-powered neural layers, the processor processes images in real-time. These layers are said to improve depth perception and increase the accuracy of brightness. In addition, the processor supports Object Depth Enhancer software, which uses artificial intelligence to upscale content to 4K.

The Samsung 2023 TV lineup will feature an upgraded matte finish for its lifestyle TVs. This will allow the panel to absorb reflections better and make the picture more realistic. A new texture finish will also be introduced in the 2022 line-up to make the TVs look even better.

Samsung’s 2022 line-up includes The Freestyle projector and The Serif. Both of these models offer the best Samsung has to offer in terms of picture quality. Their Smart TV interfaces are highly connected, and they support the HDR10+ standard. The Serif also offers NFC pairing and Google Assistant.

In addition, the Neo QLED TV range will have a bump in brightness control in 2022. Samsung will have more control over each Mini LED, which will allow the TV to regulate brightness across 16,384 zones.


Until recently, Samsung’s TV lineup included models that were very similar. However, they recently introduced a brand-new TV lineup that is packed with some of the company’s best features. These TVs feature Neo QLED technology, which produces more than 1 billion colors. You can also expect improved black levels, which will help you enjoy a richer picture.

Another new feature is the company’s Object Tracking Sound technology, which allows the TV to tweak sounds based on where the viewer is looking on the screen. This will allow users to enjoy virtual 3D surround sound. The QN85B also features an Ultra Wide Angle feature that is useful when viewing large screens.

The Samsung QN85B’s 4K resolution is also improved. This model’s LED backlight unit also supports Quantum HDR 24X. This technology adds a layer of depth and detail to scenes.

This model also features Dolby Atmos for virtual surround sound. It’s equipped with a 90W 6.2.4 channel speaker setup, so you can enjoy a full, rich sound experience. The QN85B also features a flat design, which gives you better viewing angles.

Lastly, the Neo QLED panel technology offers a high brightness and nuanced local dimming. Combined with a 120Hz refresh rate, this means you’ll enjoy a smoother picture. The TV also has four HDMI 2.1 inputs, which will help you enjoy all of your streaming content.

For the ultimate gaming experience, you can also choose a model that features AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology. This variable refresh rate technology prevents screen tearing and stuttering when playing games. This also allows you to monitor your input lag. You can also monitor your Bluetooth peripheral settings, which will help you enjoy smoother and faster gameplay.

These TVs also feature an anti-reflective coating and a strong contrast ratio. This means that you can enjoy a crisp and bright picture even when the room is dark. You’ll also have the ability to use voice controls to control your TV. You can also download apps for streaming services.

Overall, the Samsung TV lineup offers more options than you’ll find elsewhere. It’s also packed with features that are worth considering.

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