Samsung 32-Inch 720p 60p LED HDTV UN32EH4003V Review

In this Samsung 32-inch 720p 60p LED HDTV UN32EH4003V review, we will examine the features of the UN32EH4003V and compare it to its nearest competitor, the Sony XBR-32EH390V. In addition, we will explore the difference between their respective prices and features. If you want to make a decision for yourself, read on.

Samsung 32-inch 720p 60p LED HDTV UN32EH4003V review

In this Samsung 32-inch 720p 60pLED HDTV UN32EH4003V TV review, we’ll discuss the features of this model. The Energy Saver feature allows you to adjust the brightness of the screen for power savings and lessen eye fatigue. It also has picture off and a No Signal Standby feature, which switches the television into standby mode when there is no signal for a predetermined period of time. ECO mode and Auto Power Off will turn the TV off after four hours of inactivity.

The screen resolution determines how sharp an image will appear on the screen. Obviously, the higher the resolution, the clearer the image will be. Luckily, Samsung has included a composite video input on the UN32EH4003V, which lets you connect a DVD player or other device to the TV. The LED-LCD TV also features a built-in Digital Cable tuner. If you have a digital cable or satellite connection, you can watch programs in HD quality. Alternatively, you can connect it to your computer with a cable or wireless network.

This Samsung LED HDTV is a good choice for those who want a big screen TV with great picture quality and an affordable price. This model has an average input setup: 1x Coax, 2x HDMI, and one RCA/RGB connector. Lastly, this model has a USB port and offers Samsung ConnectShare, which lets you view movies and photos from your USB.

Unlike many other HDTVs, Samsung’s 32-inch 720p 60p LED TV supports JPEG still image files. A thumbnail view of up to fifteen pictures is available. A movie can be replayed multiple times in the folder selected. A USB mass storage device can also be connected to the TV. Its compatibility with a variety of file formats makes it an ideal choice for the average consumer.

As a result of its low price tag, this Samsung LED HDTV features an incredibly thin bezel, which blends nicely into a living room’s decor. Despite its size, the TV is lightweight and easy to move around, and the remote control is incredibly easy to use. It weighs thirteen pounds when placed on a stand. The inputs are all on the rear of the television, and include two HDMI connections, a Component/Composite hybrid input, and a coaxial cable connection.

Comparison between the two

Whether you want to upgrade your TV or you are looking for a lower price, a comparison between the two UN32EH4003 models will help you make the right decision. Both models have great features, but one difference stands out: the EH4003 doesn’t have an optical digital audio output, while the UN32EH4003 has a built-in HDTV tuner, but it doesn’t pass audio. Both TVs receive over-the-air antenna signals and unscrambled QAM cable signals. They also lack an analog audio output, so you must rely on their built-in speakers.


The price of the Samsung UN32EH4003V LED HDTV varies from store to store, and is usually between $400 and $200, depending on where you purchase it. The price will also vary depending on the time of year. Listed below are some common stores where you can buy this LED TV. To compare prices, please refer to the monetary links in the table below. You can also compare prices by checking out the’reviews’ sections of the websites of different stores.

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