Samsung TV 2023

Samsung has announced that it is delaying the launch of its QLED Smart TVs until 2023. The upcoming devices are expected to feature a customisable interface, solar-powered remote and Amazon Alexa. Read on to find out what you can expect from these TVs.

Samsung’s QLED TVs will be delayed until 2023

There have been reports of delays in the launch of Samsung’s QLED TVs. While Samsung is still working on the technology, the company has said that its QD-OLED panels are not yet ready for mass production. The company says it is working on reducing the cost of these panels. It plans to decide whether to increase production in the second half of this year.

The QN900B have a 14-bit HDR mapping that improves picture detail in bright and dark scenes. They are rated at 7,680 x 4,320. They also have a 144Hz refresh rate. In addition, they have an anti-glare coating and are slimmer than previous models.

Samsung is also working on improvements to their top-tier Neo QLED TVs. These sets use mini LED backlights, which have been proven to produce a high-resolution picture. Samsung has improved the brightness, contrast, and number of gradations in the Mini LED backlights, as well as improved control over the LEDs’ colour temperature. The company has also implemented a feature called Shape Adaptive Light Control, which will analyze on-screen objects and scenes, and adjust the backlight to match.

They’ll have a solar-powered remote

In a bid to go green, Samsung is introducing a solar-powered remote for its new TV models. Unlike other remote controls, the solar-powered remote does not require single-use batteries. Its battery life is up to two years. The company plans to license the technology to other manufacturers.

Samsung’s announcement also promises to make other household appliances smarter, too. It has committed to make all of its devices Wi-Fi enabled by the year 2023. It has also pledged to make all of its devices smarter and integrate with Samsung’s SmartThings platform. This will make it possible to integrate more devices with smarter controls, enabling them to be more environmentally friendly.

Samsung’s new eco-friendly remote controller is a significant step forward. It uses recycled plastic to build its remote and contains a solar panel to recharge the battery inside. It is expected to help eliminate tons of plastic waste each year. Furthermore, Samsung claims that the remote will last for seven years.

They’ll have Amazon Alexa

Currently, there is no Samsung TV that will have Amazon Alexa built in, but the company is planning to make the feature available. It also plans to support Google Assistant and Bixby, the voice assistants built into many smart devices. But we should note that we’ll only be able to use Alexa on Samsung TVs if we have a compatible smart speaker.

Until that day comes, you can use your Amazon Alexa voice assistant with some 2020 and 2021 televisions, but you’ll need an external device to use it. That’s where an Amazon Echo speaker or an Alexa smartphone app comes in handy. But if you don’t have either of these devices at home, you can still use Alexa to get basic functionality.

Samsung has also announced that the company will bring back its Big TV Festival, which runs till October 31, 2022. As part of the festival, customers can take advantage of assured gifts on Samsung TVs, including QLED, The Frame, and Crystal 4K UHD TVs. You can also get a free projector from Samsung.

They’ll have a customisable interface

The next generation of Samsung smart TVs will have a customizable interface. This will be made possible through the NFT platform. The interface will feature different zones for different applications such as games and media. There will also be an ambient mode that will offer content when the TV is off. Another change in the interface is that the smart TV will have a voice-controlled app store, which will enable users to search for content and change settings. This technology has been available in Samsung TVs for a few years, but it is only now coming to the next generation.

The software that runs the smart TVs will also be improved. The S95B will be the first Samsung TV to feature a Quantum Dot OLED display, which uses a blue OLED panel with quantum dots to produce an accurate image. Premium models will also feature new gaming features such as a Gaming Hub. Other features will include 144Hz refresh rate, HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, and the ability to use external devices. The company’s new Lifestyle TV range includes the Frame, Serif, and Sero.

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